255-254 Return to the sea

 It's all about the mermaids for a while now.

 Winter opened up and spring.
 A change had come to their team.

    * * * *

Beautiful tail fin!

 Angel is the sister of my wife, Platy, so apparently she's the second princess of the mermaid kingdom.

'We're out of it at last! A side effect of the failed land-based drug! I was able to return to my mermaid form completely and cleanly!
We're going back to the sea!
At one point, it looked like we were really screwed!

 Some of them frolicking and swimming on the beach near our farm.

 Angel wasn't the only one, but the girl mermaids who had come with her.
 She was swimming swiftly through the shallow waters with the tail fins of a mermaid that she hadn't regained in months.
 It had been a long time since she'd felt like a mermaid, as if to reaffirm her sense of being a mermaid.

'Oh no, I didn't think it would take me this long to detoxify...'

 Standing on the sandy beach and sighing is my wife, Prati (pregnant).

 Her sister, Angel, and her band of girls had come to the farm before winter arrived.

 They attack with the runaway attitude typical of their youth, but they are trounced by her sister, Platy, who is far more experienced and skilled.
 Moreover, their inexperienced skills fail to concoct a potion that will enable mermaids to go on land, and it has devastating side effects on them.

 When they try to revert from human to mermaid form, their lower bodies turn into algae, octopuses, barnacles and other incomprehensible shapes.

 The girls had no choice but to stay on the farm until they could get over the side effects.

 But that was only for today.

 With time and the tremendous efforts of Prati and the other senior mermaids, the effects of the failure potion were overcome...

 The girl mermaids are making a comeback to the sea!

'We're back in the sea at last! This ocean is ours!

 Not that much.
 Why is it possible to be so overconfident when you are young?

''........Well, as you can see, your de-drugging has been uniformly successful.

 Prati says weakly.

 Incidentally, the same mermaid race, Prathi but she only stands on the beach in human form.
 She is pregnant and will not change her appearance until she gives birth to her baby.

So it's time to go home.
""What? !"

 The girl mermaids were unexpectedly dismayed by that word.

'Why are you surprised? I thought we had an agreement. You couldn't go back to the ocean because of the potion my stupid sister invented, so you had no choice but to leave it at our house, didn't you?

 Now that the effects of the potion have worn off, and we can return to the sea, there's no reason to keep him here.

Hey! Don't wait a minute!
We still want to be here!
Good food, I want to keep eating!
Not! There's a lot to learn here!

 Angel's crony mermaids all cling to him at once.

 Discus, Bale Tail, Heckery, and Batrax.
 Was it?

 They're back in their mermaid form and clinging to Prathi on the beach, even though she's b*tc*y like a washed up fish.

'For us! We must have a mission!
'How! I have an important mission to help Sister Puffa and Sister Gala Rufa!

 The problem of the mermaid team's lack of manpower has surfaced again since last year.
 It's not only because of the increasing demand, but also because of the diversification of duties.

 The solution is to train these girl mermaids. That's another reason why they live on a farm.
 That idea has been promoted by Puffa, the "Frozen Cold Witch".

 And Prati sighed again, ''Haa.

''Well as I said when that discussion came up, I'm against it. You're still students, you should go to the Mermaid's Potions School to learn the ropes.
I can study here!
I'd rather learn a lot better than to be here!
'Yes! I can receive direct guidance from the Mad Six Demonesses' people!

 In the heat of the moment, the mermaid girls stepped on the land mine word.

''Come on!''

 With a burst of anger and the spirit of Prati's rage, the fearful mermaid girls scampered into the sea with dop-dop-dop-dop.

I told you not to call me by that name! It will be painful!

 The Mad Six Demonesses.
 That's the name given to the powerful witch who represents the mermaid world.
 I'm not going to be able to get the same thing done.

 I've heard that my wife, Prati, is one of them, and she hates being called "Mad Mad Mad".
She says that the word "mad six demonesses" has a distinctly middle-aged smell to it that is painful to her.

 But I digress.
 The main question is whether or not to return the girls, who were able to return to their original form, to the sea or not. It is.

I'm not leaving.

 As the leader of the girl mermaids, Angel, who was one of the gods, said.
 As Prathi's sister.

'My purpose in coming here is to surpass my sister. There's no way I'm going back to the mermaid country without fulfilling that!
What do you really think?
'The food here is so good, I can't leave!

 Good for you to be honest.

'Don't tell me to go home, sister! Gingerbread is delicious! Delicious miso soup! I'm going to live here all the time with my sister, oh my!

 And, after all, she clutched at Prathi, making her b*tc*-b*tc*y with the lower half of her fish body.

'Eei! Stop it! Why should I have to live with you even if I'm married?

 My sister's refusal to do so is relentless.

 I can't stand by and watch, so I'm reluctant to be the mediator.

It's a good thing that they are now a valuable asset to the farm. To be honest, we wouldn't want them to get out of the way now, would we?

 The girl mermaids, who were assigned to the farm as newcomers, are now working remarkably well as assistants to the senior mermaids.

 Pfafa is in charge of the fermentation and food refrigeration departments.
 Gala Rufa, our medical officer.

 They are the backbone of our farm, but it is hard to ignore the fact that their work is also supported by their new assistant.

 If Puffa were here, she would be the first to contradict me, but she is not here with Prince Arowana as he is in love with her on his training trip.

''Mm, that's the part that hurts when you get to that point.
"We have a right to live!

 The girl mermaids come to ask for help.
 But that's my wife, Prati, also known as the "Crown Witch". She's not the one who can be pushed away by a few little girls.

But no.
You guys didn't tell the school or your parents that you were here without permission, did you? So you're forced to stay at our house for an extended period of time, and you can't think about how worried the people at home are about it?

 It's a straightforward thing to say for Prati.

I've finally come to understand it now that I have a new life here. A parent's concern for their child...

 Prathi strokes his own abdomen to confirm the existence of life.
 A holiness that had never been seen before floats on his face.

''Whoa........! It's not half as convincing...!
I'm sure your mother and father must be worried about you.
Although Mr. Hendler has explained the situation to me...!

 Even the mermaid girls had no way of resisting Prati, who was even equipped with her mother's aura.
 I remembered my mother's face back home, and my heart ached for her.

'You still think you're going to evolve, sister...?
A woman goes through several periods of dramatic change. You haven't reached any of them yet, though.

 The huffy look on his face made me think that Prati hadn't grown up much, after all.

'Let's include them and come up with a compromise.
"It's a good time to be a mermaid again. First of all, why don't you guys go home and stop talking about it.

 Prati continues.

'And you'll have to get permission to live in our home yourselves. From your parents.

 That's the minimum requirement for girl mermaids to officially live on a farm.

 I certainly agree with that.
 They are still young girls, just one step away from adulthood. While the adage "let the little ones travel" comes to mind, I, as a soon-to-be parent, sympathize with the feelings of their worried parents.

''I understand. If that's the case, I'll take it.

 Angel said sternly. Why.

I'll get permission from Mom and Dad to come back to the farm. "I'll be back here on the farm with your permission.
All right, let's see how good you are.

 Why do these sisters create a dueling mood at every turn?

Oh, and...
I'll add one more thing. Ask your school for permission.

 For some reason, Angel's expression froze at the request. Why.

'Huh? Even from school? Do I have to ask your permission?
Of course you do. You're students.
Do you have to?
I have to. Yeah, well, I understand your fear of it, but...!

 For some reason, even Prathi joined in and let out a heavy sigh.

 Huh? What?
 What do you mean?

 The school that Prathi and her friends are referring to is the school that teaches pharmacy magic in their homeland, the best mermaid nation.

 Mermaid Witch Academia.

 It is.