241-240 Festival continues

 Haha, Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle, successfully completed.
 We can consider it a success.

 It's me.

 After the battle, I get out of the castle with the lord and his wife.
 Eh? Isn't that your wife?
 Well, that's okay.

 We were headed to a village at the foot of the mountain.

 Come to think of it, this is where the commotion started.

 The village had become a compulsory transfer point for the deserted soldiers, and pork soup was being served there as a participation prize.

''What is this soup! It's rich and tasty! The filling inside is rumbling and huge!
'Oh! My lord! We're all safe! That thing called butajir is super tasty!
'What? Tonzil!

 After working out in recreation, it's a given that we're supposed to eat pork soup.
 The recently developed dried bonito flakes are immediately put to good use, giving the pork broth an elegant and deep flavor.

"Wow, everyone looks better than I expected...
What was our real struggle...

 The lord and lady were sooty.

'My saint, my saint.'

 Batty prodded me.

'Those two aren't a married couple,'
'What? Really? For God's sake?
Well, with that kind of atmosphere, it wouldn't be surprising if you misunderstood. Well, it's probably just a matter of time.

 Soldiers consisting of more than two hundred people suddenly rushed in, and the remote hamlet was in a festive mood at once.
 The villagers were slurping pig's soup and had big expressions on their faces.

''It's good that our territory is bustling with activity, even in part.

 Yes, my lord.

'But there is a problem that cannot be settled.

 Yes, ........my lord.
 Me and Orcubo and I stood side by side and sat upright in front of him.

''Building a castle without permission in my territory is a military act that cannot be overlooked and is a dangerous act. A castle is built for the purpose of war, and that fact is unassailable.
Even if I alone am convinced, it's unknown how the people around me will react. Especially now that the former human country is under the occupation of the Demon Kingdom, I must do everything in my power to refrain from any movement that could be taken as a rebellion.

 The military buildup and "You're going to war, aren't you? I don't know what to say.
 The very act of building a castle.

''.........So the castle that our Orcobos built.......?
''It's painful, but it's a rupture, so to speak.
''Wait eeeeeeeeeeee!''

 Me and Orcbo and the two of us cling to our lord.

''Not that much! Just wait for that one! It was made by our orcs.
I'll do everything you say, so please leave her to me! She's a sweet newborn!

 I don't care if I am, but if an orkbo clings to me, I could be crushed to death.
 It's like being pecked at by a bear or a lion.

"But that's not the case...! I don't mean to be mean, you know! I'm concerned about the ins and outs of the territory and want to avoid the disadvantages of the territory...

 Then Varina, a female demoness, appeared.
 She was wearing a pretty dress.

"You're already wearing the prize dress...?
I was in the middle of making a fitting for the size adjustment, but...!

 A young male lord, completely transfixed by her dress.

'We can turn it into a profit. For the existence of this castle, for our fiefdom.''
What we experienced this time, we can now extend our experience to the entire former human nation... or rather, the demon nation!

 What do you mean by that?

"We will host Lord Dalkish and proclaim that an unprecedented attraction facility has been created in our territory. And we are inviting challengers from all over the world to join us!
'Ah, I see, so the whole world will know that Oakbo Castle is not a dangerous institution!

 I feel like the story is going off in a grand direction again, though.

''Varina-dono........! You don't have to do that. First of all, the current administration in the former human state requires permission from the occupation authorities to do everything...?
I'll get permission from the occupying authority! This is an opportunity for our territory to be enriched!

 From the phrase 'our territory' that that demon sister has been running around so often since a moment ago, the smell of home is infuriating...!

"If we collect entry fees from challengers from all over the world, that's a huge budget surplus! Furthermore, as the territory becomes more famous, it will be easier for eminent scholars and martial artists to huddle together!
Um...! Yes......!
''This is an opportunity for the development of our territory that we cannot afford to miss! For my future and yours!

 The lord's brother was completely integrated into the Demon Race's sister's life plan.

''Over there........''

 It's me.

Of course you'll see to it that it works, won't you? If you don't like it, I'll have that castle torn down in a heartbeat.
I will proceed in a positive way!

 Varina-san, the way you negotiate is strong style.

 This is how we ended up planning and proceeding with the Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle again.
 This time with the lord's approval.

 Well, it's better to do it as an apology for building a castle in human territory without permission, and above all, we want to continue having fun.

 Let's take the lessons learned from the first Oakbo Castle, which the lords fought so hard for, and remodel it into an attraction with a more racy game balance, where the challengers can experience a giddy sense of elation and despair!

 On the Lords' side, it will take three months to get permission, advertise and recruit challengers for the challenge, so we're looking at three months to get around that.

 Planning meetings were also vigorously held.

''I knew it, you dropped too much at the first barrier, didn't you?
It's 80 people in one go from 250. If you drop too many at the beginning, it will look sad later on.
We have to control how many people we reduce at each stage. We have to control how many people we reduce at each stage.
There is a right number of people for each project, so you might want to reconsider the order of the gate.
Well, while I'm at it, I'll also be resurrecting the ordeal that stands in the way...
""Not gonna happen."

 That's why I said no, because it's going to be an impossible task when Veerle comes out!

    * * * *

 Thus, the time passes in the blink of an eye as I prepare to hold the Wind Cloud Okubo Castle and develop new dishes in the winter.
 Then, one day in the winter, I was struck by a terrible, big news.

 At last.

 I'm pregnant with Platy!

 It's definitely my baby!
 Using the Lamaze Method handed down from Amphitrite, the God of the Sea Mother, I drew out the maximum amount of blessings given to me, and finally even conceived the offspring of an otherworldly person!

 That's Platy!

 A princess and a witch! And mermaids!

Wow, I'm finally a mother. Can I be that guy?

 Prathi had an even look on her face even before her belly grew.

You'll be fine, right? You're in charge of this place with all this stuff, and you can at least discipline your own kids, can't you?
I will do everything in my power to protect both mother and child during the pregnancy.

 Puffa, who happened to be accompanying Prince Arowana on his journey, had returned.
 Lamprey was also delighted.

 After all, the blessings from his own people are the most fervent.

 Prathi's pregnancy was personally announced by Amphitrite, the goddess of the sea, so she was certified.
 She was three months pregnant, which means that the conception occurred right after Prati began her training to become pregnant?

 The effect of the training is too much, I mean, what was the point of the training for so long?

Oh, well, that's a relief. I was able to save face.

 What am I saying?
 You're just now at the long start of your pregnancy and birth, right?

 And what do you mean, save face?

I mean, aren't those mermaids hitting on couples one after the other these days? They're just as fertile as you are, so they could conceive at any time...!

 My eyes turned to the side.
 Puffa and Lamp-Eye were whistling blatantly.

'I was the first of the mermaids here to get married, Attah! But if you beat me to it by making a baby, you'll lose all face!
""Is that the real reason why you wanted to have children?

 Not only me, but also Lamprey and Puffa are greatly surprised.

 But the one who is born just keeps on pushing forward through the period leading up to the birth, without regard to the intentions of the creator.