239-238 Fengyun Oakbo Castle, Fierce Fighting Edition

 I should have said it first, but this territorial defensive force led by me, the old human country's provincial lord Dalkish, was formed with two hundred and fifty troops when it was mobilized.

 They attached fifty more than the number I had initially requested.
 I can feel the competence of my steward and the passion of the soldiers to defend their own land.

 After those two hundred and fifty men passed the first gate........

 Eighty people.

Less than a third of them........?
"That's why I said it! You're in too much of a hurry to cross the border just because the average is up to ten! It was like an avalanche, wasn't it!

 Similarly, the Demon Inspector Varina, who managed to get over the first barrier, says nudgingly.

''Thanks to that, a number of soldiers who lost their balance are falling down as collateral damage! I can hit you with a cushion bullet when you're slow and staggered in front of me, isn't that a mess!
No, but they're cheating, aren't they? In the second half, they suddenly started adding more pitchers...!

 When three new planes appeared, my blood ran cold.

 We've arrived at the other side of the river and before we knew it, the goblins had disappeared..." "We have no choice but to continue on with the rest of you.

Anyway, we must continue on with the rest of us. We have to rescue the rest of the deserted soldiers...!
'Yes, but I think it's better to proceed with a more sober mind.

 Perhaps it was because we were constantly at the mercy of the average platform, but we were both exhausted in our minds.

 After crossing the moat and entering the castle in earnest, we were even more nervous.

 With careful attention to detail, we proceeded deep into the enemy's bosom.

 The route was indicated by the signboard.
 However, it did not seem to be able to advance anywhere other than the orderly route due to the castle walls and natural terrain.

 And when we proceeded along the route....

"A gate...?

 Normally, the gates are there to shut out the enemy in an emergency.
 Naturally, it should have been closed tightly to us, the enemy army....


'It opened easily...?'....?

 And behind the open gate.........

 A beautiful woman was there.
 Dark skinned and brown.

''You've come a long way! I'm in charge of the second gate! Aileron the Elf!

 An elf!
 You have the same brown skin as the demon race, but you're not?
 Ah, long ears.

'Don't get too comfortable with the fact that you've just passed the first gate of the gobbledygook? The second barrier I'm working on is even harder to get done, you know.
I wanted to set up more jungle-type traps as well, you know?
You were so stubborn, it was dismissed.

 There are a few more elves popping up here and there...?

All right, first obstacle is this! It's called 'The Ruin Trapping Thing'!
''What's that name?!''

 As the elves moved to the side, their vision opened up, allowing them to see the entire landscape beyond the gates clearly and openly.

 'The hill!
 Beyond the castle gates was a long, steep slope!

 It is probably the mountain path of the hill on which the castle is based.
 But for some reason I have a bad feeling about this.

Then the ordeal begins.

 When the elf activated something with magic, something appeared from the top of the hill.
 That something was.........

''A rock?''

 A big rock.
 A rock so big that I, a grown man, had to look up at it.

 And it's spherical.
 It's spherical, so when you put it on the slope, it naturally rolls around.
 Rumble, rumble, rumble...!
 We're at the bottom of the hill and they're watching us.


 Dangerous collision! But as if the slope had been adjusted that way, the rocks turned around in front of the gate where we were, and then turned off to the side and went somewhere else.

 Moreover, the rock balls were not just one, but rather an uninterrupted rumble of rocks one after another...?

''The rock balls are made to circulate through transition magic, so they'll keep rolling forever!
If you can avoid these rocks and reach the finish line at the top of the hill, you've cleared the second gate! Good luck!

 Saying that, the elves left somewhere with transference magic.
 You're abusing transference magic too much!

I see........I see the point.......!
"Both sides of the slope are sandwiched between walls and cliffs, making it impossible to escape. The rock balls are also keeping you from going off course in the middle...!

 Varina analyzes it seriously, but there's no need to hesitate.
 This castle's groove was caught at the first gate!
 No longer will we be the ones who are unawares, now let's make it through without a single loser!

''Go my soldiers! We're going up the hill, staring only at that one cluster of white clouds shining in the blue heavens!

 Strike is reverberating, my loyal soldiers!

Oh, no! If we jumped in as a group again with the momentum...!

 Varina tried to stop them, but by the time she did, soldiers from twenty men ran out to the rock ball flying slope.


 All twenty of them were crushed by the ball.

''Are you an idiot! If a group of people flowed into this long, narrow slope, they would be unable to move because their bodies would be in the way of each other, and of course they would be run over by the rocks!

 The twenty loyal soldiers disappeared at once...!

'Any life form that touches the rock ball will react and get a forced transference spell, so they aren't injured!
He's being held in a separate room, like the first gate escapees.

 The elves will explain the safety of the fallen soldiers.

''Why do you keep making the same mistake you did at the first gate? Are you stupid? Are you an idiot? Are humans stupid as a species trait?

 This demoness...! You can say whatever you want........?
 But you can't argue with it because what you're saying is correct...!

'Ugh! Soldiers, one by one, run up the hill in turn! Watching those in front of you, you must carefully predict the trajectory of the rock ball!

 One by one, they climbed up the hill one by one.
 Even so, the rock ball rolling relentlessly crushes the soldiers who made a mistake in dealing with it and sends them somewhere with forced transfer magic.

''Varina-dono, follow behind me...!
''Don't worry about it. A mountain path like this, with legs and feet that were trained by the Demon King's Army...!

 Me and Varina were also the last to make it up the hill.
 Fortunately, more than fifty soldiers were able to safely traverse the hill after we carefully switched over.

 It's just me and her now........

''What's the matter!''

 When I turned around, I saw that Varina, who was following behind me, had gotten her footing on the slope and had fallen down!
 Silly, she has such big tits that she's not very stable! I can't say the word "I" out loud!

You okay? Grab me by the shoulders!
'Why are you coming to our aid? You'll get involved and drop out too!

 In fact, the rock ball was rumbling and coming right in front of us.
 If you don't dodge, it will surely hit you.
 But Varina fell down and couldn't move quickly enough.

 What we can do now.
 I held Varina's body and...

'We jumped!

 The soldiers watching at the top of the hill cheered.
 I brilliantly and brilliantly avoided the rock ball by jumping, and I ran up the rest of the hill in a single bound with Varina in my arms.

The second gate is now closed. Fifty-two of us have passed.

 The elves sounded a little disappointed and disappeared.

''My lord! Great, my lord!
I didn't know you could jump like that with one person in your arms!
'Our lord! You're strong!

 It wasn't a bad feeling for the soldiers to praise him from their mouths.

 I must put down the Varina I was holding.

I'm sorry, it's an emergency and I had to...!
No, there are plenty of things that can happen on the battlefield that can make skin-to-skin contact on the spur of the moment...!

 Is it just my imagination that my cheeks seem to be red?
 The demon race has a dark skin and is hard to recognize.

''Ah.........thank you......!

 It's cute when you show your honesty in this way.
 What am I thinking about when I'm a demoness?


 We pulled ourselves together and continued on.
 There was a mermaid at the third gate.

"Well done to Zos Saira, the Witch of the Abyss, for coming to the third gate.

 A mermaid, swimming in the air.

You'd be surprised. A new potion that will change the nature of air to something closer to water. Original to me. Now we can operate freely on land without bothering to turn into land people...

 and swims in the air as a fish underneath.

This game is sponsored by Okubo. "This game is sponsored by Okubo, and what will you do without my help? You're going to play with these guys at the gate for me.

 The mermaid spilled some kind of colored liquid from the glass tube it took out. The liquid falls to the ground and bubbles, and the bubbles grow larger and larger, eventually turning into a horrible, indescribable creature!

'Lord Varina! What is that thing? Is it a monster, too?
Hey! I don't know! I don't even know much about mermaid magic!

 Our attackers shuddered at the manner in which this mysterious creature was generated.

It is the Deep One that has been modified for this play. It has neither thorns nor fangs, so you will not be injured. This ordeal is about escaping from these guys and reaching the exit.

 Behind and far beyond the mermaid, there is a goal-like border.
 We can go to that point, right?

''Hahahaha! Challenging a territorial guard directly under Darquish-sama's command with an armchair is laughable!

 Naturally, one of the soldiers gasped.
 Was he feeling depressed from all the fine competitions he'd been engaged in?

'I've had a lot of exasperation from all these fine competitions! They'll smash every single one of these creepy little people who are just creepy!

 As the soldier swung his sword, the creepy dwarf that the mermaid had been charging at was easily torn apart and separated into two or three pieces.
 It's relatively easy to beat!

 With this one, it looks like it's rather easy to get past this barrier!

Oh, I forgot to tell you.

 The mermaid says languidly.

'That's the Deep One for games. Instead of thorns and fangs, I've added some interesting features.

 The monster that had been slashed by the soldier's sword quickly regenerated and returned to normal.
 It wasn't exactly the same as it was before.

 For example, the one that was torn into two pieces regenerated into each of the slices that were torn apart, eventually splitting into two bodies and returning to normal.

''The more you slash it, the more you hit it, the more it will increase in number. If you attack without caution, the field will be covered with the Deep One and you will be stuck.

 You should have said it sooner.
 The soldier who was already wielding the sword is surrounded and can't move a hand or foot!

'Gyaaahhhh! Don't surround them! Don't push me! Eh? Where do you think you're going?

 The soldiers were helplessly pushed by the monsters to the corner of the field.
 There was a hole dug in the ground that could easily be thrown in by a single person.
 Into that hole.....
 The soldiers were pushed down as a number of monsters.

Of course, if you fall into the hole, you're disqualified. Of course, if you fall into the hole, you'll be disqualified.