229-228 Mutual fish beans

 In the meantime, winter came.

 Prathi had been accumulating the Lamaze Law of gratitude a thousand times a day every day in between jobs in an attempt to master the method of conception shown to her by the sea mother god Amphitrite.

 How could the Lamaze Law be transmitted to this world? But I'm sure the gods transcend dimensions as well.
 As a being from the other side of the world, I myself have moved across the dimensional barrier, so if it's just information, it's even more normal to come and go.

 The question is whether or not the "Blessing of the Mother God" given to Prati will work and give me, an otherworldly person, a child.

 I can only hope on Prati's mother's power here.

 I was doing my best to maintain and develop the farm as I had been on a daily basis.

 It was already winter, but unlike last year, our farm was well-prepared and ready for whatever the weather might throw at us.

 The coal mined by the Orcs was heating up the stoves in each room.

 You've also entered a mountain dungeon to prepare for winter, and you've picked a lot of feathers from bird monsters to make your quilts warm.

 You're well stocked with food to get you through the winter!

 It happened just as I was thinking about it.

 I was asked for advice.

    * * * *

Master, I need to talk to you.

 That's what the angel Holkosfone said to me.

 She is one of the strongest candidates for our farm, and her job is to make Natto.

 If there's one thing she asks me for advice on, it's one thing.

It's about natto.

 I knew it.
 Ninety percent of her world is made of natto, and she doesn't have anything else to worry about.

 Her natto making skills have improved, and now she's increased the variety to small and large grains and even hikiwari, making her natto a solid foundation for our farm.

 It's hard to say if the other residents are happy about it, though.

So, what do you want to ask me about natto?

 However, my own knowledge of natto is also amateur knowledge, which I have only researched in books or on the internet.

 I've already passed on most of my knowledge to Horcosfon.

 I think she is more knowledgeable about natto than I am now, having studied it on her own.

My tactical program, which can predict up to 148,000 different battle patterns, has played out a conclusion. That's what my natto is missing.
If I could add it to my natto, it would make it even more perfect, and everyone would love it more. On the contrary, I have no choice but to conclude that my natto is still incomplete.

 Such an exaggeration....

 I think Holkosfon's fermented soybeans are well made, don't you? I think it has reached the point of perfection.

 It's now recognized as an indispensable breakfast item by a certain segment of the population, including Gobukichi.......
 Besides, you know, even Veerle has them as a promise when he loses a mock battle, right?
 You eat almost every time.
 Although it's been bothering me lately that the expression on Veerle's face when he's eating natto has disappeared after eating too much every time.

I think that if we can perfect the natto further, the expression on Veerle's face will come back. This is now an urgent matter.

 I see.
 So let's get to the point. What do you think Horcosfon is missing from the current stage of natto?



Looking at the food on this farm, we can see that the food is not taken orally, but rather it is adjusted to taste by adding a variety of liquid or powdery substances. Our natto (fermented soybeans) needs to be made with these ingredients.

 Ours, you mean.........

Well, it's nothing more than that, but....

 To begin with, it was impossible to eat natto (fermented soybeans) as it was, even in the world I was in before.

 Natto was always served with some kind of condiment.

If that's the case, I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something.
'Really? That's my master!

 Holkosfone's emotional ups and downs only appear when it's related to Natto.

 But it's hard to imagine that he's ever gone without adding any seasoning.
 Even Veal eventually became expressionless.

Natto goes well with any kind of seasoning," he said. And there's no real rule that says, "There's no real rule.

 You can also pour soy sauce on top of it all.
 Leeks and eggs are also famous.
 I've heard that you can also pour sugar on it in some strange places.
 I hear that oil is good too. You can try sesame oil or olive oil, both of which are produced by the Orcobos.

 I presented this much of the idea to Holkosfon....


 It was no good.

Because I've already tried those things.

 You've already tried everything you could try before you came here.
 You are diligent.

As the master said, they are ingredients that create a harmony of excellent flavors, but we couldn't get a feel for them to penetrate to the last point. Even Veal, who accompanied me to the tasting, was not happy about it...

 How long do you think you'll have to give Veerle a blank stare?
 Are you okay? Will I get my smile or my crying face back on the viel properly?

I regret to inform you that I have no choice but to trust in the wisdom of the Master. I beg you, Master, to grant me the truth...!

 When natto (fermented soybeans) is involved, her language becomes really ostentatious.
 But I can't disregard the expectations that have come in so far.


 I crossed my arms and pondered.
 If you can't find a satisfactory answer after trying various things, you should go back to the basics.

 After all, natto (fermented soybeans) sauce.

 It's the sauce that is always attached to the package of natto.
 Because it's so common that the producers make natto come with it as a matter of course, there is probably no better seasoning to go with natto than that.

 Then what do we do?
 Do you want to make it?

 Following Natto in another world, making Natto sauce in another world.

 It's worth a challenge.

 But natto sauce, how do I make natto sauce?
 To remind you of the color, I'm pretty sure it's soy-based, right?

 But if I recall what I tasted in the previous world, there was clearly a deeper flavor mixed in that wasn't just soy sauce.
 Probably a taste of the sea.
 I can guess that it's a mixture of dashi (Japanese soup stock) as well as men-tsuyu.

 Speaking of dashi, is it kelp or bonito flakes?

 You don't have to choose from even von.

 Let's say you add the soup stock made by boiling kombu or katsuobushi to soy sauce.

 In that case, the first choice would be kombu.
 Because all you have to do is get it from the sea.

 In the case of bonito flakes, I knew that they were made from skipjack tuna, but I'd have to spend a lot of time and effort fermenting and drying them to get to the point where I had a problem.

 I'll avoid the hard stuff and start cleaning up the easy stuff.

 That's a fine way to solve a problem. Often times, as you solve the easy ones, the difficult ones become easier to solve.

 This time, however, let's choose the difficult one.

''I've decided, Holkosfon.......!
What's going on here?

 Natto sauce is not the only thing you can do.

 If we can produce bonito flakes, we can expand our culinary repertoire.

 My goal for this winter is.....

Make bonito flakes!