246-245 Closing the defeat

 Thus, the public, springtime battle of Wind Cloud Okubo Castle was a great success.
 The participants tried their best to tackle the difficult challenges, and the audience was thrilled by the exciting developments.

 Pork miso soup was given to the contestants who had dropped out of the race as a reward for their hard work, and they were able to finish the race in a harmonious atmosphere.

 In the end, twenty-three people made it to the bottom of the castle tower.
 Considering that there were 3,000 participants in all, I'd say these 23 people were quite a fierce bunch.

 By the way, I wasn't one of them.
 I didn't want to be among them, because I was crushed by a rock at the second gate and dropped out.
 Isn't it unfair that a large rolling rock suddenly changed its trajectory in the middle of nowhere and came towards us?
 Let's put aside our complaints as users.

 The lord, Mr. Dalkish, kept his face as a lord by reaching the keep this time as well.

 The event was a great success, with all the spectators giving generous applause to those who reached the keep.
 Just when you thought the curtain was about to come down, it did.

    * * * *

 The awarding ceremony for those who have reached the top of the keep is over, and the only thing left to do is to announce the closing of the conference, when a group of soldiers suddenly came crashing in.
 It was a group of soldiers, all dressed in neat armor.

What's going on?

 Even the lord, Mr. Dalkish, was upset by this unexpected situation.
 Does this mean that these soldiers are not soldiers under Mr. Darquish's control?

 The soldier's skin, which could be seen through the gaps in his helmet, was a dark brown color that indicated that he was a demon race.

''A demon soldier? The Occupy Office?
Nobody move. We've got this under control.

 One of the soldiers among them said.
 His face resembled a rat, and he had a very cunning look about him.

He said, "This meeting is suspected of being a preparation for rebellion against our demon tribe. Therefore, we will crack down on it.

 Ms. Varina, who had become the lord's wife, stepped forward.

I believe I have reported to the occupation authorities that this event is only for recreation and is intended for the residents to enjoy themselves. And I have your permission!
We're the ones who have to talk to the higher-ups, but we're the ones who have to do the policing. We don't want to leave a disturbance in the air and get in trouble later, do we?

 The soldiers around them only grinned in agreement with the cryptic, rat-faced words.
 So they're all in on this?

 The people I've met in the Demon King's Army so far are all high-ranking and dignified, but as expected, not all of them are without exception.

 The farther down the line you get, the harder it is for the leaders to see you, and the more unjust you become.

We will confiscate everything related to this meeting. We will confiscate everything related to this meeting, all the fees collected, all the proceeds from the sales, and all the curiosities that have been prepared as prizes. And that castle.

 ........that's the goal?
 By calling it an illegal assembly and difficult to get rid of, he wanted to control the profits from the event and scrape them off.

''Enough........! Even though you are demon soldiers, you are only a few dozen in number. Do you think you can compete with my territory's defensive army in a decent fight?
Then you'll all be rebels, all right? After all, you're messing with the soldiers of the Demon King's army. A fine hostile act, isn't it?

 He's a cunning fellow.
 No matter how dirty little villain he himself is, the power relationship between a defeated human nation and a victorious demon nation is a different matter.
 The occupying human race cannot show any pretense of rebellion, no matter how trivial.
 To poke at that inconvenience........

The main force of the Demon King's Army arrived in less than a month, and this territory will be cleared in the blink of an eye. If you don't like it, then you'll just give us your share of the land, won't you? What?
Shame on you demon tribe!

 Ms. Varina, who was now the lord's wife, was also devoured.

''The demons in the occupation administration are working desperately to make peace with the human race, and now a little scoundrel like you is going to destroy it! That's the kind of rebellion against the Demon Kingdom, against the Demon King!
'Ha! What's the matter with the Demon King? It's stupid to follow such an incompetent person!

 Bad soldier, I say something that makes me feel like I'm the one who's going to get my head cut off.

 In the first place, you can't even notice that Varina-san is a demon race based on the color of her skin.
 Using her position as a former and Inspector General, it would be easy for the upper echelons of the Occupation Office to know about it, but you can't even expect that level of anticipation?

 No, even if we were to go that way, we would have to get out of this place for now.
 We have to break at least once to keep the bad soldiers from causing a scene.

 Will I give in to their demands and offer them a prize or money?

 It's frustrating.

'In such a distant backwater! There's no way the Demon Lord is going to give you any attention! Even the bureaucrats in the occupation government can't be bothered to pay attention to every little thing, not even to the lowlifes like us! What's the point of not doing what you want!

 At this point I could have directed my farm buddies around and kicked the soldiers to the curb.

 But I didn't.

 This was because the person who should be swinging the most sanctioning fist in this place had already made his move.

''What's wrong with the victorious demon race oppressing the losing human race? Anybody who doesn't understand something that simple and works diligently is an idiot! The Demon King is an idiot! That's why we're going to take the good part!
"Is the demon king blind or is the demon king a fool...?

 The bad soldier's head is grabbed from behind and turned 180 degrees.
 This is the reason why you can't get a good look at it.

"What? Who is going to oppose a soldier of the Demon King's Army? I'll throw you in jail for this..., huh?
I'm going to put him in jail. This demon king?

 Demon King Zedan appeared.

 He wore a participation award badge (with a single star as a sign that he had reached the first gate) on his chest.

My Demon Lord.... What are you doing here?
Even you lowly soldiers didn't seem to forget my face. Then you shouldn't have forgotten how horrible it is to oppose me...!

 The Demon Soldier was grabbed by the top of his head from the Demon King, and the soles of his feet were off the ground.
 There was a creaking sound of the skull cracking.

''Did you think that the old human country far away from the Demon City wouldn't be able to reach my eyes...! How foolish. What you are doing is a great evil that oppresses the weaker human race and insults the demon race in the occupation government...!
Demon Lord. This is different! It's a misunderstanding...!
You have sinned! You disobeyed this demon king! What else is there!

 Demon King, the demon soldier's head was grabbed eagle-headed and slammed into the ground.
 His head was buried in the dirt and his body only jerked and twitched.

''Those other soldiers! You're just as guilty as the rest of us! Don't think you can pin the blame on one of these fools! We will pursue each one of them thoroughly and give them the punishment they deserve!

 The other soldiers dropped their weapons one by one and crumbled down without power.

    * * * *

'You've only recently bothered Prince Arowana.... Has the long continuity of the system attracted the inevitable corruption? This has come to the surface with the conclusion of the Human-Devil War, as the victor's hubris has come to the surface...!

 The delinquent soldiers, on the contrary, were detained by the lord's soldiers at Mr. Dalkish's place and tied up in beads.

 And the Demon King apologized to Mr. Dalkish.
 There was not a shred of arrogance from the ruler there.

''I'm going to take these guys and ride into the occupation office from now on and scold the governor. "I'm going to take these guys and ride into the occupation camp and scold the Governor for his laxity in allowing his subordinates to cheat. I won't let it happen.

 It seems that the Governor who organizes the occupation government is a trusted person appointed directly by the Demon King, but this is a tough job because he has no choice but to be pissed off.......

''I hope you'll spare us the trouble of dealing with that and just watch the demons' behavior for a while. I will never become a cruel ruler who oppresses the human race.

 However, Dalkish-san couldn't accept the fact that the Demon King had suddenly appeared, and he suspected that there was some kind of mistake.


 The demoness tensed up when her name was suddenly called.

I've heard from Astareth that he was assigned to the old human country as an inspector and that he was linked to the lord. I've heard from Astareth that you formed a bond with the lord while serving in the old human country as an inspector.
'I'm afraid so! It's not like I was lustful or anything...!
''You and your husband and wife will be a good example of how to usher in the reconciliation of the demon race and human race. I hope you and your wife will join forces and focus on making your territory prosperous.

 I haven't dared to mention it until now, but I don't think it's in the job description to marry a target of surveillance, but it's nice to get your approval.
 Is it preferable because you didn't do it for the sake of injustice or out of your own pocket?

I was looking forward to resting, and I never expected to witness this abomination of a demon race. I guess I can't rest easy just yet either.

 Saying that, the Demon King left the hall with the sinners in tow.
 First of all, he would go to the former human occupation government and clean up the corruption.

 Thus, the first spring battle of the Wind Cloud Okubo Castle was concluded by the super-deployment of the Demon King's arrival and his famous battle.

    * * * *

 Thus, the various things around the orc's castle and these got a partial end.

 The event had an unexpectedly positive effect.
 Many people witnessed the scene where the demon king himself denounced and defeated the rogue officials of the demon race, who were more fearsome to the human race than the tiger.

 The whole world knew that the demon king did not tolerate injustice and that he was a friend of the weak people, regardless of the demon race.

 With this, the grievances of the ruled human race would be eased, and the world would move towards peace.


 How could the world be going in the right direction over the castle built by the Oakbos?
 Why is the scale getting so grand?

 Anyway, the profits gained from the event greatly enriched Dalkish-san and Varina-san's territory, and the village at the foot of the mountain was bustling with success in revitalizing the village.

 It would be very good if this ignited the flow of people throughout the old human country and made it richer as a whole.

 Incidentally, the local people asked me to do it again, so I'll hold a spring battle next year.

 This time I'm going to make it to the castle tower too!

 My goal is to break through the second gate first........!