240-239 Fengyun Oakbo Castle, Final Edition

 The battle for me, Lord Dalkish, is still going on.

 After all, we lost ten people to get past the third barrier.
 That strange creature created by the mermaids cannot be dealt with in a decent clash, due to its characteristic of splitting into more and more pieces the more it attacks.

 The only way to escape is to dodge them, but they seem to have a characteristic of chasing you by responding to sound, so if you try to run past them with a flurry of footsteps, they will immediately catch you and push you into the hole.

 Ten sacrifices were made before we realized this.

 We made another sacrifice to get through the barrier.

 And here's a digest of what we're going to tell you.

    * * * *.

 The fourth gate was guarded by a woman of the same demon race as Varina.
 The name of the ordeal was 'Let's use our heads too! Verena's Human 3D Puzzle.
 This was so complicated and difficult that thirty people dropped out at once.
 If it wasn't for Varina's wisdom, they would have been wiped out.
 When Varina saw the female demons on guard, she said....

''I feel like I look like an acquaintance of mine desperately, is it my imagination?
It's all in your head.

 I let it slide lightly as I rushed ahead.

    * * * *

 The fifth hurdle was the "Natto Tasting" by a strange beautiful woman with wings sprouting from her back.
 When I was served sticky, sticky, rotten beans and told to "eat" them, I thought it was just a punishment game, but when I tried it, it was delicious.
 They are especially good when you pour a special liquid on them, like black or brown. The mayonnaise condiment was also very popular among the other soldiers and Varina.
 However, only two people said, "I just can't do it! And then I retired.
 I thought it was not a good idea to not eat.

"The noble-looking woman with the watchman's winged human........ Isn't that our country's princess, Lady Lettuce Rate?
It's all in your head.

 I was lightly swept away.

    * * * *

 In a further sixth trial, I really thought I was going to die.
 Because a dragon was waiting for me.

''Gahhhh, how did you get here, you lowly creatures! I'm the next in line to be tested. Beat me and move on to the next one!
Hey! Veerle!

 As we stood there and were about to pass out, yet another woman appeared and scolded the dragon.

'We decided to dismiss it because it's too much of a stretch for you to come out! Now go back to being a grown-up!
"What? It's so boring with all the other guys being warriors!
I don't care!

 The dragon disappeared from me and we cleared the barrier.
 Still, three of us fainted from foaming at the seams just by being in direct opposition to the dragon. We were forced to drop out.

    * * * *

 The seventh ordeal had two doors and you had to jump into one of them.
 It was that thing where if you go into the wrong door, you get covered in mud.
 There was no hint as to which door was the correct answer.

"You've come this far and you're relying on luck?

    * * * *.

 Finally, we were left with only two men on the offensive side, myself and Varina.

''But we've finally arrived at the keep........!

 This is the final gate.
 Now there is a door in front of you, and behind it the strongest orc in the world.

 Once we get in, it will be a battle.

 But the supremacy of that orc we faced in front of the castle. It had an incredible power that convinced me that even if all the soldiers present at that time were to fight it, we would not be able to defeat it.

 Now there are only two of us left, but will we be able to defeat that same opponent?
 I don't even know if I can play a decent match........

''It's fine........''

 I felt my hand tighten, and I wondered what was going on, but then I saw that Varina was holding my hand.

''I'm sure you will be able to win and defend this territory. Because you are a lord........!
Lady Varlina...?
'I may have been looking at you guys with prejudice after all. You are a different species, so you can't understand each other. That's why I'm going to abolish my personal feelings and play the role of inspector...
That's true on my end as well.

 And we humans are on the losing side.
 Maybe he had more of a stubborn feeling than she did.

'But the difficulties we've had up to this point have dispelled the coiling. There is no difference between our races when we stand together as one and try to protect our land.
You're one of them.

 He squeezes his hand back.

'From here we are one, in trouble and in peace, we are one!
'We will be together until death do us part!

 The two of us open the door, reaffirming our strong, forged bond.
 To take on the powerful orcs that lie beyond.

    * * * *

"Congratulations on reaching the keep!

 Bassoon! Bassoon! I was greatly surprised when a loud noise hit me.
 I thought my heart would stop beating.

"My boy, this cracker is too loud, isn't it?
'Hmm, did I develop the wrong amount of gunpowder because I developed it in a rush out of necessity?'

 At the final point, there were not only the orcs as usual, but also the goblins from the first barrier, an elf and a mermaid, a female demon race, a winged woman, and a young lady who looked a lot like that Princess Lettuce Slate.

 What the hell!
 Don't tell me you're going to sack not only the orcs, but all of these people as well!

 There's no way we're going to win, you bastard!

''Well done, you've managed to reach the keep! You've conquered the Wind Cloud Oak Castle! Congraculation!


'We have a prize for each person who makes it this far! Let's start with the ladies!

 Varina freaks out when she's called.

"You will receive a dress made of vajra silk, sewn by our own Bati. It's an orthodox design that can be worn for a hundred years!
"Nowadays, Vajra silk is a rare item since it's forbidden in the Demon City. It's still in the trial sewing stage, so let me try it on later and measure my size.

 If you look closely, you'll see that there are several personnel who didn't show up in the previous trials.

Anyone who looks like Batty?
Hey, former colleague. That's a novel approach to marriage hunting in an occupied territory.

 Now that Varina was at the height of her confusion, the confusion hit me relentlessly.

'For the men, this way! I'm giving you my handmade Manametal shield!
War is over, so I thought shields would be better than swords and other direct attacks. You can actually equip it and fight with it! You can hang it in your living room!

 What's going on? What is going on here?
 You're not going to clear the whole thing when you reach this final point? And you even get a prize for clearing it?

 What the hell has this been all about? What have we been doing?

"Huh? What did you think? How good is this castle?

 The man who seemed to be in charge of the occasion asked with an extremely flirtatious expression.
 Is your face shape and skin color, or are you a human race?

'Did you have a good time? We built it with that in mind, but...?

    * * * *

 The explanation from the man made sense to me.

 This castle was not built for the purpose of attacking somewhere or coiling in this land. It was built purely for fun.

 He said, "If the builder of this castle can enjoy it, I want to make it enjoyable for visitors as well.
 Was this the intention of the architect?

 If you ask me, it is true that the hurdle we had to face in order to get to this point was a difficult one, but it made me feel excited and enthusiastic.
 It made me want to try it again.

 It was only after experiencing them in person that I could readily accept their claim that they were built for fun.
 If they had only explained it in words, I would have been too wary to accept it.

 So they thought that far ahead, provoked us and invited us in.
 How reckless.

 But there is still one thing that must be said.

"You will not build attractions in human lands.
You're right.

 The men and orcs all got down on their knees to me.