222-221 Reunion Angels

Master, I need to talk to you.

 One day I was stopped by the angel Holkosfon.
 Hmm? What is consultation?

'Is the little fermented soybeans already finished? Then, as an oddity, edamame and natto are next...
No, that's not what I'm talking about. I'd like to hear more about this edamame and natto later.

 It's not natto-related?
 Unusual for a holcophone. What's the business, really?

Well I'd like to hear more about this edamame and natto thing later on!
All right. Let's get down to business.

 On to the matter at hand.

'You will remember the Master, won't you? The same model that I restored earlier.

 Oh, you know.

 Holkosfons are a race called angels.
 And angels are biological weapons sent by the gods of the sky thousands of years ago to invade the earth.

 When the earth was on the verge of collapse, the gods went all out to stop it, and all the angels except for the Holkosfon in front of them were destroyed.

 Recently, however, a second angel was resurrected.

 I assembled the excavated parts and attempted to restore it, and it was successfully restored.
 I was the one who restored it.

 And so, the resurrection of an angel that was destroyed in the past, based on its limbs? Birth? .........The angel that did this was indeed in trouble as it was, so Hermes, the god that belonged to the heavenly realm, appeared at just the right time and retrieved it.

"I'll adjust it completely.

 The words.

 Months have passed since then.

'But the same model still hasn't come back.

 It's true that it seems slow if you ask me.
 I don't know how long it takes to make adjustments, but it's the work of the gods.
 I don't think it's going to take that long.......

 If we haven't heard from them, we'll just have to contact them.
 I guess we'll just have to contact them.


So, doctor, it's nice to meet you.
Yes, sir.

 If you want to summon God, he's still the one.
 I had a teacher from No Life King come to me.

 For the teacher, summoning gods is half a hobby, so he's happy to take on the task.


 The teacher's summoning spell's textuality didn't stop there.

 So the god Hermes was really summoned.

''Ho ho ho ho ho!''

 No, it's surprisingly easy to come up with something every time, isn't it?
 Are you sure that's what you want to do, God?

''I was at a scene the other day where a senior spirit was summoned...''
'Oh my God, you scared me!

 Before I knew it, Batty had appeared behind me.
 He crept up on me without making a sound and scared me.

''Even if it's a summoning of a high-level spirit far below God, hundreds of select summoning masters do it while spitting blood.......''

 Batty left without giving any further details.

 You're great teachers after all!

''Yoo-hoo, aren't they the saints! What's going on? If you contact me, I'll visit you without being summoned.

 And the god Hermes does not hide his frivolity and flippancy.

'What's on offer today? I know, even that Bacchus lived on the farm! How could you drink a mixture of that booze idiot's tech and Saint-kun's knowledge before Uncle Hades and the others! Oh, I want some edamame to go with it!
Eat this one.

 Holkosfone, the full force of Manakanon's gunfire without reservation or bail.
 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

'What are you doing! What are you doing, you angel! I thought you had become a little more docile under your saint, but you're becoming more violent!
''No, that's not true. I'm learning to behave intelligently under the Master every day.
"Liar! Then what's the point of all this violence?
It wasn't an act of violence, sir. I'm not attacking you, sir.

 Tut-tutting is culture.
 Well, it doesn't matter.

The tweets now are tweets for the blurbs you've spent months making. If it's not a blur, it's lazy.
How's the tweaking of my prototype that we entrusted to you? I asked the Master and the Teacher to summon you to hear it.

 The doctor has already done his business and is playing with Porgy.
 It's like the tern of Horcosfon and Hermes God.

You took custody of my model under the guise of 'adjusting' it and promised to bring it back soon, yet we haven't heard anything for the past few months. Is that a broken promise?

 I don't know if that's a good way to talk about God....
 It's almost a fact, though.

As expected of the gods of heaven, they are very bad at what they do. Do you want some natto (fermented soybeans)? Eating natto (fermented soybeans) will wash away your black heart.
...if I'd sent you back a tune-up, you'd have done it already.
"You mean Songgokphone, right? The adjustment itself was completed within a few days of taking care of it.... Wow, wait, wait, wait! ''Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot!''

 Holkosfone's eyes, which pointed the muzzle at God, definitely had the red glow of Destroy Mode.

''Eh? You didn't hear me? I thought Mr. Puffa had told you.

 Why does Pfa come up there?

'Because now Songgok-dong is accompanying the mermaid prince, Arowana, on her journey. One of your traveling members, Pfa, is traveling to and from this farm!

 What a surprise.

 It's true that Arowana, brother of my wife Prathi, the prince of the mermaid kingdom, is training to become a mermaid king.
 He has several companions, and one of them is Puffa, who travels back and forth between Prince Arowana's home and the farm with his super high level transference magic so that he can also do the work of the farm.

 Such a puffa just walked by us.
 Humming lousy lyrics.

'Good! We're going under Prince Arowana again today! Shifting Potions...!
Wait a minute.

 Holkosfone grabbed Puffa's shoulder in a tight grip.

'I have a question for you. Wash up and spit out or get blown up by Manakanon, whichever you prefer.

 This threat is also a tweak.
 It's part of the culture.

    * * * *.

 Soon after, Puffa used a series of transfer potions and brought the somehow-connected angel with him.

''Good evening! Songgokphone is my name, sir! Best regards!

 She was much more cleanly dressed than she had been before, and the splice area where we first met had been cleaned up.

 His oddly girly tone is still the same, but........
 But he's learned to be polite to some extent.........

''I've had a hard time disciplining her to this point.

 This etiquette Puffa invented?
 She, who seems to be the furthest thing from good manners among mermaids?

"This is the fruit of my journey. Not only Sunggok-chan, but Prince Arowana and Huckai are also improving after overcoming the hardships of their journey.

So, "Let the pretty ones travel" will have an immediate effect, huh?

That's why I entrusted Arowana and the others with Songgokphone. It's a shame I didn't tell you guys that, but I thought it was Puffa who told you.
"Manakakanon all at once." "Ah, shush!

 It's also a tweak that Holkosfone opened all the guns and for some reason, even Songgokfon took advantage and shot wildly.
 It is within the scope of culture.


 The two angels face each other again when the god Hermes has turned into an afro hair.

'Although there have been twists and turns, I am so happy that Anata has returned to this world. Because of you, I am no longer the only angel in this world.

 Hsih, Holkosfone embraces Sunggokphone.
 It was a scene that should have been described as a moving reunion of sisters.


 Eventually, Sunggokphone, who was being hugged, pulled Holkosfone away like a cat trying to escape from a fussy owner, and ran off in a clatter.

Where are you going?

 Sunggokphone ran to Pfafa's place.

 Then in a straight line, she hugged Puffa and buried her face in his ample chest.

''Hmm~ I knew it would be softer and more comfortable to hold on to Miss Miss Puffa~''

 Apparently Sunggokhwan missed Pfafa more than his kindred Horcosfon.

 And there was the sound of something on the Holkosphone snapping.

'I've heard since ancient times that the most important thing we need to do to understand each other is to cross our fists. Now seems to be the time...!
'Oh? You think you're a match for an old-schooler with the latest modifications from the god Heppas? It's just a bit of hubris, isn't it?

 Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
 Two men with the power to destroy the world are battling each other at home!

 Yes, maybe the god Hermes is right and angels need a period of emotional education.
 Including our Holkosfon.

    * * * *.

 Soon after.....

Well, I guess I'd better get back to the master. Let's go, Sunggok-chan.
Miss Hey.

 Paffa is about to leave with Songgokphong.
 The destination would be under Prince Arowana, of course.... Huh? Wait?
 What did you mean when you said "sir"?

"Don't be in such a hurry to get home.... Since you're here, why don't you take your time?
As much as I wish I could, it's just that the master's place is in a bit of a hurry. I have to hurry up and get back. I have to follow him.
'What? What do you mean?

 What if Prince Arowana is involved in some kind of trouble on the road?

I'm fighting a dragon.
I need you to get back to him as soon as possible!

 No, that's not enough for me!
 Get some support from my team!
 Orcubo! Gobbler! And this is the time for Veerle to come into play, but where did that dragon go?