253-252 Dwarf Melancholy

 I am Edward, master of the dwarven underground empire.

 I haven't been able to get any work done since then.

 Which one?

 Mana Metal.

 A large quantity of ingots from that stinking Bacchus.
 An unmistakable ingot of mana metal.
 It is said that even a lump the size of the tip of your pinky finger can be brought home to play with for the rest of your life, but where did he get that much mana metal from!

 I can't get into anything because I'm worried about that.
 Every day I do something like waving a hammer vaguely at work and accidentally hitting my finger and crushing my bones.

 This is all because I not only saw that massive amount of mana metal, but I actually processed it with my own hands.
 The feel of the mana metal is so familiar to me that I can't get rid of it.
 For us Dwarf craftsmen, the feel of hammering and forging metal is an important guideline for creating the best products.
 This is why our hands will always remember it.

 That's why my hands will always remember the time when I created the manna metal distillery.

 The touch which is hot, rigid, and yet feels comfortable like touching a feather.
 The most beautiful dwarven woman I ever met couldn't feel that good when I was stroking her ass.

 Since then, I have been completely fascinated by mana metal.
 I made the distillery exactly according to the client's instructions that time, and I wondered what kind of bliss it would be to be able to freely make whatever I wanted with that much mana metal.

 Just imagining it makes me feel like I'm going to heaven.

 But every time I realize that this is just a fantasy, I am overcome with disappointment.
 Would I be able to work with mana metals again...?
 Every time I thought that, I let out a sigh.

    * * *

Hey, you guys...

 He would ask his cronies, the young dwarves, "Teme, what would you like to make with mana metal if you were allowed to use as much mana metal as you want?

''Teme, if you guys were allowed to use as much mana metal as you wanted, what would you want to make with mana metal?''
What's going on, master?

 Well, it's no wonder people get suspicious when you ask them strange questions.

It's a bit of a joke. There's no point in it, just say what's on your mind.
Strange master. .........hmmm......it's mana metal, isn't it? Such a super luxury item...

 The henchman dwarf took it surprisingly seriously........

'.............YU, ring?

 I told you, you can have all the time you want!
 It's only in your imagination, so think boldly and not bound by reality!

 Then another dwarf stepped forward.

"So long, master! What about a sword?
A sword...?
It's not just a sword. Two-handed swords, wielded with both hands, without a shield! The bigger and heavier it is, the more minerals it uses, the more minerals it uses.

 A two-handed sword.
 That's a good idea.
 It's also prized as a ritual weapon, a weapon that is used by us dwarves to show off our skills.
 That's why the use of a two-handed sword with a large amount of minerals is a bold idea.

"Oh, you guys still think so little, don't you?

 What's with the new dwarf henchmen running for office?

I'd use the mana metal and make something much bigger. Yeah, I'm going to make full body armor!
Full body armor?

 Cover your whole body in mana-metal?
 How much mana metal is needed for that?

 It's obvious that we'll need far more steel than we've ever needed. I wonder if the ingot that Sake God brought us last time will be enough...
 ''Will it be enough?

''I'm afraid of you, henchman number three. You have the biggest idea of all!''

 Yes, we dwarves must be rare and magnificent when it comes to our profession of blacksmithing.
 I will continue to dream that one day I will create something extravagant and extravagant with my own hands!
 The Sword of Mana Metal! Mana Metal Shield! Manametal armor!
 A three-piece set that could become a legendary armor, one day with my own hands!

Master, we have a visitor!
What? Who are you?
He's that guy from the other night, that smelly-looking fellow.

 Definitely Bacchus!

    * * *

 Bacchus brought in a wide variety of new drinks as a thank you for his work the other day.

'What's the matter with you..., with such a disappointed look on your face?

 Bacchus pointed out to me.

 Huh? I didn't know you had that look on your face.

 No, I'm glad. I love dwarf drinks, too.
 And if the god of sake has put a lot of thought into making it, it's bound to be good. Booze-loving dwarves rejoice!
 ........well, there's no reason to bring mana metal as a souvenir, either.

I'm going to have a quick taste of it.
It's vinegar.
It's a condiment based on alcohol. It's a condiment based on alcohol. I brought it with me.

 Oh, shit! I didn't know there were traps hidden in all these different kinds of booze!
 Wouldn't it be nice to have some manna metal in the mix too?

Well then, I've got one more thing to do today besides get a little souvenir drink.
I need to ask you for another job.

 Is this another job that involves processing manna metal?

I'm a ship builder.

 And I saw a picture of the expectant balloon squeezing in my mind.

 A ship?

 That's what boats are for, right? It's mostly wood, right?
 There's no room for mana metal to get involved. That alone has significantly reduced my motivation.

 Well, dwarves, you know? I'm good at blacksmithing, but I'm also good at building.
 Even if you live in the underground empire and aren't comfortable with the sea, I'm confident that you'll be able to build at least a ship that's more than just a demon or human race, right?

No, we don't have to build one from scratch. I have a ship that is already completed. But I couldn't get the exterior decorations right, so I wanted to get professional help.

 It's an amateur ship anyway, right? Wouldn't it be better and faster if we did it from scratch?

 But, well, if it's an intermediary job, we can't afford not to do it, can we?
 The liquor he gives us is delicious.
 ........And it's possible that the reward may include a manametal.

    * * * *

 Thus, I decided to take on the job of building a ship.

 It was a rather odd request, as he only wanted me to decorate an almost-completed object, but as a dwarf, I take pride in being able to do everything perfectly when it comes to building things.

 First, I head to the site to see the actual thing.
 They used this high-powered thing called shifting magic, and we were there in an instant.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good look at it.
 You can't tell if this is the master?
 You don't suppose they'll let you decorate a fishing boat, do you?

 I was suddenly feeling uneasy.
 Anyway, I decided to ask to see the actual thing.
 I saw it.
 It was a much bigger ship than I imagined.
 Isn't it as big as a demon tribe's battleship!

 No, more than anything else........
 That huge ship's exterior was made of........


 What's manna metal doing in a ship?
 Oh my god, I don't even know where to start. Why? Why? Why?
 Okay, let's take a look at it a little bit at a time.
 First of all, I really don't know what they're doing with the metal on the ship!
 That's the most basic, isn't it?
 Metal would sink into the water.
 But this ship is floating.
 A boat that's metal but floats? Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

 No, no, no, wait!
 There's so much more to be amazed about!
 If you're this excited in here, you're not going to last!
 You know... but the most amazing thing is...!

 The metal used in this ship is definitely mana metal!

 This is far more than just luxury!

 The amount of mana metal that will be used to make up a whole gigantic ship like this...?
 How much is that?
 I bet they could easily make hundreds of full body armor!

 My lifelong dream... my goal is to make hundreds of these things...!

 That's this ship.........

 Oh, God, I can't breathe.
 How do you breathe...?

She's dead!


 I don't know how the eagle was able to come back from the underworld.

 But I've decided to do this job with all my might.
 If I can be involved in the construction of a ship made of mana metal, even a little bit, I will be blessed with a dwarf's blessing!

 Huh? I'm going to fall apart at work, okay?
 I'll do everything in my power to keep you alive!
 If you don't, you'll die of that!