224-223 Fire Training

 One fear came to me about incorporating a stove into our farm.

 What can happen when you bring fire into the house.
 A fire.

 The loss of fire caused by the slightest carelessness.
 Burning everything down.

 A single match can cause a fire, but with so many pieces of wood and coal burning inside the stove, it's much more than just a match that you need to be careful.

 This is something we should be aware of from the moment the house is built, and we should make all the residents aware of it again.

 Fire, scary.
 Fire, be careful.
 Never neglect it.

 So it begins abruptly.
 Our farm, fire prevention campaign.

    * * * *

So you're all going to learn about the horrors of fire.

 We will gather all the residents of the farm for a fire drill.

We'll give you a lecture on how to prevent fires and what to do in case one does happen, so you can learn to make a mark! And eradicate the fire from this earth!
""Yes, sir."

 Orcs, goblins, mermaids, elves, satyrs, earth spirits, potty, and Bacchus priestesses.
 The main players are all in a row.

 Otherwise, there would be no point in conducting the training.

Then let me give you a few words of advice to follow in the event of a fire. If you ever have a fire, remember this one word.

 What are those words.....


 The people who might respond to those words reacted.

''Sweets? Is it candy, master! Cake! Ice cream? Fruit parfait?
There's nothing better with butter on it. It's Amami no Shinkocho!

 After all, as usual, the first to get excited were Veerle and the earth spirits.

'It's not. It's not Treat's candy.

 What is O-Ka-Shi?

 Three items to keep in mind when encountering a fire.
 It's an acronym for three items to keep in mind in case of a fire.

 By doing so, it's called wisdom to make it easy to remember and to take a quick response.
 People used to think very well.
 Maybe it was a recent person who came up with the idea.

Then, let's try to remember what the first letter of each of the letters in the word "o, ka, shi" stands for!

 First of all, 'Oh'.
 No push!

 We can't push each other when we evacuate, because we might miss our escape.

 Then the "ka".
 I'm not lending it to you!


 Lending and borrowing money, even between friends, can lead to the breakdown of a relationship.
 So you should never lend money to someone.

 That's not it.
 That's important, but it has nothing to do with the fire.

 That's a mistake.
The "ka" that follows "O" is.....

 I don't borrow money.

 You must never borrow money from the black market.
 That's wrong too!

 Why can't we get out of the financial sector!

 Isn't that a compact, easy-to-remember word for the necessary tips and tricks in a fire encounter, 'funny'?
 Is my memory just bad?

And for now, let's leave the 'ka' out of it...

 Let's remember the last "Shi".

I don't know what "si" means.

 Why did you suddenly get thrown off?

 My memory was fuzzy on all but the first word.

'I can't help it! I'll remember what 'funny' was an acronym for before I finish training!

 Boos erupted from my goofy moderator.

'Fire training, let's go to the next lesson. It's a fire drill!

 There are no firefighters here that can come with a phone call like in the world I was in before.

 We have to put out the fires ourselves!

 That's why we have to experience firefighting beforehand to prepare for the real thing that might happen.

 So, we prepared these things.
 In an open, flat area outdoors, we build up a small campfire-like structure out of wood.
 I light it.
 The fire burns brightly.

You will gain experience and experience by actually putting out the fire. I've also prepared tools for extinguishing the fire, so use them!

 There are no high-powered fire extinguishers in the other world, so I have prepared a large amount of water drawn in a tub.
 From now on, I'm going to deploy these kinds of precautionary waters in various parts of the farm.

 Now, don't hesitate to pour this water on the blazing fire!
 In order of preference!

"Hmmm, what do you want me to do to put out that fire?

 The first to come forward was, surprisingly, Veerle.
 She's a dragon, she's just in human form now.

'You don't need to use water for that.

 Veerle glanced at the thriving small campfire and said.

'Go away,'

 It disappeared.
 With a single word from the dragon, the flames died out by themselves.
 There was not a single streak of smoke left to burn.

 I was speechless, but Prathi told me admonishingly, "With dragon magic, it's no big deal, right?

I'm sure you'll find it easy to do this with your dragon magic. You can't lick the ultimate magic that mankind has yet to figure out.
Yes, I do! For me, it's only a matter of time before a small fire breaks out. I can put out a bigger fire in seconds! Like, oh yeah, that wildfire that swept over the mountains! Shall I show you?

 But there's no fire in those mountains, of course.
 There's no fire, so Veerle ignites it himself? With dragon breath?


 You start your own fire and extinguish it yourself. Is this a real match pump!
 Anyway, we all stopped it in a hurry.

''Not as much as Veerle-sama, but...''

 And out came the mermaid team, a lamprey with the nickname of 'Hellfire Witch'.

 She held her hand over the campfire that had been re-lit once more and whispered a nudge and whispered.......

 The flames emerged and shredded like bubbles on her hand.

'The flames, manipulating...?'
You are a 'Hellfire Witch' when you are as free as your hands and feet. Simply setting fire to the momentum is a second-rate flame wizard.

 Then Lamp Eye held up his hand and the flames quickly lost their momentum and were extinguished.
 It's not the same momentum as Viel, it wasn't instantaneous, but it was a spectacular enough feat.

I don't have the ability to manipulate flames as well as Lamp Eye, but this is what I've created.

 Furthermore, my wife, Prati.

 When she opened the lid of the test tube she had taken out, something like smoke poured out from inside.

 No, is that texture a fog?

 The amount of that dry ice vapor-like substance overflowed from the test tube of the container in an unimaginable amount!
 Moreover, it was crawling on the ground, heading straight for the campfire in a straight line!

 ........By the way, it's the goblin team members who are igniting it again every time the fire goes out.
 Thank you for your help.

 Aside from that, the smoke from the dry ice has finally covered up into the flames and swallowed it up!
 The scene, like watching an amoeba's predatory behavior...?

 Naturally, the flames were extinguished by the dry ice smoke.

''This auto-extinguishing smoke fog is a monster called smoke slime diluted with a potion.

 Platy Explanation.

'Smoke slime originally uses the creature's body heat as its energy source, so it has a terrible habit of clinging to its prey, stealing their body heat and freezing them to death. We used that to our advantage.

 The smoke slime modified by the magic potion would only react to something as hot as fire, and would automatically head towards the source of the fire and extinguish it by burning itself out.

 What an ideal fire extinguishing device it was.

''This firefighting smoke fog. I've already placed them all over the farm.''
"What? Seriously!

 According to Prathi, the smoke fog is sealed in a box made of paper and set in every possible place where a fire is likely to occur.
 If a fire breaks out and the paper box is burned, the firefighting smoke fog leaks out from there and extinguishes the fire.

We don't have to wait for the fire to reach us, but if we find a fire, we can throw the box into the fire.
And as far as fire prevention goes, these kids are very responsible.

 When Prati looked at him, he saw the elves and Hupericaon posing in a big pose.

''For an elf living in the forest, a forest fire is a serious matter of life and death! Let's use our forest people's super senses to instantly detect the fire and extinguish it initially!
''Wah-wah! WANG WANG!

 The wolf-shaped monster's sense of smell can detect even the slightest smell of burning! That's what he's trying to say.

 I forgot something important.
 A fire is still a disaster, even if it's in a different world, and it's only natural that countermeasures are in place.

 Fantasy is still great.

    * * * *

 I remembered.
 I was about to end my training without remembering, but I did manage to remember one thing.

The "Si" in "Okashi".
The first letter of "shi" in "shi" is....

You can't die.

 That's it.
 That's right, this is the most important thing.
 The most important thing!

 No, it's good to remember.
 Oh, that felt good!