254-253  true ship completed


 It's been a few weeks since a dwarf started coming in and out of our farm.
 The work can't be done by the first dwarf alone, so he becomes the leader of dozens of supporters.

 We provided food and lodging for them for the duration of the work.
 Since it would be difficult for them to commute all the way from the Dwarven country, we decided to have them live here while they work.

 The Okbos will build a simple lodging house for them and provide them with daily food and lodging while they work.

 The dwarves were amazed at what was happening on the farm.

 First of all, the orcs and goblins had axes, scythes, and other farm tools, all made of mana metal.
 They were surprised to see that they were all made of mana metal.

 Secondly, the food I make, well I'm honored that he was surprised at how good it is, but he was even more surprised at the kitchen.
 It seems that all the cooking utensils such as frying pans and pots and pans are made of mana metal.

Why are there so many manametals in here?
It's overflowing! There's so much of it that it's used in everyday life.
Why is it good for farming tools and cooking utensils? There's a lot more.
Weapons, armor, that sort of thing?

 Not only the master, but even the other dwarves were about to ascend in shock.
 It's not too much of a stretch to die at once, even a good teacher can't get around to it.

 Other than that, they were amazed at the vajra silk made from vajra silkworm, amazed at the monster materials that Okubo and the others brought back from the dungeon, and amazed at the transparency of the glasswork that Poel made.

 Each time that happened, it was hard for the teacher to get to the emergency room.

 And so, after all the pinches and hardships (I think it was pinches and hardships that didn't involve the ship building itself at all), the dwarves' construction was finally completed.

 How on earth was my ship reborn!

    * * * *

 The dwarves are talking about it.

'Look! This is it!
It is the culmination of the combined skill of our dwarves!
"God's ship, the ultimate in functional and aesthetic beauty!
It's called the Helckirke!

 It's not my name....

 Well, I didn't name the ship.
 It's a pretty common name for ships.

First of all, please have a look at the exterior!
We have done everything in our power to create a radical design, just as the client requested.
It didn't go out of style, so it won't look out of place over time! We tried to make it look massive without being too stark or subdued!
It's a ship fit for a champion!

 No, I'm not a champion, though.

 The refurbished ship looked like something else, as I can see, with all the traces of the dwarves' skills.

 How can I compare it to this?

 Suppose the ship I just completed is a masked radar.
 Is the current ship that the dwarves have modified into an enhanced form as we speak?

 Is it hard to tell?

 Anyway, you can think of it as the simple turned flashy.
 And not just flashy, but elegant and tasteful.

 It's not just flashy, it's elegant and flashy, and that's because the dwarves have taken great care in decorating it, as they claim.

 The dwarves continued with their commentary: "First, look at the bow of the ship.

The dwarves continue their explanation: "First, look at the bow! I've installed the familiar bow statue on it!

 Oh, yeah.
 The statue at the front of the boat.
 There's a beautiful statue of a goddess attached to it, just as I imagined it would be.

 She guides the ship's navigation.

"Hmm? But that statue looks familiar to me...?
'You've been noticed! For what it's worth, I had that bow statue of a ship modeled after your wife!

 You mean Plati?
 A goddess modeled after Prati?

"Whaaaaaat? They asked me to be a model for them, I accepted, but I never thought I'd be displayed in such a prominent place.

 Prathi didn't seem to be going to be unconcerned and was wiggling her body.

 Well, Prathi is a mermaid princess, and it seems to work normally as a curse to ward off sea disasters.

'The bow and stern of the ship are especially heavily carved to show that it's a first-class product! And I've even had the farm's crest engraved on the side of the hull!
"The farm's crest?

 Didn't we have one of those?

We designed it ourselves!

 Something like this, a lot of things are being decided without my knowledge.

'The truth is, it's customary to draw on the mast, the crest! But there are no masts on this ship!
It's amazing! A ship that doesn't have a mast and still goes! It's awesome to have a ship that generates its own power!
''We dwarves don't have any magical background, so we're inevitably outnumbered by the demon race in this kind of technology! But I'm so happy to be in the presence of a magic-powered ship!
There won't be another job like this in the future!
'God! The person who built this ship is Hephaistos, the god of modeling or something!

 It was me who built this ship.

 I'm embarrassed to hear you speak so highly of it.

Next, let me explain to you how the interior is coming along. Come on, don't hesitate to come in.

 That's why I built this boat.
 Why are the dwarves more like landlords inviting guests in?

First of all, we took advantage of their desire to make effective use of the vacant space on board, for which there was no fixed use, and put our dwarf know-how to full use in proposing an ideal travel plan.
First of all, because the noise and heat of the drive engine would spoil our comfort at the bottom of the ship, we had to build the ship's tower as a comfortable living quarters.


'Hahahahahaha! Don't worry! We dwarves do not lose our balance under the weight! This ship's magic power reactor has a lot of spare capacity, so it will be fine even if we double the current weight of the ship!

 No, that's not what I'm worried about...

First, the captain's office! I have brought you the finest furnishings the dwarven underground empire has to offer, and they will serve as your chamber of honor! We could even hold a major treaty signing ceremony here!
The signing ceremony?

 I don't plan to do that.

"There are 20 guest rooms in all. I've tried to decorate them all with the intent of a first-class inn in the Demon City!
In the empty space at the bottom of the ship, add everything from the galley, to the bathrooms, to the restrooms, to the playroom!
"And it will make you as comfortable as if you were on earth! This is the culmination of the divine work of the saints combined with the technological prowess of our dwarves!
You won't find a better luxury cruise ship anywhere in the world!


 It turns out that these dwarves did the best job.

 Well, they're opulent, clean, functional, and comfortable.

 But it was just what the dwarves said that stuck with me.
 What did he just say?

 Did you say luxury liner?

'Oh no, I probably couldn't do any better job than this if they asked me to. I've had the best job in my lifetime! .... hmm? What is it?
It's not a boat. It's a fishing boat.

 Didn't I tell you that?

 They said it was a ship that went out to sea and caught a lot of fish.

 It seemed to be a bit of a hiccup in the middle, but it seems that the dwarves misunderstood this ship as a luxury cruise ship that would carry important people and show off its dignity to countries around the world.

'Is that why it's finished...?

 What can we do about it?
 You haven't improved the functionality of the fishing boat by a millimeter.

I'd say it's a good idea. And I think I could do some fishing and net pulling on this boat as well, which is normal.

 And Prati.

'The last catch proved that magical support is enough to handle the fish you catch, and there's nothing wrong with having a comfortable room to sleep in while you're out fishing, is there?

 Yes, Platy is right.

 Our farm's fishing boat, the Herkilke (named Dwarves).........
 Here it is complete!

'Such a wonderful ship! No other ship in the world has the same functionality and grace as a regular fishing boat.
Your arrogance is outrageous! At least! "At least, we can go around the world in this ship.
We can go to the end of the world with this thing!

 The dwarves all clapped their hands on her at once, but isn't a fishing boat a fine one?

 All right, all right.
 You all did a great job.