248-247 How to spend each winter (1)

 Winter has passed and spring has arrived.

 But before we celebrate the arrival of spring in earnest, I'd like to highlight a few more winters before that.

 How did the residents of our farm enjoy the winter months?
 Let's look back at each of them.

    * * * *

 Let's start with the spirit of the earth.
 Essentially, they are intangible spiritual beings that blend in with the soil and help nature to operate, but on our farm, they materialize and help us with household chores.

'It's fuyu!
It's time for all of us to stop growing!
It's time for us to sleep in peace!

 For such earth spirits, the changing of the seasons has a great impact on them.
 The winter, when all living things have ceased their activities, seems to be an unsuitable season for them as well.

 It is said that they return to the earth quietly until spring comes.
 In other words, they hibernate.

Goshujin-sama, it's time to say goodbye!
I'll see you when it's springtime!
There's never a winter that doesn't start.

 They greeted each other with their mouths and went back to the earth where they dug into the soil.

 At times like this, I realized that the earth spirit is not a human being, even though it looks like a little girl.

 Let's review the spirit of the earth again.

 They look like little girls.
 There are many of them.

 Her favorite food is butter, and not only is she a sucker for sweets with butter in them, but she can also eat butter on its own.

 He is able to materialize with the power of a god and helps me with the housework in my house.

 His main duties are cleaning.
 She keeps my mansion and other places in order, and doesn't let even a single vermin get in.

 But during the winter months when the girls sleep, we have to clean it ourselves.
 Well, it doesn't matter, because in the winter we can't work in the fields and have our hands free.

 During the winter, the energy of the earth calms down, so the girls go back into the ground to sleep.
 The next time we will see them is in the spring.

 Winter is also known as "breeding", a season for them to sleep and store their life force.
 It is the season for all life to bloom in the coming spring.

 The spirits will surely show us their spectacular appearance in the spring.
 Thinking this, I decided to spend the winter in my own way.

    * * * *

 And spring.

 It's a remembrance, so time flies at once.
 The snow melted, the stinging sensation in the air loosened and warmth returned.

 When that happens, the conditions for the earth spirit to wake up are set.

'Spring is here!'
It's time to wake up.
The Awakening.

 One after another, the earth spirits crawled out of the soil.
 However, there was a definite difference between them and before they entered their early winter sleep.

''They're ... reproducing.

 I muttered.

"They're breeding...uhhhhhhhhhh?

 Yes, they were reproducing.
 Various parts of them are reproducing.

 The spirits of the earth that used to look like girls, or even little girls, have grown up.

 Their height had grown.
 Their flesh grew.
 Their tits grew.
 The roundness of their hips grew.

 They had grown into a more attractive woman than they had once been.

"This is the effect of hibernation...?

 The result of sitting still and accumulating life force, a young girl has been transformed into a voluptuous sister!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your tradition of waking up.
If you don't do it, nothing else will get done.
We're on our way.


 What the hell?

 The lusty earth spirits were surrounded by light...?
 After being dazzled for a moment, as my vision gradually returned, the earth spirits I saw in my eyes were.......

''They're going back to normal........?

 They were all in the form of adorable little girls.

''Fuyu's time is too much energy attached to it and it's futu!
So I'm going to hooch off the extra weight.
'Yes, sir! I'm Kyasto Ofu! I'm going to leave what you want with your memories at the entrance to tomorrow!

 That's what the little girl spirit said to each other.

 Thus, the spirit of the earth in her s*xy sister's outfit turned out to be a rare tradition that could only be seen for a short period of time at the start of winter.

    * * * *

 Then the time rewinds once again, and it was the height of winter's cold.

 For Angel, the second princess of the mermaid kingdom, and her companions, it was the first time they had ever seen a snowy landscape.

''The ground is blank, Princess...?

 Starting with Angel, Discus, Bale Tail, Hechelly, and Batrax.
 The five of them.
 These women, who called themselves the Orthodox Five Witches Holy Ones, are now completely accustomed to life on the farm.
 I'm rarely surprised when I run into Veerle in dragon form or the No Life King's teacher anymore.

 However, they were surprised by this snowy landscape.

''Great, great, great! So this is what they say about snow?
"This is the best of the best! My lady! It's cold to the touch!
And it's even colder when you catch it in your mouth. It's cold!

 They were frolicking like children.
 Well, their age is still in the category of children, but....

Phew, they are so excited about their first snowfall, aren't they, little girls!

 Then Prati (before she found out she was pregnant) shows up.
 She's my wife, and she's the head of the mermaid team.

"I'm not much of a mermaid lady to make a fuss over a mere snowfall!

 Last year, when the first snowfall occurred, even Prati looked up and opened her mouth wide....

I'm going to teach you a few must-have ways to enjoy the snow with elegance. You and your predecessors, as full-fledged mermaid ladies!
What did you say?

 Prati and Angel.
 The mood for a confrontation between the sisters is suddenly set in motion again.

What the hell do you want to tell me, big sister? You're the enemy, you're the one who sent me salt water.
You should try harder than that before you are an enemy of mine.

 You're still very strict with your sister, aren't you, Prati?

"I'm going to teach you to play with snow. "I'm going to show you how to play with snow, a limited game that can only be played when the snow is so thick.
Limited play!
"You hold a handful of snowflakes in your hand and press them together into a ball. Then you throw it at your opponent.

 That's a snowball fight.
 I taught him last winter.

 It's a very childish thing for Prati to teach people something that humans have taught her...

What's the name of the game?

 What's your name?


 No, no.
 There was no slaughter.
 I was watching from the side, and as expected, I couldn't miss it and called out to Prati.

'It's not, is it, Prati? A snowball fight, not a massacre?

 Why are we naming it something that's significantly more dangerous?

'Sir......... A battle is a battle, isn't it? A fight can only happen between people who are on the same level, you know?
"There will be no fights with those who are vastly outnumbered. It will only be a one-sided slaughter. The strongest ones will overrun the weakest ones. Huh?

 The way Prati looks at her sister is exactly the same as the way she looks down on the weak.
 Angel noticed it and lost his temper in an instant.

It's not a good idea. I can't allow my sister to look down on me! Okay, let's do it. Of course, I'm the one who has to do the killing!
''Fine, I'm going to put it into that body once again that there is no better sister than my sister...!

 Her sister Angel's side joined the other girl mermaids to surround Platy in a five-on-one battle, but it was still a one-sided slaughter and the Angel team was overrun.

 It would be a pity for the Angels if it ended like this, so they added Elon and Gobukichi as helpers to equalize their abilities, and everyone enjoyed the snowball fight.