242-241 Keiji's Response-Rikuyu No. 6

"Platy is pregnant!

 We are orc hackai.
 We are on a journey to train with Prince Arowana.

 Today, we are delighted to announce that we have received important news from Lord Puffa.

"At last, little sister! Good job! You did it!

 It's no wonder Prince Arowana is so excited as he slaps his knee.

 Prati, who is pregnant, is Prince Arowana's own sister.
 He is a man who takes pleasure in celebrating his relatives.

 Prathi's husband, Saint Arouna, is not only Prince Arouna's brother-in-law, but also his best friend.
 He is so pleased as if it were his own business.

It's just that Prathi's reason for being so obsessed with babies is stupid. It's just so stinking stupid, I can't help but be amazed.
What's the reason?
''It's........too stupid to even say it!

 Master Puffa turned away, blushing.
 Everyone who was present at the scene had various conjectures.

 Like Prince Arowana, Paffa-sama is a mermaid, and a high-ranking potions master, nicknamed the "Frozen Witch".
 She's a strong person who uses her power to travel back and forth between the prince and the farm, helping him on his travels and doing the work of the farm at the same time.

 Why is she doing such a complicated thing.......

''Nee-nee-nee- Miss,''

 The angel Songgokphong asks in a noh-ish manner, "Miss Songgokphong, do you want to make babies?

You and your brother Arowana are not going to make a baby?

 That's what it means.
 But Sunggok Phone is a destructive angel who doesn't read the air and just keeps moving forward.

"Baba-baba, you fool! That's not a very light thing to say! I'll marry the prince.... Ceremony! Honeymoon! A home to be built! I'm pregnant! Birth! I'm pregnant! Birth! I'm pregnant! Birth! I'm pregnant! Birth! I'm pregnant! Birth.........?

 Dear Mr. Puffa, I'm pregnant and I'm having a baby, so what is your plan in life?

'That's right, Sunggok. Relationships are delicate, and one should not speak lightly of a major life milestone.

 Prince Arowana, on the other hand, was calm.

It is true that the mermaid kingdom will be safe and sound with a woman of Puffa's talent on the throne, and nothing would please me more than to have her as queen. But you see, the most important thing in marriage is the feeling of the bride. You must not go ahead with the marriage without listening to your feelings.
So listen.

 Then listen to me.

 I also shouted in my mind over Sunggokphong's fleshly voice.

 Listen to how Master Puffa feels.
 I'll bet all my money that you'll give me an OK. And also the soul of the Oakbo leader.

 I can't bear to watch Master Puffa become a slacker only in certain cases, so this hackadoodle will help him.

I'm happy to hear that Prati-sama is pregnant. Why don't we go back to the farm once?

 Everyone looked at each other in a scornful manner, perhaps because of the suddenness of the proposal.

You can easily use transference magic to get to and from the farm anyway, so why don't you, Prince Arowana, as the older brother, directly congratulate Lady Plati?
'Yes, of course! Sunggok-chan actually went to the farm the other day, so it's fine to go and see him for a day!

 Paffa-sama also came on board unexpectedly.

 It's probably because they want to do the same thing by seeing the happy couple up close and personal.

'What do you think, Lady Ardhaeg?'

 Here is our newest traveling companion.

 This is Mr. Ardheg, the Grintz Dragon.
 He is a dragon.

 We were attacked suddenly on our journey the other day and fought to the death.
 I honestly thought I was going to die when it was just me and Prince Arowana who responded to the attack, just as Master Puffa was taking Songgokphong to the farm.

 The Dragon King Gaiser Dragon had given him a test to become his successor, and he had been flying around the world to clear the test.

 The ordeal was.....
A king who is a hero" or "A hero who is a king".
 ........and bring one of them to me.

 What's that riddling theme? I nod my head.
 Isn't our Prince Arowana the heroic king or the heroic king? He had high hopes for him.

 After fighting him once, Master Ardhegg's hopes for Prince Arowana had been raised even higher, and he had come along on our journey to get a complete picture of him.

 Now he is eating rice with everyone in human form, just like Veerle-sama.

I have nothing to say to you. I have nothing to say to you but to watch the actions of our hero or king, Lord Arowana.


'And we can only examine every action to determine if he is a hero or a king.

 A troublesome person has joined our ranks.
 No, it's not a person, it's a dragon.

You're going to get into that nojo again?
Sunggok-chan, you want to see your buddy Horcosfon again, don't you?
''Oh, this time I'm going to completely destroy it and settle it!

 Why are you so full of resentment?

 Well, if I could, I'd like to see my fellow orcs and report back to them on what's going on.

 What do you think, Prince Arowana?


 It didn't work.

"You must remember the purpose of this journey. I am traveling to train myself as the next mermaid king. It is a journey of discipline. There is no way I can suspend my training.

 I'm serious.

"Make sure Puffa gives Prati full congratulations on her pregnancy. "Tell Hendler to send word to the motherland and arrange for congratulations and gifts.
Okay, okay, you're sure? Can I show you a little flexibility...?
I can't. Training to become a mermaid is not an easy task. You can only become a strong and gentle king when you push yourself to the limit and learn to see the details that you couldn't see before.

 What a serious comment.

 Mr. Ardheg the Dragon stares at it, something like a drum roll comes from his brain....

''King points, +2!''

 Are you going to keep doing that point calculation from now on?
 It sounds like such a hassle.

'That's why, Puffa. You can repeat your congratulations to Prati.
All right. You don't have to remind me to do it.
'Whether it's congratulating my sister in person or going relative to the Hall of Saints again, it's only after I've completed my training and cultivated my qualifications as a mermaid king.
He will have to complete his training before he can ask Puffa to marry him.
Okay, okay. .........eh?

 Puffa-sama's expression changed dramatically in an instant.
 Or rather, it's continuing to change even now.

 The face of a pigeon getting hit by a peashooter, or the face of a maiden in love, or something like that, alternates and my eyes flicker.

'Dana-sama? What did you say?
All right, now let's get to bed. We've got a lot of walking to do tomorrow.
Wait a minute! What the hell did you just say? A marriage proposal? Did you say "propose"? Who? Who? Hey, can you say that again?
"Piss off, Puffa. I told you that everything will happen after the ascetic's journey is over. You can't start another until you've completed one.
"Then end the journey now! We need to talk! Continue with the story ooooh!

 Prince Arowana, whether he's a blunt or a Park Nenin, he's got a tremendous chubby hand.
 I thought Sunggok Fong was the best when it came to not reading the air, but he was even farther ahead.


 Seeing this, the new member of the journey, Ardheg-sama.......

"Hero points, +3!

 Are you going to keep attaching those points to the game forever?

 That sounds like a hassle.