225-224 Return of the Dragon

"Vermin control!

 This is the subject of this issue.

 This is a big problem for those who grow crops.
 I'm talking about the disaster where wild beasts and mountain birds devour the vegetables they have grown.

Whenever they find them, they chase them away, saying, "I didn't grow this stuff for you to eat!

 and chase them away whenever they find them.
 Some are wise and some are powerful. Even the fence we set up to prevent break in.

 After Porgy and his friends joined the club, they patrolled the fields and kept the damage under control to some extent, but as the days went by, the fields were getting larger and larger and Porgy and his friends couldn't cover them all by themselves.

 A new approach was needed.

''........Let's set a trap.

 The first idea that came to mind.

 A trap.
 A trap.
 A trap.

 It's a very effective way to get rid of the beasts that might come in at any moment.

 I made a number of things to try it out.

 One, the rope that was taut. My foot gets caught in it.
 A pit. It falls.
 A tarai. Falling down.
 Four, a pair of scissors.

 I scattered them around the farm like this.

 The only thing that seemed to be a decent trap was a pair of bumpers, and this was also a prototype, so the spring was weak and slippery.
 I was wondering if it was really going to catch a fish, but I set it up in the morning to see if it was going to work.

    We came back in the morning to check and found the fish.



What the hell are you doing?

 The dragon is trapped.
 In human form. If it was a huge dragon body, a trap that was intended for a wild dog size would be played, so of course it would be played.

I just thought there was something unusual about it...........................

 Veerle, he says in a manner of disapproval.

'I stepped on it to test it out.'

 Are you a child who wants to press the fire alarm button?

Most of the time, the dragon's power should be enough to destroy the traps and escape. Why do you stay hooked on them?
I thought my master would be angry if I broke it without permission, so I decided to wait and see.
Good point.

 Anyway, I couldn't even leave it in place, so I disarmed the trap and freed Veerle.
 The spring was originally a crude trap that was also lily-white, and there was no danger of injury.
 Even if it was a strong spring in perfect condition, I don't think I could have gotten a single scratch on the dragon's viel.

'Now go, and don't get caught again.

 I'm the one who gives off a heroic air of the great outdoors and lets Veerle loose.
 Veerle returns to the forest, looking back over and over again.
 He doesn't really live in the forest, though.

    * * * *

 Based on the above results, the trap was scrapped as the potty and the earth spirits must not be accidentally hung.
 We collected the ones we had set up and returned to the mansion.

 As soon as I returned, the door was banged on, so I went out and found him standing in front of the eaves.
 It's Veerle.

'I've come to repay you!

 There was some kind of event switch on.

 There's a sense of déjà vu.
 This is the process.

 You find a beast caught in a trap, save it, and then turn into a human to return the favor.

 Wasn't there a story like that a long time ago?

 No, the Veerle guy was transformed into a human from the beginning.
 In the original story, it was birds that came to repay the favor, unlike dragons.

 Once, in my spare time, I told him a fairy tale about the world before he was transferred to another world.
 I think that story was in my repertoire at that time, and I have a feeling that Veerle heard it too.

"...no, I'm a traveler, I need a place to stay for the night!

 You live here, I know you do.

 But Veerle, I don't know at what point he noticed the similarity in the flow, but he's already fully going to take the crane repayment route and play 'play' all over the place.

'I'll weave for you in return for letting me stay! Show me where to weave!

 Veerle, in our self-serving home, moved to the weaving room.

 It's a good idea to have a few goblins in the middle of weaving silk thread from Kongo silkworm and cotton from the field to make cloth.

'You guys need to get out! You must not look in while weaving!
"You're a jerk!

 The goblins are kicked out of the building while they are at work.
 I'm a dragon, or perhaps I should say a dragon, with the greatest ability to push through selfishness on earth.

 The goblins that have been kicked out are confused and ask me for help.

My lord...! What should we do?
'You're not in a hurry to finish, are you? Let's just let Veerle do what he wants for a while.

 This is how the weaving room is occupied by Veerle.

'Good or master! I'm going to weave for you to repay the favor, so don't you dare peek at me in the middle of it! Don't peek at me! I promise!

 Then he closed the door with a passine.

''Well you've been reminding me not to peek in on this one, haven't you?

 The weaving goblins involved also say.


 Which is the right thing to do at this point?

 Do you want to open the door and look in?
 Do you want to leave it unseen?

 This decision is very difficult to make.
 If you follow the original title, it would be faithful to look inside at the right time.

 But as a result, the crane, whose true identity has been revealed - in this case, a dragon - flies away and never comes back.

 In other words, a bad ending.
 The characters who break the taboo get their comeuppance.

 We all know the tragic outcome of that, so why should we choose a choice we shouldn't make?
 He's such a dumb hero that he chooses a bad ending in the second round of the game, isn't he?

 So if you want an amicable ending, you have to choose "Don't peek", but this isn't "The Crane's Reflection".
 However, this is not "The Crane Repayment", this is just a game of play for Veerle, based on "The Crane Repayment".

 If her goal is to recreate an old story, isn't it her intention to take a peek at it in the right place?

Which way? Which is the right answer...?

 Two choices that I don't know the right answer to.
 Is it possible to torment me so severely?
 Worrying and worrying.
 And the result of all that worrying....

    * * * *

Seno, ni! I missed the cusso...!
Next time, I'll let you out of the picture, my dear. Ready, set, go!
I got it!

 I've been playing hand games with the goblins, having abandoned all thought about it after worrying about it all.
 It's a very good idea to have a good time with them.

'My Lord! Next! Let's do the next Ohagaki.
"Ho, you're reckless to challenge my masterpiece, the Mana Metal Stone Kicker...

 When the play with the goblins was getting super exciting........


 Veerle yelled at me.
 Was it right to peek after all!

Don't you get the drift, master! This is the stage where I'm peeking at you while you're weaving, and you say, 'Veerle, it was you...'?

 That turn of phrase is another old story.
 And it's significantly more tragic.

'Already! I'm going to fly away! Now that they know who you are, you can't stay! Grandpa and grandmother, take care!

 I don't have a grandfather or grandmother here, and you originally lived here.
 Not accepting such a tweak, Veerle returned to his dragon form and flew away into the sky.

''Veeru. It's almost time for dinner!
"Yay! Eat!

 I'm right back.

    * * * *

 By the way.
 Viel's fellow weaver, who was holed up in the weaving room, was actually weaving a piece of cloth.

 It's a cloth made from dragon scales.

What is weaving with scales? However, I don't want to go into it too deeply, because I think it's a very unreasonable setting to use a crane's feathers to weave an antique in return for the original story.

 Anyway, it's a cloth made of dragon scales.
 From the sound of it, doesn't it sound rare?

"You're going to make me a legendary robe again!

 I took it to Batty, who was in charge of clothing, and it got her excited.

'A weave I've never seen before! It feels like nothing I've ever felt before! Why don't you make a dress out of it? You'll have a legendary armor with defensive capabilities that outweighs full body armor! Are you sure you want to do this? You sure you want to do this?
Yeah, well, it's okay.

 It's a waste of time to leave it as it is.

 Veerle should be cautious about producing legendary rare items on a whim.

 That's how the "Dragon's Garment" that Bati's fullest quality was completed is now an invincible armor that can repel all attacks and magic unless it is a holy sword or a weapon made of mana metal.

 As if they thought their positions were threatened, Kongou Kaiko and Arakune all protested severely.