256-255 Mermaid Girls' School

 I am Zos Saira, the Witch of the Abyss.

 I am in the Mermaid Palace, the capital of the Mermaid Kingdom.

 That's because I've brought a couple of little girls from the farm. A bunch of dim-witted little girls with blue fins, you know.
 They said they were going home. They said they wouldn't be safe with just the kids.

 Why is that?
 Why would the Witch of the Abyss do such a charitable thing?

 I myself am not entirely convinced.

 There must be a good, compelling reason for this.

 Well, first, there was the time when I visited the saint's farm to see Okubo, as usual.
 The timing was wrong.

 That must be the first and most important reason.
 That's when the little girl from the Crown Witch told me.

    * * * *

Hey, my sisters are going home. You have to go with them.
No, there's one thing I'm worried about, you know? It could be a heavy burden for those kids to carry alone.
Why the strawberries?
Aren't you the least busy mermaid in our circle?
Not too busy, though?
You don't even live here officially, but you come by frequently. I'm pregnant and can't dive. Puffa works at the brewery and loves his brother Arowana, and Gala Rufa takes care of everyone's health. Gala Rufa takes care of the health of all the residents. Lamp-Eye's been busy with one thing or another...
"Not much time for strawberries, huh? You're here in between researching in your own lab, aren't you?
Also, the older mermaids in our house are all prisoners in their home countries. We can't just let them walk around the capital city with impunity.
"A brat is a wanted man, too. The only difference is that they've been caught or they haven't been caught yet, right? All six witches are like that, aren't they?
"Nice to meet you, the oldest of the six witches.

    * * *

 And then they pushed me away.

 What is it? What is that thing that just keeps on pushing you around?

 How dare you force this "Witch of the Abyss" to be a babysitter of all things.
 Is it in the bloodline to not listen to humans?
 Oh, no.........

 Well, that's why I'm stepping into the mermaid capital for the first time in a while.
 How many years has it been?
 Ten years I don't think a decade ... not even a decade separates us. I decided not to think about it because I was afraid to think about it too deeply.

 And those little girls who are fearless in their youth.

 After all, I heard that they are returning home to get official permission to live on that farm.
 Well, you can take a permit or whatever you want.
 You can spoil your parents while they are old enough to spoil you.

 The guys who had been sleeping at my parents' house for a few days or so met up on time.

'Permission granted!'
It's perfect!
I've been told to go be a great witch!

 That's good.

 I mean, are you sure you want to be a good parent? Your daughter turned into a witch?

Really? We're done here. What do you say we get the hell back to the farm?

 And I want to see Okubo.

''Rather, this is where it all begins!

 The girls all clapped their hands on me at once.
 What's the matter with you?

 Don't lump my child together with the other young witches. It's not as overprotective or caring as they are!

'Parents are more of a front runner! I'd call it the weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings!
''The final boss is coming up later! Please come with me to that point.
'Just to be with me! Because I'm so heartless, ah!

 The final boss?
 What are you talking about?

 She is the only little mermaid who stands taller than the four people who cling to her.
 I'm sure she is the sister of the Crown Witch, right?
 Soitz said.

''The school we go to told us to go get permission from them too. That demon sister........!


''Yes, an elite school that trains the best Potions Master in the Mermaid Nation. Mermaid Witch Academia's!

 While saying this, the younger sister of the Crown Witch's tail fin was trembling.
 I'm still afraid.

    * * * *.

 Mermaid Witch Academia is a pretty big name.

 It's a prestigious school.

 The Mermaid race is proud of its medicinal magic to the rest of humanity.
 The mermaid race is proud of its pharmacy magic, which is the pride of the mermaid race, and the schools that teach it to young people are scattered throughout the mermaid kingdom.

 Among them, the Mermaid Witch Academia boasts an overwhelming scale and academic strength.

 The Mermaid Royal Family is directly managing the school, so it should be a prestigious institution.

 First of all, the Mermaid King's daughters are allowed to enter the academy. The daughters of noblemen who are equivalent to the Mermaid King's family are allowed to enter. In addition, talented young ladies were selected from all over the mermaid kingdom.

If you are the sister of the Crown Witch, you're the princess of the mermaid kingdom, so you're fully qualified to be admitted.
 Her cronies, too, are probably just bad friends who have come to hang out at the school.
 Are they all nice young ladies?

 It was a job I didn't like to begin with, but I didn't care for it anymore.

 Why should I, the Abyssal Witch, have to carry the hairy lady's ass?

 Why is it that they call me a straw witch and fear me?
 The reason is that the study of the Wawa is seen as a world-ending danger and has been declared a heretic.

 Such an outlaw child and a young lady who grew up in a greenhouse are the opposite.
 How dare they combine them?

 Ah, it doesn't matter now.
 I'm just going to go along with him, but I don't want to interfere.

 I don't care what they say later.
 I'm the Abyssal Witch.
 It's wrong to trust a witch so easily.

    * * * *

 It's here.

 Mermaid Witch Academia.

 To tell the truth, this is the first time the outlaw warrior has stepped foot in here, and it's just as opulent and disgusting as I imagined it would be.

 I heard they're going to have an interview with the person in charge in this room.
 A group of young girls formed a circle in front of the door.

Do you mind? We'll make it through the ordeal, and we'll make it back to the farm!
" " " " Hi! Master Angel!
"The Five Holy Witches! Phi!

 Why are you so fired up about it?
 And what about the Five Holy Witches? A team name? How embarrassing is this?

 They open the door with a fresh spirit and enter the room.

"Excuse me...?

 I bit him.
 Are you that nervous?

 The room is a part of a prestigious school, and it's so beautifully arranged that it's almost disgusting.
 There was a mermaid waiting for me.

It's good to see you, isn't it, Princess Angel? Originally, we should be seeing each other every day to take my classes, right?

 The way he said it was disgusting.

 Well, from the school's point of view, these five have been absent from school on a monthly basis, so I think it's fair to say that I'm being sarcastic, but....
 And then.....

...who are you?

 What about this female mermaid who looks like she's going to say 'rotten tangerine'?
 One of the little mermaid girls secretly overheard me, as if she felt she couldn't not answer.

'I'm a teacher at Mermaid Witch Academia, and I'm a Carp teacher.

 A teacher.
 Well, I thought not.

 Could it be that Karp?

 This overly meticulous outfit doesn't remind me of anything from those days, but...

The Witch of Ars, Karp?