249-248 How to spend each winter (2)

 I'll continue to reflect on how we spent the winter on our farm.
 The next thing I recall is this rare incident.

    * * * *.

 A naked woman rushes out into the silver world.


 I meditated quickly, but I could still see what I glimpsed.
 And if I don't see it, I can't deal with it.

''What the hell is this mutation...?''

 I held my eyelids down with both hands so that I couldn't see, and yet the yellow voice that entered my ears.

'Yada, it's cold!
''I'm getting cold all over...! It's freezing...?
Booze! Booze...!
"Warm up your whole body.........?

 What is going on?
 With my vision blocked off, it was impossible for me to grasp the situation except by guessing.

'This is a training exercise,'

 Is that the voice of Bacchus, the God of Drinking?

 The one who's been living on our farm for some time now, vigorously developing and manufacturing booze!

'Well I feel like there's a naked woman running around in front of me, is it my imagination?
No, they're running around, all 15 of our priestesses are naked!

 Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
 Careless! You almost opened your eyes!

Why? Why are you running around in the nude?
I told you. This is an exercise. This is a discipline, like the priestess of our Order of Bacchus.

 As I said before, running around in the cold in the nude is not exactly training for what?
 Oh, a cold marathon?

"Hey, it's cold out there in the frigid, snowy air, jumping naked into the snow.
A chill runs down my spine as you can imagine.
Then I pour the liquor into my cold body, and it warms me up. Then I jump back into the snow to cool myself down. Drinking sake warms you up. By repeating this process...
More alcohol to consume on a regular basis!

 What kind of training is this?
 I don't care how much they are a cult of drinkers, they still have to train hard to learn to drink?
 A Bacchus priestess?

It's a seasonal event that can only be done in the winter.
I don't know, but at least don't get naked. Public morals will be disturbed...?

 It's me, still covering my eyes with my own hands.

'Wouldn't your clothes get wet if you jumped into the snow with your clothes on?
''Why do you have to be so sensible there!

 For the most part, it's tempting to wickedly assume that Bacchus, the leader of this insane training, doesn't inspire anything at the sight of a naked woman, but the other party is a god, albeit only half a god.
 He has a lifespan of a thousand years, and his s*x drive is no longer exhausted.

 The only thing they have is a passion for drinking and cooking.

'This is how we will train and raise our best and brightest and give impetus to our new plans for next spring.
A new plan?
We'll be selling our farm's wine to the outside world.

 Why would you do that?
 Not that there's anything wrong with that.

We should all share a good drink, shouldn't we?

 This is what the god of drinking was all about.
 However, this nudity-boosting exercise had an unexpected effect on the women, who were influenced by the hot springs, and they were awakened to the pleasure of repeatedly throwing their warmed-up bodies out of the baths and into the snow to warm themselves again.

 As a result, a number of women jumped out of the women's baths completely naked.

 This has led to a number of women jumping out of the women's baths completely naked, forcing them to crack down even more to protect the public morals of the farm.

    * * * *

 And Lettuce Rate, the princess of the human race.

 I thought she would be bored during the winter without being able to grow Solanum, but she was enjoying the winter in her own way.

'Good, good, good...!

 I looked to see what he was doing and saw that he was trying to roll a snowball and make it bigger by rolling the other snow into it.

'Building a snowman?'

 It's the one I used to teach, and this year it's gone viral again, and there are snowmen all over the farm, lined up like five hundred arhats.

'Yes! I'll create a luxury product worthy of a princess' work, one that's different from all the other mediocre snowmen!

 She's still a girl who wields her princess pride in a strange way.

''Well, if you're going to make a snowman, you need another snowball, but what do you do? Do you want me to help you?

 Two parts of the body and two parts of the head.
 It's winter for me too, and I don't want to get any exercise if I'm not careful, so I have to take the initiative and get moving.

Don't worry about it! Another snowball is already in the works with a reliable helper!

 Oh, you're already there?

 It's no use. I guess I'll just start making my own snowman on my own.

'Hol! How about that snowball over there?
"Everything's fine, lettuce rate.

 Are you Holkosfone, helping to build a snowman for Lettuce Rate and rolling snowballs?

 The angelic Holkosphone?

 One of the strongest in our farm, and one of the strongest in our farm, and with the right amount of skill, when Holkosfone makes a snowball...!

We have made a snowball for the head.

 Me and Lettuce-Rate girl.
 I'm truly amazed as I look up at the towering snowball.

 It's no longer on a level that can be called a snowball.
 It was a spherical snow mountain.
 The diameter of the sphere exceeds the height of the roof of my house with ease.

 If the angel Holkosfone was serious about making snowballs, would they ever get to this size?

''Hey! Horrible! It's too big! This doesn't balance out the snowball I made at all!

 Comparing the size of snowballs made by Holkosfone with the snowballs made by Lettuce rate girl....
 Earth and Moon.
 I can't help but think that this is so without exaggeration.

'Lettuce Rate, the head is complete. I would like a snowball for the body, please.
''Even this one is already finished!

 And the snowball in the Holkosphone was for the head.
 It's obvious that the body will be crushed by the head.

Then I'm going to put it on. Se-no.

 And I put it on mercilessly.
 Sure enough, Lettuce Rate's snowball, Holkosfon's snowball, crushed me.

''Gyaaahhhhhh! My masterpiece aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

 From then on, the two collaborators' joint snowman became the farm's largest exposed-necked snowball, attracting the attention of the people around them.

Her goal of 'making a special snowman' was achieved.

    * * * *

 The last to speak is the Panus of Satyrs.

 Their job is to produce dairy products, though.
 They took advantage of the coldness of the snowfall to mass produce ice cream.

 It is understandable that they want to take advantage of the cold weather to make something cold.

 But when it's cold, human nature is to balance out the intake of warm food to maintain a constant body temperature.

 As it turns out, hot milk and cheese hondu are more popular among farmers.
 It was hard to be a fierce competitor of ice cream when it was cold.

 Panu and her friends had no choice but to consume the ice cream by themselves.
 However, it seems that they were in a hurry to make too much, and the amount of ice cream they consumed was no longer enough for the girls to eat alone.

Saints...! If you would like to have a drink...!

 He presses his blue lips to mine, and I have no choice but to join him.

"I'm going to get hit in the head...! How much is left?
138 cups, including today's batch.
Why produce another one?

 In the end, I managed to get through it by raising consumption by arranging them in the hot spring's after-bath corner.

    * * * *

 This is roughly how the residents of our farm spend their winter.
 The orcs and elves were busy creating attractions for Oakbo Castle, and the goblins were busy again, taking care of the farm while they were away.

 All in all, I think it was a full winter.

 So, now that we've passed the period of being holed up in the cold, we'll move on to the next installment of the spring story in earnest.