221-220 Sake Ultimate evolution

 It is the story of the drink.

 This time it's extremely important.

 Fermentation is essential for sake to become alcohol.
 Bacteria break down the sugars in the raw materials and convert them into alcohol, but what happens if it goes all the way to the bottom?

 The final form produced by the ultimate in fermentation.

 That is the theme of this year's exhibition.

     * * * *


 A straight up refusal.
 Bacchus, who has risen to the top of his game on our farm, doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about.

No, no, no! That's a line that should not be crossed! Once you cross that line, the booze ceases to be booze! It's an abhorrent act!
'It's necessary. Accept it.
"Saints...! I knew you were a terrible person...! As expected of a visitor from another world, our common sense doesn't apply at all...! 

 Bacchus admonishes me as he clings to me.

'Don't do that! That's it! Don't do anything to desecrate the liquor I've so painstakingly put into it! It's good enough as it is! Why would you go on at the risk of ruining your life!
...because that's what I've been doing.

 And I will continue to practice it.
 That's the path I'm on.

 If there is a possibility to create something new.
 I'm going to give it a try.

"So you'll just have to create, won't you?
"Vinegar, please!


 That's the theme of this article.
 Did you know that vinegar is made from sake?

What? Was all that serious discussion about whether to make vinegar or not?
Don't take this crap seriously?

 Prathi, Veer is whispering in the open field, but you don't understand.
 Men can be serious because they are silly!

 The sake is made by fermentation by a fungus.

 Carbohydrates are broken down into sugar, and sugar is broken down into alcohol.
 And what happens when the alcohol is broken down further into fermentation and decomposition?

 It becomes acetic acid.
 That is vinegar.

 Vinegar is the ultimate evolutionary form after a series of fermentations!

 Vinegar, on the other hand, is the most basic condiment, along with salt and sugar.
 It's late to the kitchen!

 To tell the truth, though, I've been using it in cooking as a substitute for the 'vinegar-like stuff' that Prathi made for me in the potion concoction before that.
 If you're on the verge of being able to make the real thing, then you should boldly try it.

 Well, even if you make vinegar from alcohol, it's not going to be alcohol because the alcohol will be completely broken down.

'Whoa! No! I don't want my drink to stop being alcohol!

 That's why Bacchus-san is crying and hating it.

 All I could think is that there is nothing more sorrowful for the god of alcohol than to see it disappear.

 But let's not be particularly comforting, let's just make it.


 But vinegar can turn into vinegar even if you leave it as it is, can't it?
 And if you take it to the extreme, you might be right.

 Of course, we need to be careful not to let any fungus grow on the way.
 I'll ask Prathi, who is an expert in this area, to help me.

 No, wait.
 In addition, let's try something else at the same time, shall we?


 I'm going to make a

 Do you know the difference between vinegar and mirin?
 I'm not sure.

 But I read about how to make mirin in a comic book and it's memorable, so I'm going to give it a try.

 I prepare the ingredients.

 Shochu (Japanese liquor).
 Glutinous rice.
 And some bacteria to ferment the sticky rice.

 That's all.
 We had to wait for Bacchus, because we need soju.

 Thank you, Bacchus.
 Thanks to you, we have a long way to go.

 We've asked Prathi to shorten the fermentation period, and now let's make the Hon Mirin.

    * * *

 It's done, Mirin.
 I'll take a little lick to try it.

 It's sweet.

 Because it is like a relative of the vinegar, I thought it was sour, but it was not so.
 Because the process of saccharification of glutinous rice is built into the process, it may be sweet.

 Anyway, let's use this in various dishes to pursue a better taste!

The booze is... The drink I made...!

 Bacchus, on the other hand, was still sobbing.

'It can't be helped......... Try this.

 The liquid is poured into a clear glass, which is offered to Bacchus.

'What's this? I don't drink anything but alcohol, okay?
I'm not so sure about that...?

 Bacchus was showing a scattered and wary expression, but he finally brought the glass to his mouth, as if he had lost his patience.

''It's alcohol!

 He shouted that with madness.

''It's booze! This is booze! And it's absurdly delicious! It tastes like nothing I've ever encountered! What the hell is this...?
This is shochu mixed with mirin. It's called "honkari", right?

 Mix the mirin made from shochu with the shochu.
'What? 'Do you put soybean product tofu in your soybean product miso soup?' Although there may be a sense of discomfort in the target, I'm proud to say that this is the best form for Bacchus to accept the results of this project.

'You've made a good one! The Saints' challenge is all good stuff!

 He accepted it.

When I tasted it, I realized that this mirin has some alcohol in it! This one's as good as it gets!

 Bacchus was drinking Mirin straight from the bottle.

 Sake has evolved into vinegar and added color to the table at our farm.

 If you make it from sake, you can make rice vinegar; if you make it from wine, you can make wine vinegar.
 You can make as many different kinds of vinegars as you can make sake.

 We made many kinds of vinegar.
 You don't have to do one kind of thing.

 How am I supposed to consume such a large quantity of food?
 Speaking of which, they have a healthier way to drink vinegar straight from the bottle, so why not give it a try?

 I gave it to the Oakbos to drink.

Vinegar is delicious!
We'll always be friends, won't we?
We're friends!

 The Han-degree of the Orcobos who drank the vinegar has dropped drastically!
 Does that mean that the alcohol content disappeared and the Han-degree stopped dropping in response to the disappearance of the alcohol content?

 Or is it said that drinking vinegar will make your body soft, but your head will be softer?

 But as expected, there's no way I can consume it all, so I'll have to think of a new approach....

 Since we've gone to the trouble of developing this dish, can we find a dish that brings the taste of the vinegar to the fore, not a secret ingredient?

 Here it is.

 Thaw the fish Okubo and his crew caught.
 Quickly grab a bowl of rice mixed with vinegar to prevent transference of body heat.
 Now is the time to roar at the bearer of the supreme...!

I ain't got sushi!

 Nigiri sushi is ready.

 Otherworldly farm-maezushi is now ready!

Your husband has cooked something new for you.
'What? Really?
Eat! Eat!
Everybody wait! This time I'll be the first to eat!

 And as usual, the farm's inhabitants gathered in droves.

 Raw fish isn't very popular, so will people eat it? However, I was surprised that there are some mermaids in this farm, so I didn't feel any resistance.

 They dipped it in soy sauce and gobbled it up.

They ate it with soy sauce and gobbled it up. That's yummy too!
I never knew a fish that hadn't been cooked could melt on the tongue!
And you're having a different kind of rice with fish meat on top!
'You're a saint! So this is your new twist!

 The sushi rice effect is great.
 Next time I thought it would be nice to try chirashi sushi or to try to make a shabby hand-rolled sushi party.

 All of these things were possible only because of the vinegar.

 I was thankful for the liquor that was the forerunner of vinegar.
 I was grateful to Bacchus for creating that drink.


 I'm missing one crucial thing that makes sushi perfect.


 I haven't made it yet.
 Everyone is so happy with the sushi without the rust, but if I put rust in here, would it make people go a-goin'?

   * * *


 Are nigiri sushi and onigiri identical or non-identical?

 To test it out, I offered a sushi dish of giant toro (a kind of otherworldly fish) to the shrine dedicated to the god Hephaistos.

 Like a spotlight from the ceiling, light poured down on the sushi.


 The judgment of the Hephaistos god was harsh.

 But the nigiri sushi was absorbed by the light and ascended to the heavens.
 He liked the taste itself.