231-230 Forbidden substances and steel ship completed

 What to prepare.

 Eggs--, freshly produced healthy eggs from our chicken-shaped monster, Yoshamo.
 Vinegar -- The seasoning created by Bacchus in the brewery is very active.
 Oil--, I prepared olive oil this time.
 Lemon--Grown in a dungeon orchard.
 Salt---Bounty of the direct sea.

 I marvel that our farm is getting to have everything if we want it, too.

 But now is not the time to be so impressed.
 We have to move on.

 I took the ingredients listed above, busted them together, mixed them together, and voila!


 And then tossed it with the sea god Poseidos' favorite mentaiko....

 Mentaiko Mayonnaise!

 He made it into a rice ball filling and offered it to the shrine of the god Hephaistos.

'Lord Hephaistos, I offer you a new rice ball with new ingredients. In exchange for this, please give me the plans for a metal ship, or rather a steamship.

 This is how it works.

 Every time I offered a new rice ball to Hephaistos, the god who loves onigiri, he would give me the blueprints for a new piece of machinery.

 This is how I got the blueprints for my sewing machine before.
 Since it's an exchange system, it doesn't conflict with the rule that 'God shall not give a man anything more'.

'Isn't this just a twist on the last mentaiko rice ball? You might think. ........but! I just started to pickle the plums the other day, and I couldn't find anything else that could be used to make onigiri!

 For all the things we make.....

'But when the steamship is completed and we go out fishing in a wider area, we will have new ingredients for onigiri, such as kelp and tuna. Above all! The main goal of this project is to make dried bonito flakes, and when we're done...! I can make it!

 Rice balls in bonito!

"With those in mind, by all means give me the blueprints for a steamship!

 A dazzling light emitted from the altar and a few pieces of paper fell in front of me.
 The drawings on those pieces of paper are........ships?

'Yay! It's coming through!

 Now we can build a steamboat!
 Thank you, God Hephaistos! I love it! I'm going to offer many more onigiri in the future.


 I noticed that there were a couple of things lined up at the altar that looked like miniature light bulbs.
 There was no light on.
 When did they make that thing? I didn't put it there, remember?

 The Hephaistos gauge?

 How does it work, every time you dedicate a new Onigiri, it lights up and you can exchange it for the blueprint you want?
 So you want me to offer up a bunch of new onigiri to him without being wasteful.

 I understand, but God Hephaistos.
 Don't let him talk directly to my brain.


 Well, this is how I got the blueprints for the steamship.

 In exchange for that, I created something outrageous.


 Was I really supposed to bring mayonnaise to another world?
 After the vinegar was made at Bacchus' place, I had a pretty good idea that mayonnaise could be made, too.

 But I couldn't get on board with making it.

 Speaking of mayonnaise, the dreaded condiment!

 It is no longer a drug with massive calories and severe addiction.
 Those who have become addicted to mayonnaise will no longer feel comfortable without pouring mayonnaise on any food!

 They eat rice with mayonnaise on it! Eat mayonnaise with mayonnaise on top of mayonnaise!
 Our farm must not produce mayonnaise drinkers whose number one trick at a banquet is to chug mayonnaise!

 So I'll keep the leftover mayonnaise in a safe place and not let you know it exists.

'So this is your master's new creation.
What are you building when you keep talking about building ironclad ships?


 Already sniffed it out?
 Prathi and Veerle found the mayonnaise in an instant!
 They have the sense to react to my new dish like Esper!

It's like whipped cream, but it tastes so different.
'Let's try it on a cucumber. Delicious! I mean, isn't it good for most vegetables?

 No. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
 The more you realize the versatility of mayonnaise, the more you won't be able to come back!

 From the endless mayor road!

Master, I have found it.
When did we get to the Holkosfone?
Wouldn't this mayonnaise go great with natto (fermented soybeans), sir?

 I've heard that's one way to eat, though!
 But not too soon!
 I'll make you an authentic sauce with bonito flakes.

    * * *

So let's get on with building the steamship.

 A month in the making.
 You're crazy.

That's too fast!
I always think that your husband's ability to create is too great! A normal person would spend tens of years trying to figure it out through trial and error, so why do you keep churning it out?

 It's all thanks to the gift I received from the god Hephaistos, the supreme bearer.
 Also, Holkosfone worked on the metal with his onboard equipment, and Orcubo and his crew cut down some of the necessary wood from the mountain to make the ship look more or less like a steel ship, so we were able to save a lot of time!

 The finished ship had already been launched and was floating off the coast of the ocean near our farm.

It's really made of metal and yet it's floating...?
'It's metal? If you hit it, I'll tell you, can't you just can't?

 OkCbo, don't get too serious with your knuckles, okay?
 With your strength as the strongest orc evolutionary form, even the strongest manna metal can leave a hole in the hull.

Made of mana metal again?
Why are you so lavish with mana metal, so easily? What? The outside of this ship is manna metal? All of it? You could make hundreds of swords with this amount of manna metal?

 I told him about the shipbuilding project, and he became very enthusiastic.
 He condensed the mana stored in the dungeon and produced a lot of mana metal.

 When you're at the teacher's level, you can make the mana metal with the intention of making it.

''If the Dwarf King looked directly at this, I think his soul would leak out of his nose...?''

 Bacchus came to visit.
 As a producer, I'm glad to see that he's interested in this boat, even though he's only interested in drinking.

The reason it's quite large is because we wanted to be able to use it as a fishing boat to catch nets, and we had to have a certain amount of space to load the steam engine...
It's harder to ignore the fact that the hull is bigger and uses a lot of mana metal.

 And the all-important steam engine!


'I see, so you get power from the momentum of the heated steam here, right? But with coal, it would be hard to burn and the smoke would be dirty.'

 And then you threw what looked like a red stone into the furnace?

I put the fire magic crystals on the table. When the magic is poured in, it reacts and generates high heat. It doesn't emit smoke or soot, so it's probably easier to handle than coal.''

 The next thing you know, the steamship is just a magic-powered ship...!

What's wrong with that...?
''A magic crystal made by the No Life King is a rare item that top adventurers spend their entire lives searching for. The exterior is made of mana metal. To begin with, magic-powered ships are only one or two super-military luxury goods in the demon country...?

 But, well, it's clear that we can now go distant-sea fishing.

 We're not going to be able to get our hands on them.

 Orc army, board your ships.
 This time I will be on board and will lead the fishing. And we will go fishing for a single fish, the equivalent of an otherworldly bonito.

"Wow, this is going to be fun!
"Prati? You're going on a boat too?
I'm the only one who knows how to talk about the ocean! And....
'You can't be separated from your husband in the middle of your pregnancy, can you? Continuity is power, right?

 Are you Mr. Platy? Even on a boat?

 I mean, this ship wasn't built to have that much privacy, so it might bother the orcs and the noise!

 What is this...?
 Let's finish the fishing early and get back early!