260-259  Mermaid Campus

 It's me.
 Hey, guys.

 The angels are back. They are back on our farm after their homecoming.
 But there's one thing I'm noticing....

...is there more?

 The numbers.
 The number of people.
 When we went there, there were supposed to be five people plus Zos Saira to lead us, but when we came back there were about twenty.

 Increase in number?

"Are mermaids capable of multiplication?
No, sir. What makes you think that?

 This time, I received a sharp tweak from Zos Saira, who acted as the leader of the group.
 'No really, thank you for your hard work this time.

''Then why are the mermaids you sent out believing and coming back in greater numbers?

 In total, there were about twenty mermaids, and five of the original members, Angel, Discus, Bale Tail, Heckery, and Batrax, who had a wry look on their faces.

 Then who were the other fifteen or so stranger mermaids?
 At least I've never seen this face before, our first meeting.

"I don't know you, Saint. I've heard so much about you.

 Among them was an older sister mermaid who seemed to be head and shoulders above the average age group.
 She seemed terribly meticulous, and she bowed her head snappily as she did so.

''I'm Karp. I'm a teacher at Mermaid Witch Academy, the most prestigious potions school in the mermaid country.

 Ah, it was on that topic.

''I am pleased to announce that we are preparing to establish a branch school of Mermaid Witch Academia in this farm ruled by your saint. We would like to ask for your kind permission to do so.



 What's that?
 It was so abrupt and fast that it was like "Do you see it twice?
 It took me a moment to understand it!

That's a compromise.

 In the meantime, Zos Saira, as a human resource on our side, explains.

'The Angels want to continue their apprenticeship on this farm. But if they do that, the men of the prestigious school will be crushed. It would be a waste of time to get them up and running.

 Balancing that and satisfying the convenience of both...?

I will establish a branch of the Mermaid Witch Academy on this farm, and the Angels will take their seats there. Then they will remain here and remain students of the Academy. Not everything will be the same.

 I see.
 What a grey, sophomoric way of thinking around politicians.

What does this have to do with the fact that there are more mermaids than ever before?
If we're setting up an offshoot school, I'm sure we can find a more respectable number. I'd say the students were recruited from Mermaid Witch Academy.

 I see.
 You want to study here with us?

I have been assigned to be in charge of the branch school and the students' guidance. Naturally, I will be of service to Saint Prathi's husband, His Holiness, as well!

 Was that Mr. Karp before? I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.
 It's true that she's not the only one dressed as a student.

I'm begging you. I ask your permission to establish a branch school of Mermaid Witch Academy in this location!
No, I don't deny it, but...

 Our farm has taken in new residents many times anyway, so there's no point in worrying about it now.

 Well, we need to be considerate enough to ask our farm's old-timers for their opinions as well....

I agree.
Good, I guess.
''Mermaids, your department is regularly short-staffed, and you can't afford to hire more people around here all at once, can you?
I'll have to burn another plate, won't I?
I've got to milk more tomorrow...
New friends!
Do they drink?

 The mood was generally welcoming.
 One point.....

"There is a problem.

 The one who objected was, ironically, a mermaid of his own kind.
 One of the six witches, 'Hellfire Witch' Lamp Eye.

''Huh? Just you?

 Where are the other mermaids?

Puffa is out again. Also, Gala Rufa is holed up in the infirmary, and he's not so much busy with his duties as he is with being called crazy again.

 It's the first time the girl mermaids have visited us, and they're going, "Hellfire Witch! "There really is! The Six Witches really have a high status in their hometown, don't they?
 The six witches really have a high status in their hometown.

I don't care about Puffa and Gara Rufa, but what about Platy? Isn't this essentially when she's supposed to be here?

 She's my wife, and she's the head and head of the mermaid team.
 Shouldn't the entire mermaid team's opinion be her voice?
 And how did the lamp eyes do that?
 And why do you refuse?

I have taken the liberty of speaking for myself this time. 'There is a problem,' is what Mr. Plati said.
"There's a lot of friction between Master Prati and the school...

 As I was about to listen further, something strange happened.

 Carp, the teacher who had been leading the students, had a glint in his eye.

Lady Platy! You're in there, aren't you?
Gah! He found us!

 If you thought he wasn't there, was he hiding in the shadows that close to you?

'Sweet, Master Platy! Do you remember how many times in your school days I stopped you from hiding and trying to get out of class like that?
That's why I don't like you! Ghosts of the past! Don't step into my paradise!

 It's rare to see Prathi so rejected and yet turned against her.
 What is the relationship between her and that teacher?

''........Come to think of it, the 'Witch of the Crown' had dropped out of Mermaid Witch Academia, didn't she?

 Zos Saira said.

I've only heard that Master Prathi, who had a personality like that that didn't fit in with the discipline of a prestigious school, clashed many times with the teachers. Probably, that Karp teacher was the spearhead of that.

 And lamp eye.

........that means the teacher's gaze on me was so severe, it was a sis's fault!

 And Angel.
 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what to do.

 Prati and Mr. Karp are wrestling at the side.

'I've been waiting for this moment for a long time! I'm here not only for the protective education of current students, Master Prathi, but also because I stepped in to see you again! Now is the time for you, along with Lady Angel and the others, to re-educate yourself and officially graduate from Mermaid Witch Academia! Not dropping out!
"Shut up! I've long since graduated from domination! You can't be so well-behaved and serious! I couldn't wait to be free!

 Prathi hates it like a child.
 And don't be too loud, I'm worried about my baby.

I don't want you to be afraid of your baby. He even went so far as to beg me to go against it for him.

 Lamp-Eye says dumbly.........
 Prati pleads........?

Even the Crowned Witch has a natural enemy. "The Crown Witch has her own natural enemies.

 On top of that, a mentor is the next hardest person to disobey in one's lifetime, next to one's parents.
 Will Prathi feel smoky too?

 And if so, what is to be done about it?
 You're right, I don't want to push my beloved wife to admit a new resident, even though she doesn't want to?

'Yes! I will use all my powers as a farmer's wife to deny you, now that I'm a farmer's wife! Take Angel and all the other students and go back to the mermaid kingdom!
"Am I in trouble?

 Angel, the collateral damage.
 You can't help but agree with Prati's insistence, but....

So it's no use.

 Teacher Karp said, but without losing his composure.

'I see no alternative but to produce this. I have a letter from Queen Sheila.
From Mom!

 Teacher Karp pulls some kind of wide seaweed out of his pocket.
 A letter written on kelp?

 Prathi snatched it up and unfolded it to read it.


 For a few dozen seconds, her eyeballs moved busily.

''........I approve the establishment of the branch school.......!

 The student mermaids are delighted.

 Prati was completely defeated.

 Platy has one more natural enemy.