245-244 Challengers

 And so it began.
 An open competition-type attraction, the springtime battle of Fuun Okubo Castle.

 The first challenger to enter the "Frustrated Average Table" is...!

"Demon Lord?

 The giant, awe-inspiring body with the distinctive brown skin of the demon tribe.

 Isn't that the Demon King Zedan?

 The ruler of the Demon Kingdom, the pinnacle of the demon tribe. And now that the Demon Kingdom has leveled the Human Kingdom, the Demon King who rules all over the earth!

''Sage, please be quiet! ........I'm here today as a snitch.

 Oh, I knew it?
 But how did you find out about this event?

My wives have been asking for you. I've been in the middle of some political duties recently and I wanted to get some exercise.

 I see.
 The war has virtually disappeared after the destruction of the human nation, right?

"I've been surprisingly busy with no time to spare since I was able to devote to domestic politics...! It's a lot of work to raise money for today's off...!

 The ruler's melancholy was here.

''If that's the case, Demon King. Take your daily exercise out of the way at this Oakbo Castle attraction!
'Mmm! There's a wife and kids in the audience, too! I will make sure to climb to the final point and show you the dignity of a father!

 Demon King, you're also very motivated as a new father.
 That's right! I know how that feels, as I'm going to be a dad soon!

 Clear the first gate at least easily and show them how strong you are, Dad!

'Let's go! It's Gotia! Marinating! I'm going to burn my father's heroic figure in my eyes!

 And then the Demon King challenged the average table.
 As expected of his sense of balance, he has an excellent sense of balance, and he smoothly moves through the average table, which is only as wide as one foot can ride on.

"Hoho, hoho, hoho.........! I see why this is so difficult. But you can't be a demon king if you stop at this...!

 Oh, Mr. Demon King.
 Don't stare down so much.



 Demon King Zedan-san.
 He was hit by a catapult cushion bullet for jamming and crashed.

 He fell to the bottom of the moat.


 The Demon King didn't manage to break through the first barrier.
 It's a tough event.

 However, the event wouldn't be over for much longer.
 The participants were still there in the thousands even after the Demon King was eliminated.

"Noooooooooooooooo! I'm going to be next!

 A vaguely energetic man challenges the average table.
 It's a good thing that you're able to have a good time.

That's Sebonteleth-dono!

 The lord's Dalkish-san shouts next to me.

Do you know that old man?
He's a neighboring lord.


I'm so jealous that all eyes are on young Darquish's domain. However, my territory, due to the huge popularity of the next one, my territory is also ooohhhh!

 They crossed the average platform at the same speed as the dash and cleared the first barrier.
 He didn't even give them time to aim with the cushion pitcher.

''Adventurers participating in the event! Afterwards, be sure to stop by the Myeongdaki Cave, the famous dungeon of our territory!

 The Lord of the Domain advertises his territory with his own body!
 The lord of your fiefdom's famous places with your own body?

"The lords of human country are so diligent...

 And so the challengers take on more and more of the average platform. They fall and fall and cross over, and fall and cross over, and fall and cross over, and fall and cross over.

'So shall we go too?'

 Mr. Dalkish and I also start to flex and relax.

 You may be wondering how we were able to keep track of all the participants.
 There's a reason for that.

 We are participants ourselves!
 So those same participants are right in front of us!

 When I have a festival coming up, I want to be a dancing idiot, not a watching idiot!
 I'm up for the challenge today!

 We'll reach the top of the mountain, and we'll reach the bottom of the Orcubos, who reign supreme!

''I'll make my presence known as a lord, and I'll make it to the keep this time, too! And more and more, we will promote our territory!

 said Lord Dalkish.

 I'm one of the inventors of the competition, and Mr. Dalkish is an experienced competitor.

 We both crossed over easily by controlling the main points of the "Frustration Average Table".

    * * * *.

 One hundred and seventy of the first three hundred challengers have now broken through the first barrier.
 Since we couldn't handle a total of 3,000 challengers at one time, we were divided into several groups and challenged in order.

 Since the first group of us have finished the first gate, the second group should be starting theirs.

"Compared to the last time, there are a lot of people left.
'The difficulty adjustment is working well. I'd like to continue to gently reduce the number of people at each barrier.

 I'd like to eventually get to zero people at a pace like half of them, then half of them, then half of them again.
 Only a few people should be able to get to Okubo.
 Even better if there's a cherry like me among those few people.

 You startled me!

 Just as you are about to enter the second gate, the participant standing right next to you suddenly starts talking and you get scared.

"Oh, you're...?
"Oh, did you hear that? Don't mind me, I'm one of the participants, my name is Shabe the Adventurer.

 This is your famous job as an adventurer...?
 I've never seen the real thing before.

The adventurer's job is to get rich by hiding in dungeons, searching for hidden treasures and defeating rare monsters. I suppose it has a high affinity with this event.

 Lord Dalkish-san explains.
 It's true that this event where you can go to the keep and receive valuable prizes is a get-rich-quick event.

'Indeed, the largest percentage of participants are human adventurers. ...But I'm different from other adventurers.

 What kind of meaningful confidence is that?

I'm aware of what's hidden behind this little show.

 Did you start talking without being asked?

I've been looking for it for a long time. I'm looking for this place called "Saint's Farm.
The hottest target among adventurers right now. Right now, adventurers are scrambling to find the saint's farm, which is said to contain all the treasures of the world...

 I have a crazy idea....
 It's hard to say.

The adventurer with the same purpose as me is going to be able to say, 'An event? I don't have time to participate in that, you idiot! There are many people who didn't participate because they said, 'It's more about finding a saint's farm. But those guys are the idiots...!
Because this event is what hints to the saint's farm!

 The young man, who seemed to be an adventurer, said confidently.

''The reason for that is the array of products that are at this event! So many extravagant prizes, and so much more! Where did you get that? Isn't it most likely that it came from the saint's farm, where all the secrets of the world are said to be kept?

 Everything he said was a speculation....
 Very perceptive.

"So I get to the end of the line and I say. 'No prizes, take me to the saint's farm instead! That's why I'm here! I will definitely reach the Saint's Farm through this event!

 He was an ambitious young man.

 But he seemed to be in some kind of trouble, so I used my hand sign to command the ailerons in charge of the second gate and had them concentrate on attacking this young man to get rid of him.