230-229 Road to Katsuobushi

 I decided to make bonito flakes.

 A traditional preserved food.

 The traditional preserved food, where the bonito meat is repeatedly moulded to remove water from it, so that it can be stored for a long time, and to which a unique taste is added.

 I'll do my best to make this food that has a wide range of uses, even if it started with a request from Horcosfon!

"...And what would it take to make bonito flakes?


 I've got an answer.

 It's so obvious that it makes me want to cry a little.
 It's no surprise that bonito is needed to make bonito flakes.

 But this is a different world. The ecosystem in this world is different from the one I was in before, and creatures from the other side of the world don't exist in this world.

 There was no possibility of catching bonito in this world.

 But even if you don't find the creature you want, there are usually other species that are similar in shape and form.

 My journey to make bonito flakes began with a search for a fish in another world that could be a substitute for bonito.

    * * * *


 I first came to the area where the fish in the farm fridge are stored.

 The colors in the warehouse aren't as lively now.
 The fish that Okubo and his crew had caught in the previous winter in the pelagic fishery had been eaten up long ago.
 The fishermen had been fishing regularly during that time, but since they could only do so during their time on the farm, they must have fished in coastal waters at best.

It's winter now, and I wonder if Okubo and the others are going to sail again...?

 I never thought the day would come when I would have to rely on their voluntary activities.
 Feeling itchy, I decided to ask Okubo and the others about their plans.

    * * * *

Is the ship broken?

 I asked him about it, and he gave me a surprising answer.
 It seems that the fishing boat Okubo and his crew built the winter before is no longer usable due to rattles all over the place.

"It's the first time for a lot of things, and it was built by trial and error, so there are some parts that were not well made, and it's hurting fast...!

 What a surprise.

'So we've all been discussing what we should do this winter. Do we build a new boat to fish again this year? Or do you want to make another attempt? And.....
I knew that first voyage with a rampaging monster on board would do the trick!

 The orcs were talking idly, but it was a bad idea for me.

 With all the fish we had in the fridge, there was no substitute for bonito.
 So there was no way to get them except to take a big boat to the distant ocean.

'What? What is it, my lord?
"Then I'll make a new ship for you!
""Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

 The orcs are surprised.

'You'll have to wait a minute! I don't want you to be bothered by the things we do.
'I've just been wanting some pelagic fish too, so no problem! I'll build you a great fishing boat, I want you all to go fishing with gusto!

 The katsuobushi making process was to begin with boat building!

 However, it's a hassle to rebuild a fishing boat every year when you think that this kind of thing will happen again and again.

We'll give it a shot and build a strong fishing boat that can last a hundred years!
My Lord!

 The orcs are getting excited.

"The ship that my lord is making with all his might...! What kind of an amazing ship is this...?
It's going to be something amazing... that we can't even imagine.

 They won't stop trying to raise the bar.

 Oh, wow...!
 If you insist, I'll build the most revolutionary ship ever built in the history of the world, and I'll show you...!

 .... yeah.
 Isn't it...?

...how about an iron ship?

 The wooden ships that the Oakbos built last year must have been wooden ships.
 There is no doubt that metal and wood are stronger and more durable materials.

 So why not build a fishing boat like an all-metal warship!


 What's the matter with you orcs?

 What's that subtle reaction to my suggestion?

Sir, are you crazy?

 Who dares to point out a problem like that?

 Isn't that my wife, Prati?
 Have you already finished thanking her a thousand times today's Lamaze Law?

Good sir, I can teach you the truth!
The iron is.........submerged!

 The declaration was so imposing that such a sound effect could have been released.

'A material that sinks into water, steel! That ship made of steel is bound to sink! Don't you understand anything about that, mister?
"No........that buoyancy thing.......?
Okubo-chan and the others can't help but look at each other delicately when you talk about it like that! They can't talk back to you, basically. That's why you have to lead us all by your words and actions!

 I'll take my word for it?

 But wait a minute!
 I can build an iron ship!
 It actually happened in the world I was in before, or rather, it was the norm...!

Um.........I hate to have to talk to you like this, my dear, but.......!

 Even Okubo?
 Even our farm's most loyal vassal, Okubo, has such an apologetic look on his face?

"What you say is reasonable.... Hypothetically? Suppose, in the unlikely event that you could build an iron ship that floats on water? But it still weighs a lot, doesn't it?
And we're going to have to row it in by ourselves.
Not to mention catching the wind under sail...?

 Even the other orcs are completely skeptical!

 The other orcs are also skeptical!
 The divergence of civilizations has prevented them from understanding each other!

All right....! We can't just walk away from it, if you insist...!

 I'll build that metal ship that you guys have been saying is absolutely impossible, and I'll show you how to build it with my own hands!

 Let me, your beloved rancher, remind you just how great I am!

 Then you can take a good look at me!

"Um...! What's the sauce for natto...?

 Holkosfone was watching us with a nervousness.

    * * * *

'Don't stop me, Holkosfone! The situation has evolved into a battle for your pride and your willpower!
I don't care about anything else, as long as I can make natto sauce...?
If I want to regain respect as a farmer, I'm going to build a metal ship!
''I think everyone still respects the master enough...?

 But I want to be respected more!

 Now, if we are going to build a metal ship, the first point the orcs made to me was a valid one.

'It's too heavy to go with metal.'

 That's what it's all about.

 The metal hull floating itself can be handled by buoyancy, but as far as propulsion goes, it's too problematic.
 It's probably at a stage where human power, wind power, and other natural forces are not going to help.

 A more solid set of propulsion systems would be needed.

 In the history of shipbuilding, metal ships appeared in the first place because a mechanical propulsion system was established ahead of them.

 The steam engine.

 Speaking of the steam engine, its fuel is coal.
 Speaking of coal, you've only recently seen it.

Do you want to do it? Are we going to have an industrial revolution?
I don't care if I ask you that........?

 Holkosfone was perfectly able to keep me in a unique groove.

 Well, to build a metal ship, a steam engine will always come with it, so let's build it!
 I don't know how to build one!

"What do I do in this situation?

 The answer was obvious.
 When it came to making things, it was that man, or rather that god.

 I decided to cry to Hephaistos, the god of modeling.