258-257 Witchcraft inherited

'This is a fighting arena set up on the Mermaid Witch Academia grounds. We'll be using all water types this time.
The best schools have the best facilities.

 The whole room is filled with water.
 If a human or demon tribe enters, they will surely drown. It's a space that only we mermaids can make use of.

 Incidentally, in addition to the all-water type, there is also a half-water fighting arena that is only half-filled with water.
 The semi-water type is characterized by the fact that it assumes a battle near the surface of the water and includes tricky tactics such as a surprise attack once the fighter surfaces, but the fact that he or she chose the semi-water type over this suggests that he or she is determined to make a clear distinction between black and white on the basis of pure strength alone.

And this is the opponent we have prepared for you. And this is the opponent we have prepared for you, the honors students of the Carp Seminar.

 Five new, unfamiliar mermaids.
 They are young and milky.
 They are beautiful to look at, and they look like the elite of the elite, but to a straw man, they are ordinary.

From now on, you will be fighting them one-on-one. One by one.

 If you win, you get to continue your training on the farm. If you lose, you get to stay in school.

But it's a real battle, isn't it? I thought it would be a more gentle formality, since it's being initiated by a school teacher.

 A written test or a quiz format.

'It's as simple as this for a savage like you, isn't it? So that there's no excuse for losing, right?
I'll give you credit. You are putting such an unreasonable demand on yourself.

 They return to each other's camps with bumblebee sparks.
 Even though it's a matter of course, I'm supposed to be the second of the little girls, but with a great warrior named Warawa on my side, victory is as good as guaranteed!

 And yet, Angel and the rest of the girls were already reluctant to start.

"We can't do it...! You can't win........!
They're all in the top grade. You can't win...!

 I see, so the enemy is the senior class.
 Then you can't blame them for being scared. For a student, the difference between the grades of a year is absolute.
 They will be aware of the difference in ability between adults and children.

"But I have no choice...!

 I was about to give him a pep talk when he beat me to it.

'If we don't win this battle, we won't be able to return to the farm,' he said. We will win! It's time to take what I've learned on the farm and put it all out there!

 You're really good at instigating the fringe of royalty, aren't you?
 You've taken all my attempts at agitation with you.

Well, don't worry. That's right, don't worry, the straw is already on you.

 This "Witch of the Abyss", Zos Saira.
 I wasn't too keen on this at first, but I'm starting to enjoy it. I'm going to save your ass and make Karp blow bubbles. Like a crab.

"Wawa will be in charge of everything that needs to be done to win. The Witch of the Abyss is in direct command. Get on board!
Hey, director!

 This is where the mystery director is called.

''Just so you know, it's against the law to let your students use the potions you've created, right?
I know. Who would use that kind of foul-mouthed trickery?

 This kind of game is a test of the skill of creating and using potions.
 A witch can best use her own potions, and if she doesn't win with them, it's meaningless.

Then let's get started. First up, first up.
Okay, go, Discus.

 One of the girls, Discus, calls herself the Ice Witch.
 It seems that she admires Puffa, and she respects him, both in her clothes and her appearance.

 Her opponent is.....

Amia's daughter, Karva.

 Another typical elitist-looking guy.
 He looks smart. It's a sharp contrast to his impersonation of the puffa, which is strangely garish.

It seems that the common people have forgotten their place in the world. I will discipline you. I'm going to discipline you and show you that people of low birth should hide behind a true elite like myself!

 Carp, the umpire, says, "Start! The sharp voice of the

 But the voice only echoed emphatically in the water.
 The two opponents did not move a bit on both sides.

''.........? What's the matter? Begin! Let the magic games begin!
Teacher, it's already started.
And then it was over.

 Your opponent in this discus is... what's his name?
 Oh well, there's no end to remembering every single name of the loser.

 Sotatsu, defeated by Discus, was still shaking his body as hard as he could to move, but he couldn't.
 I could feel the water on the surface of his body freezing slightly.

"d*mn it! Move! I can't move! I can't use a potion to neutralize the ice and make it melt?
"Miss Puffa told me. You don't make ice by lowering the temperature with potions. The potion reacts with water to create ice. The temperature is lowered by the generated ice on its own.

 It's one of Puffa's most ridiculous skills.
 Ice is created by reacting potions and water, so a simple temperature rise potion cannot melt and neutralize the ice.

 The ice produced cools the temperature of the surroundings and reacts with the cooled water to produce even cooler ice.
 Puffa's soundless invasion of this cycle to create ice with a bang is bad even for the strawman if you're not careful.

'You yeah! You've already mixed the potion in the water, haven't you! Ahhhh!
What is it?
"Not fair. Ignore the signal to start, eh?
This is also what Miss Puffa said, but no one gives the signal to start in a real battle. It's stupid to let your guard down in front of the enemy.

 That elite won't be able to escape the ice on their own anymore.
 It's not as effective as Puffa's, but if you can't neutralize it, a prestigious school will be too much for you.


 As proof of this, the test tube that Karp's guy threw at it collided with the ice and cracked, and the ice melted before I could even see it as the magic potion inside simply spread into the water.

''Karva, you've lost. A Potions Master can sufficiently neutralize an icy attack even with a surprise attack. The reason you couldn't do that is your lack of study.
Round two! Each opponent goes forward.

 The second one here is Bale Tail. I hear he calls himself the "Fire Witch".
 His opponent is the "Hellfire Witch" Lamp Eye.

 His opponent is.....

My opponent is....

 I'm sure it's elitist, but I'm getting the odd one out again.
 Even though she is a female mermaid, she has a harpoon. A harpoon.

The Betas are one of the most respected warrior families in the mermaid kingdom. They're known as the "fighting fish.

 Is that right?
 Thanks for the explanation.

''My daughter there, Senior Clowntail, has also been selected to join the Kingsguard after she graduates and is a future cadre candidate.
You're an elitist.

 I mean, doesn't the other guy respect Lamp Eye too?
 So it's a clash of little rump eyes.


 The battle was won again in an instant.
 This battle became a contest not only of potions, but also of harpooning, which is originally the gain of male mermaids, but the battle was won by Veiltail, who brilliantly dodged the harpoon of the opponent's crowntail and slammed the burning potions onto the opponent's shield.

 The burning potion directly from Lamp Eye is highly adhesive and when it spills out of the test tube, it sticks to the surface of the shield and continues to react and burn even in water.
 The metal shield was getting hotter and hotter, and the crowntail or something like that was too hot to hold.
 The harpoon and shield are one set in the male mermaid's fighting style.
 The crowntail that imitates them is also two, but it loses one of them for two, and the fighting method is not valid.

 On one hand, a bailtail. The harpooner and the potions master are used together in battle. He has been trained in the technique that Lamp Eye has developed independently.

 It's not a match between the senior who has been stripped of one wing and the junior who is fully prepared, the rest is one-sided.

 The second game was also won by our side, Bale Tail.

    * * * *

 Heckery, who participated in the third game, calls himself the Wind Witch.
 It seems that he has been trained by Gala Rufa, the Plague Witch, and has been creating and distributing his newly developed magical germs, which are not magic potions, for sale.
 The germs were sprayed in the water and adhered to the opponent's clothes, decomposing the fibers and leaving them bare.

 It was a terrible way to win, but what's worse, once released, the germs multiplied without limit, and even the creator was unable to stop them.

 At the risk of being stripped completely naked by everyone except Heckery, who came in a garment of vaulted silk that even magical bacteria couldn't break down for good measure.
 The whole water in the arena was boiled to kill the germs in a big mess.

    * * * *

 I had been taken care of by Batrax, the "Earth Witch" of the fourth game, by Warawa himself.
 When I participated in an event in Okubo, he helped me mass produce the Deep One for play.
 At that time, I advised him to use the rest of what he had made for me, and I actually put it into action.
 My opponents were completely hooked on the Deep One, which split up every time it was struck, and in the end, it was crushed by an overwhelming majority.

    * * * *

 And last.
 The second princess of the mermaid kingdom, Angel....

"Suicide! Mermaid Spark!
Is that...? It's one of the three major secrets of the Mermaid family, and one of the three that have been handed down for generations? I've heard that Princess Plati revived it after decades of absence of its user, but...?

 The fact that my sister can use it too means that she learned it from her sister.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a technique that the royal family considers to be their secret weapon. It's not something that can be easily mastered, even if it is taught hand-in-hand.

 That's why.
 Our side won all five battles in this match.

 We won this game by a great strategist.