228-227 In search of baby treasure

 That's me.

 More good news has slipped in just before our farm is about to enter its second winter.

 Demon King Zedan-san's second child was born.

 The one who gave birth is the second Demon Queen, Grashara-san.

 It was a few months later than the first Demon Queen Astares who gave birth to the Demon Prince Gotia.

 Now it's a girl.

 The whole demon kingdom was in a state of excitement at the successive births.
 The demon princess came to our farm to show us her newborn baby, and all of us fell head over heels in love with her.

 The birth of a new life is always a supreme good, and everyone should be happy about it!

 The demoness born by Grashara-san is named Marine and is said to be raised as a lady of the demon tribe with a gifted education.

 As we were all mellowing out over Marine, I suddenly felt a tug on the hem of my clothes.
 I wondered what it was, but Prathi was pulling on it.

''Oh? What's going on?

 But Prathi didn't reply and only proceeded to go somewhere else with my hem tugged.
 I was dragged along and moved and moved....

 I was brought to the back of the warehouse, where there was no one around.

 Naturally, there was no one around. Because everyone was focused on the baby.
 What do you want, just the two of us, alone in this place?

 She looked a little bewildered for a while, puzzled as to whether to say or not, but eventually she decided to say it.

I want a baby too.


"Like Mr. Astares and Miss Grashara, I want to be a baby! Master's of course!

 Oh, oh...!

 That's because, of course, me and Prathi are already married.
 It is natural for a husband and wife to have a child.

 But it's been more than a year since we raised the candlelight ceremony.
 Normally it would be a good time to have at least one announcement of conception, but the stork has not yet arrived.

 However, we are not neglecting the steps leading up to the announcement of conception.

 Since we are a couple, we are doing that act, which is the prelude to pregnancy and birth, once or seven times a week.

 But we haven't heard from the stork.

 What in the world is the stork doing?

I was hoping that as long as I could live happily on the farm with my husband, that would be all that mattered. But when I saw other people's babies, I got jealous...!
Yeah, I know...!
'Doesn't your husband want it? Is this your baby that I gave birth to?

 You can't say no even if you don't want to if he asks you to look up like that!

'I want it! Of course I want it!

 And deep down, of course I want it, so I affirm it out loud.

'Good! So let's start making it a baby enhancement month today! I'll work hard every morning and every night!
Every month? Every morning?

 Why can't it be every night of the week at least?

 But Prathi's eyes are unlikely to stop, releasing the gleam in her 'I want a baby' drive.

 I'm going to spend the next few days working in the field while I'm reeling.

    * * * *.

Have you been looking a little sluggish, my dear?
Oh, yeah?
Why don't you take a break?
I'm resting, okay? I'm spending a greater percentage of my day under the covers and...

 I should eat as much stamina-building food as possible today and go to bed early.
 The moment you get into bed isn't the start of your bedtime...!

"Are you there, my saint?

 I was in the twilight when the No Life King teacher came to visit me.

'Whoa? What's wrong with you? Isn't he more parched than I am?

 You're getting really good at jokes, Mr. Daley.
 I'd be a Buddha in a heartbeat, wouldn't I?

So, what can I do for you today?
"No, I didn't come on my own strictly on my own behalf, but.... Would you send for your wife first?

 It's rare that the teacher refers to Prati by name.

 Prathi, who came out after being called, had glowing skin in inverse proportion to me.
 He seemed to be in a good mood.

'How do you do, sir? What can I do for you?
"No, I don't mean to imply that I should be here, but...

 You're saying the same thing again, doctor.
 What is it?

"It is this gentleman who has business with you and the others. ....

 When the teacher chants a spell in Texan, time and space are distorted and a door opens, summoning a great thing from another world.
 Did you summon the gods again?

 And the goddess who appears.
 The dark blonde hair which reminds of the surface of the sea which gleams in the evening sun. A beautiful woman, bountiful and fresh, with the richness of water in her.

"Oh, I've seen this god before.

 Amphitrite, the wife god of the sea god Poseidon.
 We met at the banquet of the gods.

''Yahooo, it's been a long time since we've seen each other, my kith and kin ♡♡.
"Amphitrite God? Why you?

 To Prati, a mermaid, Amphitrite, the wife of the sea god, is the very object of worship.

'I was curious about what you guys were doing, so I decided to ask the Immortal King to summon you.

 You're being used up, sir.
 A god who uses the immortal king as a convenient guide. The king of immortality summons the gods with impunity.
 Both of them are so out of the ordinary that my brain is melting.

"What are we.... doing...?
"Look, Platy, you don't remember me? 'Didn't I give you my blessing for your previous treats?'

 I wonder if there was something like that.
 A quarrel between Hades and Poseidon, the god of the sea, developed into a battle of the gods before I knew it.
 For some reason, my farm, which had been selected for the event, was on the verge of running out of food reserves.

 In return, the gods rewarded the inhabitants of my farm with blessings and blessings, no matter who they were.

 Among them was Prathi, who had also received a blessing.

 The goddess of the sea, Amphitrite, who is in front of me right now, gave me a blessing.

'It is transmitted through the Blessing of the Sea Mother Goddess that I have given you. It's a hands-on experience that you and the others have been working on every morning and night.''

 Even Prathi's ears turn red after being pointed out by the sea goddess.
 It's true that it's a natural part of married life, but it's hard to stay mentally undamaged if it's said openly.

 The doctor is trying very hard to pretend not to hear me.

"What is it? Did you come all the way to earth to say that? You're too gossipy!
Of course I'm going to tell you something else. Of course, I want to tell you something else: don't waste your time.
For nothing?
'No matter how hard you try to do it the normal way, you're never going to conceive a saintly baby.

 With a single word, the air around me changed at once.
 There was a piercing auditory hallucination of thin ice cracking.

''Your loved one is a visitor from another world. If you say that much, you are wise enough to understand.''
"Even though they look alike on the outside, he is a different creature from this world. It is impossible for two beings from different worlds to interbreed and reproduce life.

 As soon as he heard that, the sparkle was lost from Prathi's eyes.
 They turned into eyes that were as dark as the bottom of the deep sea.

 Just looking at it makes my heart throb in my chest.

'Poor Prati. Not being able to have a child with the one you love tears your heart out so much. .... but don't worry.'
! That's not the only thing I came to tell you.

 Your voice is so light, Sea Goddess.

Did you forget? The blessing given to you is the "Blessing of the Mother God"! Bless the Sea Mother! How is it possible that someone who has been blessed by Atashi, one of the Three Realms Mother God, who has been given a share of the All-Powerfulness by the Universal Mother God Gaia, can't even have a child with the one he loves!''
''So, then.........''
'You just haven't used your blessing from Attah to its fullest at the moment! But if you can learn to use it through training! Even a sea cucumber baby will be able to be born!

 I don't think it's fair to be that uncontrolled...

''Sea Mother God!''

 The color of Prathi's eyes changed.
 You'll be able to see that they're not just for you.

''Please train me! So that you can use 140% of your blessings from Anna! Then you'll be able to have your husband's children!
"Of course, that's why I came down! I will train you. The Sea God's ten billion years of (exaggerated) history tells us the art of one-child prosperity! The name of it...!
What is the name of the game...?
"Lamaze Law!

 I'm just saying it, man.

 No, really. Please, God.
 If we're going to rely on you alone to give us baby!