261-260... is in the sea

 A letter from her mother that crushes Prathi's stubborn will.
 Is that how hard it is for her to resist her mother?

 Here's an excerpt from a letter from mom.


 Congratulations on your pregnancy.
 You're now an adult. You couldn't be prouder as your mother.
 Are you taking care of your body? Do you sleep with your belly out?
 You have to be even more careful than usual because you are no longer alone in your body.
 If it were up to me, I would have come over right away to congratulate you in person, but I can't keep up with the children younger than you, so I've decided to leave this letter to Karp.


 So, good luck with the establishment of the branch school.

 From my mother.

 To my treasure, Platy.

"Your mother's kind words in front of me... I can't say NO........!

 Prathi sobbed in tears of emotion.

 I see.
 Is it the natural enemy of the arraignment system?

I have a feeling that there's quite a politically egregious context to the part that was done, but I'll get to that later.

'Just make an offshoot or whatever you want to call it! I'll do anything you ask of me, Mom!

 Thus, even Prati has fallen.
 Then, since there is now no one to oppose it........

''I approve the establishment of the Mermaid Witch Academia Farm Branch School.

 The mermaid students were overjoyed.
 Not to mention Angel and the other existing groups, the new members also raised their hands.

 ........Why are they so excited?

Calm down! Ladies and gentlemen!

 Then a blackmail from the Carp teacher flew and it instantly quieted down.

''As a mermaid lady, you must strictly refrain from indiscretions. You aren't just learning pharmacy magic here. You will also learn to behave in a noble manner that will not put you to shame as a lady.
""Okay, sir..."

 Carp teacher, tough.
 I used to have one in my school days. Such a nagging teacher for no reason....

 ........closely behind me, Prathi was shirking.
 Her tail stretched out from her buttocks, puffing up her fur with a buzz.
 I don't actually have a tail, Platy is a mermaid.

 We have enough cat characters in our house, just one viel.

Saints, we need to discuss your schedule.
'Regularity is the essence of student life! The students will follow a daily schedule that is thoroughly constructed by the leadership here at the farm as well!

 and a wide seaweed that the Carp teacher thrusts at him.

 Apparently used as a substitute for paper in the world of mermaids, there is a detailed schedule on it....
 For example, what time you get up at, what time you have class from what time to what time, and what time you have to work, were written down in great detail.
 It was a meticulous detail.


 I didn't hesitate to throw the seaweed into the pot to get the broth.

"Scrap this schedule.

 The farm is known for its longevity.
 It ruins the atmosphere if you bring in such a time-consuming lifestyle.

"Everyone should work when they want, how they want. It's easy and fun.

 As long as there is a set time for everyone to eat together, and for everyone to wake up and go to bed, the rest is free.
 Also, as long as there was a specific time for everyone to drink the milk that the satyrs handed out, we were free to do whatever we wanted.

 I don't care. I'm in this other world to be free of all that stuff.

But...! That's going to make our school's education...!
'It's an offshoot of our farm. If you can't follow the ways of the farm, you'll still have to leave.

 From behind, "That's what I'm talking about, sir! Your brother-in-law is so cool! The mermaid princess sisters cheered for them.

''Wow, I see........! We are renting a room here as well. We'll compromise.
Thank you for your understanding.

 From behind, he said, "You see that! This is the power of a master! It's your brother-in-law's power! The voice was excited.

Well, you'll be living with us from now on, won't you? Then you'll need a house to sleep and wake up in.

 Of course, we can't just let them stay out in the field, either.
 And since the number of people will increase by a dozen at once, we'll need to build another building.

"My Lord...! Architecture? Are you building on the express again?

 Orcubo and the rest of the Orc team suddenly started to get nervous.
 These guys are really starting to get their building mania on board.

''Since our kids are eager to enjoy their hobby, we need to set up a place for you to stay as soon as possible...''
That's not going to happen.


We cannot foster pride in our mermaids if we are disturbed by all that is going on. We would like to make sure that we have a place to sleep and wake up ourselves.

 Does that mean we're going to build our own house?

Don't tell me you've got a carpenter from mermaid country?
There is no need. We mermaids have this.

 And then the Carp teacher took out what looked like a white pebble.
 About the size of a fingertip.


 From the looks of it, it's probably a piece of coral.

'It's not just any coral. This is one of Princess Prati's great inventions. It's a model of the Hypertrophic Growth Coral.

 Hypertrophic growth coral?

'You're bringing out the old stuff again, aren't you?'

 says Prathi herself in the context.
 I'm assuming you mean she invented it, but what kind of hypertrophic growth coral is that?

With the addition of a special growth potion, the coral grows at an explosive rate. Moreover, you can decide in advance what kind of shape the coral will grow into.
So it could be grown into a form that is hollow and has a roof and can be used as a house. With this, mermaids could instantly live a cultural life in all waters!

 You mean the house of coral?
 But if you're a coral, you need to live underwater, and that means you're going to have to build your house underwater, right?

Aren't you going to sleep on the farm?
We are mermaids. Our basic life is to live in the sea. We will make our quarters in the waters nearby and we will live there. During the daytime operations, we will be allowed to go ashore and take our land-humanizing medicine.

 It's such a hassle.
 If you're going to live at home, why don't you just sleep on the ground?

''And a house of growing corals is just a simple house. It's simple to build, and that's a world of difference from a house built by a coral carpenter in his day job. It's a one-day thing to make the camp somewhat more comfortable, not a permanent use...!
No. It's only when you value the life of the sea that you can feed the pride of the mermaid race.

 These conversations alone were more than enough for me to understand.
 Ms. Karp's stubbornness and troublesomeness as a teacher.

 If it was just her, it would be unbearable for her students to have to deal with it.

I'm willing to make do with meals to avoid being a burden to Prathi-sama. Please help us out!

    * * *

 Thus began the farm branch of Mermaid Witch Academia.
 At first, they built a dormitory on the sea near the farm, as instructed by their teacher Karp, and slept there at night, coming ashore in the morning to humanize themselves by taking medicine, taking classes and helping with the farm work, and then returning to the sea after dark in the form of mermaids again.

 Such was the repetition of life.

'What? Do you wear such cute clothes when you sleep on land?
It's called pajamas! This place is full of clothes made by the best craftsmen of the demon race!

 All of the students at the mermaid school are girls, all around her age.
 The yearning to dress up in pretty clothes cannot be erased.

'........lunch at the farm, delicious.......!
It's nothing compared to dinner under the sea...!
No....! I don't want to eat raw fish that hasn't been cooked yet...!
I've had enough of this gut feeling that all I have to do is drink seawater and I'll be alive...

 At some point, one student after another began to stay on the ground, and it didn't take long for all of them to refuse to return to the sea quarters.


''Thanks for your help........!

 With my homemade skewers in one hand and a bashful expression on his face, Mr. Karp suggested a full-scale residence on our farm.
 By that time, all the new-faced mermaids were captivated by life on our farm.

'Food on the farm is so good! The milk from the satyrs tastes so good!
"Hot springs feel so good! It's so comfy!
"My pajamas are so cute!
This drink made by Master Bacchus is so good!
"You're still a student...?

 This is how all kinds of mermaids were transformed into bodies that could not survive without the food and clothing produced on our farm.

 When the official migration is decided.........

''Call the orc team! This is the building season! You can build a boarding house where the mermaids can live comfortably!
It's already built.
You're early.
Because it was only a matter of time before they lost.

 Still, you're impatient to start construction without even waiting for the Lord's go-ahead!
 Thus, although there were some twists and turns from the earnest teacher's obsession.
 The mermaid branch school made an official start.