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 I'm Aeshma, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army.
 I'm staying at the saint's farm as an apprentice.

 My pride is about to be blown away by the different dimensions of this land.
 Then, I had an encounter with her.

 A beautiful young girl who looked so small and frail.

"Whaaa........it's Veerle-sama........?

 For some reason, Verena, who is accompanying me, says.
 If this guy knows, then the girl must be a resident here too!

 I'm starting to feel like we're going to get along.

'Master Aeshma? I have no idea what you're thinking...?
'What is it, Verena? With such a worried look on your face?
'I don't think so. Do you think that by finding a being lower than you, you are telling yourself that you are great and trying to keep your mind stable? Do you see Master Veerle as the subject? Now in girl form a girl form! ...for Master Veerle?

 Don't overlook this, Verena!
 This Aeshma, who has inherited the title of "Delusion" from Master Astares, despite her lack of talent. She does not have such a lowly heart!

I just wanted to heal my heart, which was so scarred by all this tough stuff, with her cuteness.
'MP! This guy, Military Police, it's him! Oh, no, he's the Fourth Heavenly King, you can't arrest him with a military police officer!

 You're an idiot, Verena, there's no way there's a military police in the saint's farm.

 Let's leave the idiot Verena alone and immediately call out to the girl.

''Wha-ha, you fragile little worm. Let this Veerle-sama crush you to death!

 Oh, look what you're doing outside, playing with bugs?
 They're so cute.

Well, sow bugs are a major pest...! Master Veerle, is it unusual for you to be helping out in the fields at the behest of a saint?

 Shut up, Verena.
 It's hard for me to talk to that girl.

'Little girl? Helping you with your work? Great, huh?
Hmm? What are you?

 The girl looks back at me with a wary expression.
 She looks like a stray cat that has been approached by a stranger and is intrigued again...!

'No, it's a passing quadruple who wanted to admire the great boy who helps. You're so great, may I pet you?

 He stroked his head as soon as he heard it.
 It's every bit as comfortable to stroke as I imagined it would be!

Oh, dear.
Hey, this guy........?

 The girl turns to Verena with a troubled expression.
 For some reason, Verena's face was all pale, but I wonder why?

'No, but you really are a pretty little girl. She's just too pretty...

 Oh, wow.
 I picked him up.

 She weighs very little and lifts up easily.
 Oh, she's really cute. I want to rub my cheeks. I'm rubbing my cheeks.

 Oh, Verena?
 Why are you running away like a rabbit?

All right. How dare you insult this Grinzel dragon Veerle so much...! Let's see if you can still call me pretty in my true form.

 The girl in my arms changed in a flash....

    * * * *

Master Veerle, I'm scared.
I told you...!

 I was in the twilight alongside Verena.

 For an hour or so after that, I felt like a hamster as I was rolled in the palm of Veerle-sama's hand, who had returned to his dragon form.

'I never imagined a dragon transforming into a girl...! I've learned that you can't judge the inhabitants of this farm by appearances...!
'That's the first thing you need to learn when you come here. What did you learn in the first few days after coming to the farm, Aeshma-sama!

 Your sister is so harsh.

 If you were prettier, I wouldn't have to move on to Veerle-sama by petting you and healing you.

''Veerle-sama is the one who carried me and Astares-sama to the battlefield and threatened all the demons and humans. He's one of the strongest people in this farm. You should never offend him!

 Tell me first.

 Such is Veerle-sama, but she's still staying around us and barking at us.
 As expected, back to the girl form.

''You guys! Don't you ever pet me again! If you do that again, I'll be seriously angry!

 After being so persistent, it seems like it's even pretending to be "petting me again" anymore.
 What do you think, Verena?

Is that it? Is it like a phenomenon where a cat gets excited about being petted and really scratches you, but really wants to be petted?

 Dragons are difficult.

 But my wounded pride has never been healed.

"Hey, hey, Verena.
What now?
'How normal-looking people in your va*in* would be weaker than me, indeed, would they?
'So, you're telling me not to discover someone below me to stabilize my mind because it's unhealthy..., hmm? ...Isn't that a saint?

 It's true, he is a saint.
 We met on our first visit and I'm such a screw-up.

''Pull yourself together, you four-headed idiot! It's true that at first glance, Saint Saint-Sama looks very ordinary, but he's stronger than Sensei and Veerle-sama!

 Oh, I knew it?
 I guess people aren't as good as they look on the outside on this farm.

Specifically, sir...! Look at the sword the saint is carrying at his waist.
It's the Evil Sacred Sword Dryschwartz.

 That lost holy sword, they say?
 This is the holy sword that the Demon King and each of the four Heavenly Kings possess for generations. However, lore says that there are seven swords in total, and the whereabouts of the remaining two swords are completely unknown.

The only one that exists in perfect form is the Demon King's Angry Sacred Sword Einrort, so the same perfect version of the holy sword is even more valuable nowadays. Recently, the sacred swords of Master Astareth and Master Grashara have been revived.
You know that this revival of the holy sword is also the work of your saint, right?

 I can only laugh dryly now.

''Well, I heard a rumor that the other lost holy sword, the Massacre Saint Sword Zuibengruen, was also recently identified?

 He was the saint we had been observing, but he took a break from working in the fields for a while and started playing with the orcs and goblins he was working with.
 They confronted each other one on one and gutted each other in a kind of one-on-one manner.

'What are you doing, Saint-sama?'
It's sumo wrestling. It's a dueling competition, and Prince Arowana of the Mermaid Kingdom loves it.
Don't give me a f*cking name that's already out there.

 The saint used his wrestling, or something like that, to team up with his competitor, the orc, and then teamed up with him........
 ........and threw him off?

''The clincher is the underhand throw! The saint is very good at controlling the opponent's balance shift, so he really throws it pompously.

 The saint who throws that orc.

''By the way, the orc that Aeshma-sama lost the first day in rags is a Warrior Orc. Right now, the one who has teamed up with Saint-sama is Orkra, one of the 'Farm Monster Beginning Ten', because he's a Legatus Orc.
Don't put up walls that we can't cross anymore!
Accept it and get used to it, that's what living on this farm is all about!

    * * *

 Thus, as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Prosperous Demon King's Army, I learned about the vastness of the world and how small I was.
 I felt like crying.
 I cried.

 Then, after a few weeks of training, I returned to the Demon Kingdom.
 To put into practice the many things I had learned on this farm at the frontline of the defense of the demon kingdom.

 Thank you farm.
 Thank you, everyone living on the farm.

 I pledge to you all that I will be a worthy Four Heavenly Kings!

'Huh? Master Aeshma, are you leaving already?
'This is where things get interesting as we get used to the insanity of the farm...'

 That's why you're leaving before you get used to it!
 Batty Verena! I can't go back to being with you people!

I'm going to visit you regularly, though?

 The same Leviathans have been used to it for years!
 This guy is really scary, isn't he?