220-219 Water of Life

 Then a few more months or so later........

'It's done! Spirits are ready!

 The crowd was so loud that people would naturally gather around.

"The dwarf's special distillery is a triumph! Thanks to the manna metal, there's no smell transfer!

 Well, he disappeared from the farm for a while, "Where did he go? But then I would have ordered something like that.
 I would have made it if you had asked me to.

 Anyway, we tasted the finished shochu liqueur, and it was indeed delicious.

 It was much purer and higher in alcohol content than the pure sake, and it seemed to burn the tongue, but it kept the flavor of the original sake.
 I'd like to taste potato shochu, barley shochu and chestnut shochu like this.

 The residents of the other farms were tasting shochu, but....

It's Kittsu! It tastes so good!
''Does that mean the alcohol is too dense?
"You're gonna burn your tongue out! You're gonna burn your tongue out of your mouth!
Does Veerle spit fire all the time? Soju only.

 As expected of the women, the high alcohol content was difficult for them to accept.
 On the other hand, the orc and goblin teams.

"Come on, give me a drink.
I accept.
It's a wonderful thing to drink to each other's cups.
I was born on a different day, but I'd like to die on the same day.

 In proportion to the alcohol content, the Han-degree of the Orcobos has risen in proportion to the alcohol content!

 Well, but.
 As expected of the god of sake. He made a completely unknown drink taste so good in one shot.

 As soon as Bacchus came to our farm, his repertoire of alcoholic beverages expanded.

 After all, he is the god of alcohol.

 I've heard that the sake made by Bacchus, the god of sake, is naturally better and tastier than the others.

 I heard that Bacchus, the god of wanderlust, is a resident brewer at the farm.
 I think this farm is becoming more and more premium.

But when they're making shochu liquor, they want to make more.

 Bacchus listened attentively to my mutterings.

'No way...! Do you mean to say that there is still a new kind of liquor beyond shochu? What the hell is that...?

 That's right.
 Shochu........or rather, a new kind of liquor that would not be complete without distilled liquor.



 The plums are soaked in shochu and it takes months to extract them. The taste of the liquor mixed with the flavor of the plums is something else!

 The plums are already grown in the dungeon orchard. What else we need is some rock sugar to put in with them....
 I don't know how to make it.
 Can I substitute regular sugar?
 Let's give it a try.

 Have Pawel make a large glass jar and consult with Bacchus to determine the amount of each, then add the plums, sugar and soju.

 I'll store this in a cool, dark place.

When can we drink it? Tomorrow!
Not so fast, sir.

 The gods of sake are really off the hook when it comes to alcohol.

 I can't drink it, at least not until the color of this transparent shochu becomes plum colored.
 Three or four months.

 There may be a way to speed up the time, but it's a delicacy, so we'll take our time.

...No, I think we can still do something interesting.

 I'm sure plums were not the only fruit you could pickle in shochu.

 There was also a fruit wine made from fruit.
 There was also a fruit wine made from fruits, and a medicinal herb wine made from medicinal herbs.

 It is a kind of plum liqueur, too.

He thought "Let's make many kinds of fruit wine by soaking it in shochu.
There's only fruit wine!

 This is how the farm hosted a fruit wine competition.

 My drunkenness soon became known throughout the farm, and many people brought their own fruit that they wanted to pickle.

    * * * *

 It was still the elves who brought something relatively decent to the table.

 As only the forest people, they are well versed in delicious fruits and things that would be delicious if they were dipped in wine.

''Saint-sama! I think apples are good for you!
No, no, no. Now's the time for loquat!
It's time for dragonfruit!

 Did we make fruit like that at my house?
 Oh well.
 It's true that all of them would make a delicious fruit wine just by imagination.

 On the other hand, the mermaid team's idea was also very appealing.

'Mermaids have a method of soaking the ingredients of herbs in water for their medicinal magic. I've been trying to find out what herbs are good for nourishment and tonicity.

 I pickle the medicinal herbs given by Prathi. I'm looking forward to finishing the herb wine.

 Lettuce-rate girl came next.

'Solanum! I need a glass of wine with llama beans in it!
You really like solangias, don't you?


 Can extracts seep out of llama beans into alcohol?
 Wouldn't legumes rather be on the same side as potatoes and grains as a staple food?

Forget the llama bean! Solanum to drink! I'm going to have a glass of horse chestnut wine!
Oh, God, I get it, okay?

 This is how I was pushed out of the room and I tried to drink solanum wine.
 But then I found out that this lettuce-rate girl's proposal was still sane.
 But then I discovered that this lettuce-rate girl's proposal was still sane.

 It was Veal who came next.

'Wouldn't this cake make a good drink if I put it in?

 That's cooked food.
 At the very least, bring me some of the ingredients.

"What? Think about it, master! It's a cake! It's so sweet and creamy and fluffy! If you put that in a drink, it would be so sweet and delicious...!
Not gonna happen. Rejected.

 Veerle ate the cake he had reluctantly brought with him and was happy to eat it on the spot.

 Next came the spirits of the earth.

'Butter, sir!'
"We're making buttered wine with butter!

 Yeah, that's it.
 It would just be a liquor with melted butter, wouldn't it?
 Even if it works out best, I think it will be sad, so we should all eat that butter with care.

 Next came Panu and the other satyrs.

'If you put our milk in your liquor!

 What you can do is to milk soju.
 That's not without its own merits, but....

 The best of all is the Tenshi Horqosfon.

"Natto in sake...
''Don't do it!

 So most of the ideas were scattered, but I adopted the relatively sensible ideas of the platys and elves, while trying to soak various fruits and herbs in the wine.

 Let's keep it all together and enjoy it when it's time to drink it.

    * * * *

 I thought this would be the end of this story.

 But at the end of the story, a super-dreadful story was slammed into me.

'....Oh, isn't that Batty?

 Well, I didn't show up at the fruit wine idea competition earlier.
 It's a free-for-all, so it doesn't matter.

What's the matter with you? You got a good idea too?

 Then don't be afraid to make suggestions.
 If it's a good idea, you're welcome to come up with it late!

No..........it wasn't me.......!

 Batty had a somewhat troubled look on his face.

''........These kids want to be of help to the Saints.......!

 Then the one on top of the hand that Batty held out was.

 Kongo Silkworm.

 She had some kind of determined expression on her face towards me.

''Eh? What are you guys trying to do?

 I didn't understand them all, but as I stared straight into the expressions of the vajra silkworms, I got the impression that they were saying.

''Master must be looking for ingredients to put in his sake!
"We get lots of extracts!

No, yeah, yeah!

 I screamed.

 I thought maybe the hub brew could be considered a type of soaking wine!
 Animal protein may be an option, though.

 You guys don't need to be so overzealous!

 You'll make me cry with guilt!
 Also, albeit indirectly through alcohol!
 I'm still not brave enough to venture into insect eating!

"It's all right, master!
No problem.
"If you just have the guts to take the first bite, you should be able to go ahead and crunch it!

 I felt like I was being told.

 So why are you guys so healthy?