252-251  Ship Renovation Project

 Something I wanted to get further into in the spring.

 A ship conversion.

 During the winter months I built a ship.
 The ship was in uniform form and made its maiden voyage, but it was still not truly finished.

 Reason number one.
 There is a lot of wasted space.

 The No Life King's teacher installed a magic heat source in the steam engine of this ship, which was originally supposed to operate as a steamship.
 Therefore, this ship was turned into a magic-powered ship that kept sailing eternally without refueling, and the space for loading coal, which was the original fuel for the ship, was left in the air.

 There are other facilities that have a similar history. A refrigerator for storing the fish caught.

 However, with Prati's idea, the fish caught are thrown into the farm's refrigerator with immediate transfer magic, so there is no need to store them in the first place.
 Thus, the ship's refrigerator is also dispensed with.

 There was a lot of dead space on the ship that had become unused.
 We would like to give it a new role and upgrade our ship.

 The second reason why my ship is incomplete....
 No. 2.

 There is very little decoration.
 Or rather, none.

 My gift 'supreme bearer' is a miraculous hand that can make any thing semi-automatic if I want to make it.
 The fact that this magic steamship was built by the supreme bearer is a great achievement, but even such an omnipotent ability has its weaknesses.

 It is completely ineffective in artistic fields.
 For example, creative painting and sculpture. Impossible.
 Even if I had a brush, I would not be able to write a great, moving novel.

 It seems that those kinds of artifacts, which differ in what is best for each person who sees them, are the "supreme bearer's" area of weakness.
 ........It may just be that my taste is devastating.

 That's why my ship also lacks any decorative elements that it should have.
 There's no goddess statue on the bow of the ship, no intricate carving on the parapet, not even paint on the hull.

 During construction, I didn't pay that much attention to it, as my first priority was to carry out the fishing and get the fish that could be used to make bonito flakes...
 When it came time to accomplish that goal, the lack of decorations on the ship became a concern.

 I'd like to refurbish the interior as well as the exterior of the ship.

"...but I'll have to leave the exterior to someone else.

 Because I've just analyzed that field myself as hopeless.
 I can't do anything about this unless I leave it to others.

 We need to put the interior aside for now and think about who we want to do the exterior.

Couldn't it be one of the elves?

 In the meantime, I talked to my wife, Prathi, about it.
 It's a delicate time in the early stages of pregnancy, but her wisdom is not overshadowed.
 Therefore, she is the best choice for a consultant.

Our department is in charge of elves, isn't it? Why don't you go find five or six of them that are suitable for the job?

 I've thought about it.

 It's just that.
 The leader of the Elf team, Elon, recently....

 -- 'Ship decorations? Why do you have to decorate it? The act of decorating itself only takes you away from true beauty. I have reached the peak of beauty by firing plates day and night, and I have come to realize that there is no beauty greater than the beauty of nature. Man's artificial beauty is nothing more than a pretentious trick compared to natural beauty. The act of decorating is itself an act of art. Nature is beautiful without decoration. The more it is decorated, the further away it is from the beauty of nature. The pursuit of beauty is to find creative ways to bring the beauty made by human hands closer to the beauty of nature. Therefore, the ultimate beauty, which is unique and unique, is born from the resentful combination of bold handiwork and accidental coloring, with the elimination of ornamentation as much as possible.

 So I can't ask for it.

''To begin with, elves are good at creating small items that fit in your hand.......''

 As you might expect, the processing of large structures like ships is outside the scope of duty.

 I can't think of anyone else on our farm who could.

 Batty is creatively gifted in clothing, but I don't think he can do carpentry.
 Okubo and the others are now professional-level carpenters, but not as artistic as they should be.

We'll have to outsource it.

 So who do we go to for help?

 I think it's safe to get a random introduction from the Demon King.
 I'm afraid that if I ask the demon trader Shax-san to do it, I'll owe him a big debt of gratitude.

'Huh? What's wrong with you, Bacchus?

 I noticed that Bacchus, the god of drinking, was standing right next to me.
 The fact that he has a somewhat difficult expression on his face is a mystery.

''I have an idea about that person, but...''
'What? Really?

 Or rather, they asked me without asking....
 A recommendation from the god of drinking that has survived thousands of years for a contractor to decorate the ship.

 You can trust him, can't you?

May I bring him with me?
'Yeah, fine, fine. If that's who Bacchus is bringing in, it's no problem. ........So why are you smiling earlier?
But I'm good at it. They are the best craftsmen in the world, so I'm sure they're good at building things. ...But you know what, that passion for making things is going to be a bad thing...!

 It was a rare thing for Bacchus to pretend as if the thing was stuck in his back teeth.
 Well, why don't you bring him in anyway?

    * * *

 It was the dwarf that Bacchus had brought with him.

 Is he the one who commissioned you to make a distillery for alcohol before?
 It's true that that distiller was good workmanship, and I can feel that it's safe to leave it to him.......


 We actually had a dwarf master come and see the actual ship.

 It's a bit embarrassing to show an amateur-built ship to a professional dwarf, but....
 Please don't tweak the details, okay?

 However, Mr. Dwarf didn't flinch a bit after a glance at the ship and stopped moving.


 He is a dwarf who doesn't move much, so I was curious and called out to him, but he didn't move.
 Not only not moving, but not breathing?

 Mr. Dwarf, he was dead while standing.

 In a great hurry, I called the doctor from the dungeon and had my soul returned to me with a jutsu.
 If I had been a little later, it would have been impossible to revive him.

''The anti-soul technique is not effective if the soul crosses into the underworld or the body is damaged too much.

 I'm really sorry to trouble you, doctor.

 How come you're dead all of a sudden, dwarf?

 When I asked him about it, he said he couldn't accept the fact that such a ship made of total mana metal existed.
 I heard that he was so shocked and moved that his heart stopped.

 Is he........is he okay?
 Can I trust you to do your job?

 I finally understood why that bacchus was hesitating with a sour look on his face.

 I don't know how many times I'll die of a heart attack if I ask him to decorate the ship at this point, so I'll ask someone else to do the job to avoid a bad ending.......


 He was suddenly clutched by a dwarf.

'This job! By all means, let me do this job! Such a huge amount of manna metal processing! This will be the best job I've ever had in my life! I'll regret missing this job for the rest of my life! I'll regret it so much I'll die!

 You're going to die if I ask for a job and you're going to die if I don't?

 I've applied to a troublesome person........

 At the very least, if I leave the job to him, even if I die, the worst that could happen is that I'll be able to become a Buddha, so I decided to leave it to him.

 The dwarf was as happy as if he had risen to the heavens and was on the verge of ascending.
 I was beginning to feel a bit uneasy about the future.

    * * * *

 Anyway, the work began, and the dwarven master brought in a few assistants from his home base and set about working on the decorations to make our ship look better.

 Another concern I had was about modifying the interior of the ship. I was thinking of doing this one myself, but the dwarves started to push hard....

''You too! Let us do the same for you!
I'm not going to charge you anything extra for that! It's a blessing to be involved in the construction of this amazing ship!

 And I was pushed out of the way and ended up leaving it all to them.

 I wonder what kind of ship it will be made into....