226-225 New Shitenno's success (above)

 I am Aeshma.

 I am the new one who was chosen as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the prestigious Demon King's Army.

 However, I'm currently a nuisance on the saint's farm, and I'm constantly retraining myself from my inadequacies.

 This story is about my hardships and growth.

    * * * *

"Flame Brace! Fire! Be my sword!

 The key to the Demon Warrior is how cool it is to strike a pose during this period.

"Hellfire Spirit Destroyer!

 Large flames shot out from both hands, nearly scorching the heavens.
 Since this is just a demonstration, they can't burn something specific, so they shoot into the sky.


 The girls who are marveling at this are the mermaid girls.
 Something tells me they are also living on a farm to study or something.

''I've never seen the magic magic magic of the demon race before!
I know it's rumored, but it's still very flashy.
'No, no, but still, it's their Puffa-sama!
"If it's a matter of how crazy you are, it's Master Gala Rufa!

 The four of them say Discus, Bale Tail, Heckery, and Batrax or something like that.
 I like these four young men because they are honestly surprised by what I do.

 They're much cuter than Batty and Verena, who have gotten weirdly scruffy!

'Hahaha! Awesome! The Hell Flame Spirit Breaking Slash is the most aggressive magic I have!

 I've even used this magic to kill monsters in a three-star dungeon!
 Isn't it great?
 Isn't the magic of the demon tribe great?

''Please don't boast about your powers to innocent girls, it's embarrassing...!
Are you one of your former classmates and juniors who have been scraped?

 Verena appeared.

'Who's scrubbing? Isn't this what happens to everyone who lives on a saint's farm?
How did you know this would happen?
A little higher magic won't surprise anyone.

 What a surprise!
 I was chosen as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, and this is the magic I do best!
 If this doesn't surprise you, what should it surprise you?

I would like to introduce to you, Lady Aeshma, a magic teacher today.
The magician?
'It's courtesy of your ancestors and the saints, so learn it well. You know your place and all that.

 Verena, I have been selected as the Four Heavenly Kings, what do you think I can learn from a human now?
 Lifelong learning is a noble aspiration, but too much of it can become demeaning.
 As the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, who should be feared by the enemy, isn't this too shameful?

So, sir, I hope you'll be able to educate me.


 You see the undead in front of you?

 An immortal demon.

 A living, breathing thing that lives and dies while dying that has been given an unreasonable amount of power by the dungeon.
 The miasma that emanates from this figure and its perfected appearance.

 This is not just the undead, it's the most dangerous of all creatures of its kind.
 It's the No Life King.

''I'm the No-Life King's teacher. Please call him Sensei as a friendly name.

 I'm the No-Life King after all!
 How is it possible that I am stumbling upon an evil entity that is said to be one of the two biggest disasters in the world?

 It's the real thing!
 The four little mermaid girls have escaped like rabbits!

"On the way here, I saw a huge fire burst out of the sky...

 The No-Life King has spoken!
 He can talk? !

"That's the Purgatory Spirit Slayer of magic magic spells, right? High magic that is used with the help of the senior spirit Efreet. You've mastered difficult magic well at such a young age.''
Oh! ...Yes, yes!

 Did he give you a compliment?
 Even the No-Life King admits I'm good at this, as expected of me, the Fourth Heavenly King!

'Don't feel good about it. You're the type of person who stretches things out with praise.

 Shut up, Verena.

Therefore, what you must learn now is that the world is big enough and the place where you stand now is not the top. The place you're standing now is not the top of the world.
"So that you may not be a frog in a well, but may continue onward. ....the magic you just described.

 The No-Life King said something amazing.

'....try shooting at an eagle.

 Even the No Life King would be too much of a joke!
 The Fiery Spirit Demolition is one of the most advanced in magic and witchcraft. Even the most powerful undead won't be able to get away with it if they eat it!

''Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it, just try it.
Yeah, I don't care what happens to you, okay?

 I chanted plenty of chanting and released it with magical power.

"Hellfire Spirit Demolition!

 It would mean that I was still licking the world's two biggest disasters.

 At the same time, the magic flame released by the No Life King swallowed my strongest magic and completely sealed it off.
 And with that alone, it still doesn't diminish its momentum and rushes towards me.

''Oops, I used too much force or nullification.''

 The magical flames were instantly extinguished by the person in question, who released them just before they reached me.
 Thanks to that, I was spared from being blackened by the demon race just in time.

''........What tremendous magic power.......?

 My strongest magic had been completely pushed aside by the same attribute.
 It wasn't even in the form of a match.......?

''Even with the same Hell Flame Spiritual Breaker, does the amount of magic power of the user make a difference in power to this extent...?
''No, that wasn't the Hellfire Spirit Busting Zan.

 What's going on here?


 The lowest level of magic with the help of the lowest level of fire spirit!
 That thing that demon children use as little as a bonfire spark, surpassing my special magic!

It's a good idea that the power of magic depends on the absolute amount of magic power. But the scale of this is far greater than you can imagine. If you are aware of this and combine it with your desire to improve, you will become much stronger than you ever thought possible.

 The difference in scale is enough to make me pee my pants!
 How am I supposed to deal with this?

I'm not a specialist in demon magic, as I was human before I became immortal, but I'll give you a lecture on what I can do for you. I love teaching people. It's a good way to remind us of our human connection, since we've abandoned our humanity.

    * * *

 My teacher's class, it was super beneficial.

 I learned how to use my magic power efficiently, and I was able to make new contracts with many advanced spirits.

''With that amount of knowledge, what do you mean that magic magic magic is not your specialty...?

 The No Life King is a transcendent being.
 I thought I knew it in my head, but I guess that means I didn't have a firm grasp of their transcendence...!

'But Leviatha wasn't in class today...! The Four Heavenly Kings are the only ones who can make a difference...!
Master Leviathas should have studied your lectures.

 I'm astonished when Verena, who comes along with me for no reason, tells me.

I'm sure she's very capable. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
d*mn it! Is he a good worker?
That's why he's so good.

 I heard that even our own Demon King Zedan and Master Astareth have improved by taking his lessons!
 I wasn't behaving in a vacuum until such a great man came from that direction!

'd*mn it! My feckless...!

 A former peer who has taken care of her like a sister, and has never given her a word of comfort!

 At this rate! At this rate, my pride as a quadruple king will be torn to shreds!

 What, what do you think? Something to support my existence!

 And there I found it.
 An innocent girl in the open air, playing in the dirt.

"Oh, Master Veerle?

 I think Verena said something behind me, but I don't care.

'Lady Aeshma? Why is your eyes glued to Master Veerle in girl form? .........I have a bad feeling about this.......?