259-258 Princess is a witch


 Five girls raised on a saint's farm vs. the school's elite.

 The result is an overwhelming victory for the Angels.
 A win in all five battles.

 It was the best possible outcome, and I, Zos Saira of the Abyss, was extremely satisfied with that.

 On the other hand, her opponent, an outstanding student at the best potions and magic school in the mermaid country, was a total failure.
 It's a game they deserved to win, but they lost badly, and their reputation was shattered.

 The Karp guy who had been so confidently pushing his students is a disgrace too.

"We defeated all of our seniors...!
"We've never been this strong...?

 The victors are the ones who are most confused.
 But why should they be surprised?

You have been instructed directly by the most skilled witch in the world, and you have had the opportunity to experiment and practice various skills. How could you not have grown up?
Lady Zos Saira!
'And there's no way I'm going to lose to a hothouse kid in school who does nothing but transcribe equations, in all likelihood. ...Is that clear?

 Farm or school.
 Which is more beneficial to their development?

 Well, for those of you who don't doubt that we're the best in the world, I guess we've hit a bit of a snag.
 Ho ho ho ho ho.........?

"Annihilation........the students I brought up with great care.......?

 Oh, Carp.
 How does it feel now that you thought you were going to win and got beaten to a pulp?
 Hey, how does that feel?

Princess Angel and all the other kids have grown so fast in such a short period of time...? Before they left school, they were ordinary kids with no outstanding grades....?
It's the brilliance of a farm to turn them into something extraordinary.

 I'm not a resident of the farm, so I act like I'm a representative.

I've shown you the results of our efforts. Even you with your thick head can understand that. This isn't the best environment in which to raise them.
But...! This is the best and most prestigious school in the mermaid kingdom........!
What about it? Even a prestigious school is no match for the opulence of a farm with a few witches. You must understand that and step aside gracefully.

 That would be the best course of action for these children to take.

No! I can't!
He's not a good person.
I didn't allow the first princess, Lady Plati, to drop out of school, and I didn't even get to raise her sister, Princess Angel...! If that happens, our school will have no reason to exist. We won't be able to face that person...!

 Because Mermaid Witch Academia is a royal institution.
 And yet, they couldn't get the royalty to graduate, "What's the point of it? That's what we're talking about.

It's not over yet!
No, it's over. All five battles are over.
''No, it's still there, the match between you and me!''

 Carp glares at the straw man as he says this.
 'What is it?

"I challenge you to a fight, Zos Saira! If I win, leave these women behind!
This is extremely unseemly. Are you suggesting that a direct confrontation between you and me will determine the educational policies of these children?
'There is a connection! I'll make it clear what the leadership is capable of in this game! The strong lead the way, that's all!

 You can't be too much of a complainer.
 The fact that he becomes reckless when pushed to the limit has not changed. It's a common trait of hard-headed people.

But Mr. Karp, are you forgetting something important?

 Like the recklessness of taking on this Abyssal Witch, Zos Saira.

Did you ever have a chance against a straw man, even when you were at your strongest? "The Witch of Ars?
'Stop calling me by that name. I am now a teacher at the prestigious Mermaid Witch Academia!

 Then let's give it a try.
 How much has that great teacher grown himself?

You just made me think, what kind of relationship is this between these two?

 The little girls are freaking out out out in the field, but you can watch at ease.
 They'll triumph in the blink of an eye and bring you back to the farm!


 A voice to stop the stragglers?
 What's that voice?

"Zosu and Kaa used to be such good friends. Don't fight with them.
"What? You are...?

 A gorgeous mermaid and her husband.

 The husband is a strong, mature mermaid with a dignified appearance, admiring his rich beard and majestic tail fin.
 The wife is a youthful lady who could easily be mistaken for a maiden in her twenties, with a radiant charm.

"His Majesty the Mermaid King Nargus!
And the Mermaid Queen Sheila, the ruler of the mermaid kingdom!

 The ruler of the mermaid kingdom and heir to the throne.
 And the parents of Platy and Angel.

Papa! Mom!

 As if to prove it, Angel hugs his mother.

What are you doing here? I told you I'd be waiting for you at the castle, didn't I?
'We were going to do that, but Dad got too worried. In the end he decided to come over and see how he was doing. I guess it was the right thing to do.

 Queen Sheila swims over to us with Angel in her arms.

 Walla and Karp.
 Down to the two of them.

'Zos, you're still a wanted man, you can't go on a rampage in the capital, can you? If it's too flashy, it's not going to deter the guards, indeed.

 Huh... yes...

'Kerr, you're in a position of responsibility now, so you shouldn't be rash. Are you going to teach your students to 'solve trouble with your fists'?
I'm sorry, sir.

 Both Wara and Karp freeze up in front of the mermaid queen.
 They can't argue with her.

''But Queen Sheila. This is a matter of prestige for Mermaid Witch Academia........!

 Oh, that Karp guy... he's got some balls.

The purpose of our school is to raise the royal family of the mermaid kingdom to become ladies who are worthy of their bloodline. If this is not possible for Prati, our eldest daughter, and Angel is deprived of her leadership, it will affect our survival. Please take care of things here, Sheila-sama...!
'Carp? Are you going to talk back to me?

 I told you so!

 It's not only Karp who is directly opposed to you, but the strawmen next to you and the little mermaids around you are all shaking with fear!


 And her companion, the Mermaid King, gave one coughing fit. So Queen Sheila huffed and put away her killing spree.

''Well, now that you're a teacher, Kaa, you have to think about school, don't you? I don't really mind either way. Prati-chan and Angel-chan, as long as they grow up in good health, what does it matter what your educational background is...?
"That's not how it works...! The state and the appearance of the school...!

 So, Karp, why are you arguing with me?
 Don't you learn, you're a teacher!

Oh...! Don't worry, I'll make sure the school is taken care of, even by the royal family.

 How many times would that Carp guy have been killed if the Mermaid King hadn't cleared his throat?

Zos, you haven't said a word since you left, have you? Quiet, right?
'Ha! I'll speak whatever you want me to speak, sister!
'Didn't I tell you to stop calling me that after I married my darling?
"I'm sorry, sister!

 Angel and the rest of the school's little mermaids were dumbfounded, unable to understand what was going on.

 One of the six witches, one of the worst troublemakers in the mermaid world.
 The best and most prestigious school teacher in the mermaid kingdom.

 The dignity of the mermaid queen who is scared of these two people side by side.

I want Arowana, Platy, Angel and all the younger children to be free to live their lives as they wish. I don't want them to have any regrets in their lives. Although there are people who accuse me of indulging them,

 What kind of a daredevil would do that?

But you have to take responsibility for being born into mermaid royalty. That's why I've prepared a compromise plan. I'm sure you'll all agree with me.
" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "
Wouldn't you agree?

 All right, you're smart.
 You just do what your sister Sheila tells you to do. That's the secret to longevity.

"Hey, Master Zos?

 Angel asks Strawberry.

'Master Zos, you seem to be good friends with my mom, do you know her? I had no idea my mom knew the Six Witches.
Mm, I had a little fling with him a long time ago.

 Don't ask me any more than that.
'If I tell you, I'll kill you,' she said, as tightly as she could before she was married.

 About twenty years ago, Warawa and Karp were rioting on the sea, led by your sister.
 And just as they were about to carry out their plan to destroy the mermaid kingdom, a young mermaid appeared out of the blue, and after a great love affair, she gave up her plan and married him.

 The title he once bore was a title that shook the mermaid outlaw world to no end.

Sheila Cannes, the "Dark (adobeer) Witch".

 The only people who know about her career, apart from her husband and wife, are her younger sisters, Wawa and Karp, who are the only ones who know about her.
It might be better to say "knowingly being kept alive".

 That's why you can't let that person's own children, Prati and Angel, slip through your fingers by accident!

'Zos-chan? It's nice to see you after all these years.
For the record, I think our memories are most beautiful when we keep them close to our hearts.
You are quite right, sir!

 At the very least, Plati's outstanding talent is probably the bloodline she inherited from him.

 Anyway, with the arrival of the Mermaid King and his wife, neither Karp nor anyone else could interfere in the matter.
 This matter was settled.

 ........or is it?