257-256 Irregular at Mermaid School

Well, what should I tell you first? First and foremost, about the months of unexcused absences...

 A teacher who skips the greetings and gets right to the point.
 This no-action directness must be scary for the person being scolded.

 It was understandable that the five girls were scared.
 But it's not something that a little girl can get worked up about.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who's wasting your time, because there's a big gap between you and the other students. In order to make up for this, we'll be able to efficiently make up for this by means of super-overcrowded supplementary lessons...
"Hey, wait a minute!

 I bit again.

 It's the sister of the "crown witch" who interrupted her.
 It's a good idea to interrupt the flow, but the teacher's cold-hearted stare will make you crumble at any moment.

The reason why we came here is because...! It's for permission!
I'm asking for an extension!
I can't grant a leave of absence!
"Fix it!

 I'll take it.
 And as for my sister, she's got the nerve to bite back.

I have a question for Princess Angel. Who are you?
'What? Um ... the second princess of the mermaid kingdom?
'Yes. You seem to have a minimum of awareness.

 That's a cynical woman.

You, as a member of mermaid royalty, have a responsibility to be a role model to your fellow mermaids. You have a responsibility to be a role model for mermaids, to show morals and to act with dignity. As a basis for this, you need to be educated.
This Mermaid Witch Academy is the place for young royalty like you to become well-educated. We want you to become a great potions master and, by extension, a great mermaid royalty. That's why we're doing our best to make it happen.
And yet you're running away from your duty and trying to do whatever you want. Is that acceptable behavior for royalty?

 He's not the type to be stubborn with logic.
 I'm so relieved to see that Karp's people haven't changed at all.

You people are the same way.

 Did it spill over to the other little girls?

'Particularly discus, veiltail. You met all the requirements for admission to the school, but were forced to give up the offer due to family reasons. With the consideration of Master Angel, we were allowed to enroll you as a special exception.

 Oh, so the point is that your family is so poor that you can't get into a prestigious school?

 I thought they were all hothouse girls, but there are some of them who seem to have a lot of spirit.
 What's more, you've found a way to use them.
 Angel, wasn't it? He behaves differently from his sister.

You should be working hard and not playing around with the Angel, who is your benefactor. I'm afraid I have failed to meet all of the expectations that the school placed on you.
I'm not playing around.
What? If you have something to say, speak up?

 She's a prospect, but she's still a school lass. It's impossible to resist Karp's reasoning.
 It's really meaningless to come to the capital if you don't do anything here.

What can you learn from it? In this greenhouse?

 Walla's voice drew Carp's scowling gaze.

'You are a fool, Zos Saira. If you hadn't spoken, I would have pretended you didn't exist.
"For old time's sake," you say? It hurts me on one side that a long wounded failure still calls himself a potions user.
'What part of me is a failure? You think I've been wound up for a long time?
I'm a schoolteacher, for Christ's sake.

 And a prestigious school.

You may think you've come a long way, but you're a dead researcher when you're in power.
"Your mistake is typical of you, Zos Saira. You tried to throw your research out of control, you tried to throw the world off balance, and you're wanted for misunderstanding.

 The little girls look at the crickets and the straw and the carp in turn.

If you want, you can call the guards here right now. And you'll dare to go to the trench jail and your ultimate research will never be completed.
You can try. You can try, and that's when this naughty school will be turned to hell and back to dust.

 Because she knows that, this woman knows that, so she can't do anything about it, noticing the straw, either.
 She knows that, so she cannot touch it.
 The fear of the straw, she knows.
 How many times have I made her cry in the past?

........why are you guys hanging out with this woman?

 Seeing that they were at a disadvantage, Karp returned the brunt of the verbal attack to the girls.

''This woman is a felon known as the 'Witch of the Abyss'. She is an outlaw who uses Potions in the wrong direction. It's also the meaning of our school to keep criminals like this out!
However, it is also true that the highest level potions users are generally called 'witches'. This includes Zos Saira, the Witch of the Abyss.

The Witch of the Crown.
The Witch of the Frozen Cold.
The Fiery Witch.
The Plague Witch.

These girls are under the guidance of all of them.

 Karp with a blank look on his face.
 As expected, one teacher hadn't been informed to that extent?
 A mere teacher.

"During the period when you said you were 'playing around'. "During the period when you said you were playing around," he said, "you were being taught by a distinguished group of witches who were the best potions users in the world. These five.
Are you sure you want to say that?

 I don't care if the little girls are geeking out.
 They must have been chaperoned by the big straw man to say these things.

'How much more fruitful is this time than a passing lesson in this greenhouse? The days these guys spent in that place were truly a battle. What they couldn't learn at a lukewarm school, even if they'd been there for ten years, they accumulated day by day.

 I'm not saying I've seen it in passing.
 I'm going to tell it like I've seen it in person.

So, let me ask you again, Karp? Does the prestigious school that you boast of giving these girls a more lavish education than a few witches can give them directly? An ordinary potions user, far lower in rank than a witch, while puffing away about being a teacher or something?
Sweet Zos Saira.
I've never seen anyone argue with Karp's teacher...!

 That's more than enough credit, you little pipsqueak.

"Eh, Princess Angel!
Is it true what they say? No, it's just that half of the Mad Six Demonesses are already in prison...!
'No, but they were there, several of them. It looks like your sister did something to you...?

 You haven't changed your habit of biting your nails when you're irritated.

It's a good idea to have a good time with them. I see, you're chasing after your sister...?

 Come to think of it, the Crown Witch seems to have dropped out of Mermaid Witch Academia.
 I'm sure she'll make it as a witch if she doesn't study in a greenhouse like this, right?

"Professor Karp, once again, please!

 Oh, Angel, you're suddenly so serious?

'I want to be a Potions Master, surpassing your sister! The best way to do that is to follow and learn directly from your sister!
"I, too, would prefer to learn from Miss Puffa in person.
'The lump-eye instructor's ladder!
"Lady Gala Rufa's madness!

 Maybe this is where they say, "What do you really mean? When I asked him "What do you want to eat at the farm?", he replied immediately "I want to eat farm food", which I thought would destroy it, so I decided not to ask.

 Now, I was confronted with the stark truth that if you want to learn, you'd better study under a witch than at school.

 I wonder what kind of response will the teachers of the big, prestigious schools have in mind?

''We can't back down here........! We can't pull out here...!


"We've already failed to educate Princess Plati...! I couldn't develop that person's too big of a talent correctly.......! That's why Angel-sama, the second daughter, Angel-sama, will do whatever it takes...!

 I'm so wound up.

''I can't admit it, I can't admit it!

 The Karp guy stood up.

"Witchcraft is evil. Only true, powerful, mermaids can benefit from the righteous pharmaceutical magic we have at our school!
A technicality. There is no right or wrong in potions.
'No! Let's prove that to you, in the game!


There is one seminar student in our school that I have paid special attention to. I will prepare five more students who will be selected from among them. You will compete with each one of them.

 The little girls are surprised and excited.
 What a manic degree of competition.

If you say that this witch's evil ways are beneficial, then you guys should win. However, if you lose, you will understand that our school's righteous path is the true path of Potions and you will follow my curriculum! Good!

 I'll tell you the result.
 My girls won the game 5 to 0.