247-246 Udon and Tempura

 I felt like eating udon.

 Come to think of it, I haven't had it for a while.
 I developed some dried bonito flakes this winter, so I don't think we are short of ingredients any more.

 Will you try to make udon noodles?

    * * * *

 The first step is to make the noodles.

 Mix the flour with salt water and knead it.

Oh, master is making something else.
I wonder what good things they'll make this time?

 Ville and Prati.
 They're no longer sniffing out the food before it's finished.

 No, it's all in the cards.

I'm super excited to see what we'll get. It's like mixing water with ground wheat and kneading...?
Hmm, does that look familiar? What...? That's right........?

 Seeing the way I was kneading udon noodles, Veerle made a difficult expression as if to expose some kind of mud of memory.

''Yes! Now I remember! You're making bread!
That's what they do when they knead the flour and bake it. What a master, he's in the mood to create something new, and he's no longer exaggerating about making the familiar bread!

 I gave off that vibe?
 These people are sensitive to it, and these people are sensitive to it!

Hey, I can help you make bread! Because kneading bread dough is so much fun!

 Veerle stood alongside me and began to knead the flour with water.

'Let's knead the bread... let's knead the bread... let's mix the flour, water, salt and sugar, and seeds to make bread dough...'

 He is in a good mood.

 I sat next to him, silently kneading the udon dough.

I'll mix in some butter and knead some more. I'm going to knead some more, then let it ferment.

 Again, let the dough rise, and after enough time, roll it out with a rolling pin.
 Cut it into noodles.

When it's done, I'll knead it again and cut it into strips.

 Boil the finished noodles and make dipping sauce at the same time. This is where the shavings come into play.
 Throw the boiled udon noodles into the hot dipping sauce and sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Put the batter in the oven and bake it to perfection.

 We're done!
I got it!


 In the kitchen, there were two noodles and two breads in the kitchen.
 A duet of carbs and carbs.

"Master was making bread, wasn't he? We're making something completely different from what I imagined!
I never said I was going to make bread. Didn't you notice that we're making something else in the process?

 That's part of it, but I'm mildly impressed that Veerle is able to make bread from scratch on his own.
 I'll take a bite of one to try it out.
 It's delicious just because it's freshly baked!

 .........hmm? But it's kind of salty, isn't it?
 No, it's a taste of tears.

''Hmmm, let's just taste the master's new dish.

 Prati, I'm not very impressed.
 And then, without asking, you put your hand on the noodles I made.

Is it some kind of soup? The bowl was mostly soup, with something long and weird in it...
You're going to hash it out? I'm not very good at using these.

 Viel was also immediately interested in the udon noodles.

 Despite what he says, he uses his chopsticks well, chomping on the noodles and bringing them to his mouth....

It's so good!

 I ate it.

What's that long and chewy texture? It's made from the same material as the bread, so I thought it would be fluffy and fluffy, but it's not!
The soup is delicious too. Is this taste like the dried bonito flakes we made the other day? I see that this dish was only possible with bonito flakes!

 I'm happy to see how well they're responding.

"Let's try my bread with udon dipping sauce. ....it's delicious!
Hey, Veerle, don't be such a prude. But it's still very tasty.

 The two of you have become flavor connoisseurs and are experimenting with different things.......?

 I don't really admire that way of eating, but....
 But I'm curious, maybe I'll give it a try later. Just once?

 Now then, I'll take one more step........

 It's not just bonito (a kind of otherworldly fish) that I've acquired from fishing during the winter months.
 I've caught a lot of other things as well.
 I got some shrimpy stuff out of it, so I sprinkled some batter on it and fried it in oil....


 I put it in their, still eating bowl of udon noodles.
 Shrimp tempura.

 The two of them instinctively squealed in delight.

''This is awesome! I can tell it's awesome! If I were to compare it to that, two things that are awesome on their own, combined into one! Not twice as great, but three times as great!
The batter wrapped around these shrimp soaks up the udon noodles' dipping sauce and the taste is synergistic! This robe is golden, gorgeous! I deserve to eat!

 I'm overjoyed.
 Next to me, I was making kakiage, this time.

 What other toppings were there for udon noodles?
 Meat, raccoon dog, fox, fox, wakame, tsukiji, wild vegetables, gobo-ten.......
 Is he coming out now?

 No, wait, there must have been many more.
 Most of the standing-only noodle or noodle shops in the train station must have had a wall full of toppings on the menu.

 For example.....
 Croquette Udon?
 No, that would be too odd. The contents of the falafel unraveled into dew and turned into something slimy....
 That's good, right? No. Why not? You ready?

 Curry Udon.
 Isn't that another independent and separate food? Not a kind of repertoire.
 Well, but my farm isn't ready to make curry.
 On hold.

 If you don't want to get caught up in the bondage of personalizing it with ingredients, there are also zaru udon noodles and noodle noodles with bukkake.
 I don't need to get new ingredients for these, so I can make them right away...

 Oh, no, wait, I have to make sudare for zaru udon!

 There are so many things to prepare, it's a lot of work.

 And the forbidden...!

Natto Udon!

 When I came back from my pondering, the situation in the kitchen had changed drastically.

This natto udon noodles have a good finish.

 Natto Udon has become a reality!
 Of course, the executor is the Natto Angel Horcosfon!
 She has turned it into something like a Mito udon shop!

Natto and udon is a great combination. Natto and udon is a fine combination, and I'm adding it to my natto repertoire.

 No, it wasn't just Holkosfon, the kitchen was also crowded with other farm dwellers.
 Orcs and goblins were boiling the leftover noodles I had made and pouring them into bowl after bowl.
 They poured the dipping sauce into the bowls.
 I had no idea they'd go that far without my help....

Oh, I'm sorry. I made it without permission.
Do you want to try it, my dear? It's delicious!

 No, I made that one.
 It's not just Veerle, everyone else can cook without me anymore...?

"Let's try this one called tempura!
"Let's fry the pumpkins! And then there's eggplant! And how about tomatoes and cucumbers?

 He doesn't even know the source of the soup, so he's not afraid to take on the challenge.

Then you throw them in the udon noodles after frying them!
Wonderful! You can taste all kinds of udon!
This udon with sweet potato fries is quite good!
This udon with chopped up burdock and deep-fried burdock is good, too!
It's butter tempura!
It's ice cream tempura!
What kind of sake goes with this noodle and tempura is that...?
Wouldn't it taste better if they added seaweed to the udon noodles?
And the wild vegetables.

 No longer was my passion for exploring food flowing out of me and being passed on to everyone on the farm.
 I had a real sense of time moving forward when I found out that Prathi was going to have my child, but that wasn't all.

 Everything was growing up a little bit...!
 Every single one of us!

 And that growth is going to continue for a long time to come.

 And Holkosfone.

Now let's fry up some natto for tempura.
"No, that's a challenge that's going to work very well.