263-262 Conspiracy Mermaid

 Mermaid Witch Academia Farm Branch School.

 I was one of the mermaid students chosen to be its special student.
 The plan began as a whimsical proposal from the Mermaid Queen Sheila.

 But even so, I was inundated with applicants.

 After all, it was the offer to receive direct instruction from the Six Witches, the best magician of the mermaid world.
 Every student, from the meek to the ambitious student who wanted to learn the secrets of potions, wanted to participate.
 After various reviews and comparisons, in addition to Princess Angel and her five cronies who have been training in the area since the beginning, about ten new students were chosen to join the branch school.

 One of them was me.

 I don't have any particular talents or specialties, and I'm not surprised that I was able to get through the narrow gate of Mermaid Witch Academia just because I was born to the daughter of one of the many middle-class nobles in the Mermaid Country.

 It's probably pure luck.
 Other than that, I can't think of any other cause.

 But I rather resented that luck.
 Because of this once-in-a-lifetime good fortune, I had been burdened with an important mission that didn't suit my ordinary self.

 My brother, a middle-class aristocrat, was a brilliant young man despite his halfway decent status, and he often spoke out on the street.
 He was what you might call an activist.

 That brother gave me an order.

I'm not going to be able to get out.


 There is a controversy going on in the land of mermaids right now. It's a debate that has split the country in half.

"How should we deal with the demon race that ruled the earth? So, after winning the battle with the human race, the demon race will attack the mermaid kingdom next, won't they? The argument is based on the fear that the demon race will attack and destroy the mermaid kingdom.

 In the dispute, my brother belongs to the faction that says, 'The demons intend to attack and destroy the mermaid kingdom. He belongs to the faction that says, 'The demon tribe is planning to attack and destroy the mermaid kingdom, and we should take action as soon as possible.
 And they are trying to take this kind of action to fend off the demon invasion.

''We should revive the once-vanished Princess Prati's bride and strengthen our friendly relations with the Demon Nation.''
''I don't care who she's married to now. He should be forced to divorce her and give her to the Demon King for another marriage.

 To his brother, who belongs to such a faction, his sister's visit to the farm where Princess Prati is said to live is a boat ride.
 The night before he left for the farm, he said to me, "You know what?

The night before I went to the farm, my brother said to me, "Listen, sister. The future of the mermaid kingdom depends on your work. The Princess Platy, whose whereabouts are unknown at the moment, is sure to be where you are headed. You must find out more about her location and do something to inform your brother.

 He goes on to say.

'You need to stop there. I'll lead a group of men to meet Princess Platy and escort her back to the Demon King. I'm going to be the one to take her to the Demon King. It doesn't matter how many guards you have, with fifty heroes from the mermaid kingdom, you can easily take the princess away from them.


'That is the way to save the mermaid kingdom from destruction. Is that clear? Your success or failure depends on your work. Never let the teachers think you're doing anything wrong.

 I can't go against my brother, who has always loved me so much.
 With a secret I couldn't even tell my friends, I came to the saint's farm with the other students.
 I also confirmed the existence of Princess Prati.

 The first step in the secret mission is complete.
 All we need to do now is to somehow inform my brother in my country of the detailed location of this farm.

 If I can do that, my brother will then take a group of people and attack the Princess Platy.

 The mermaid warriors are a force to be reckoned with.
 As my brother would say, defending a small farm like this....

''Err, folks,''

 I was pondering, when someone said something.

'We have a very special teacher here today.

    * * *

I'm a teacher at No Life King.


 Is there some kind of unworldly, terrifying monster in front of you?
 The mummy-like appearance was dry and parched.
 The miasma, or the miasma that emanates from it, is so evil that many students, including myself, forget to breathe and tremble.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for. It's a good idea to learn more about the extreme magic that is so extreme that it's no longer important to distinguish between them.

 I'm not talking about learning or anything like that........

 No Life King?
 One of the worst threats transmitted to land?

 How could it be in front of us?

'Oh no, I'm sorry to bother you, sir.
"If the saint asks you to do something, you can't refuse. I would not refuse your request if you asked me to. I would even ask you to let me teach you a class.
If I can help you rejuvenate, I'm happy to do so.
Well, one lesson can make you feel ten years younger.
To you, ten years is not an error margin.

 Hahahahaha! An immortal monster and a land man laughing at each other.
 Is that what you call an undead joke?

 Either way, even if there were 5,000 elites led by your brother, I don't feel like we could beat the No Life King, right?

''Then let's get right to today's lesson and have a look at the practical skills. I'm going to summon a god now, so I want everyone to observe closely.

 That day I was able to see in person for the first time the ancestral deity of the mermaid tribe, Poseidon, for the first time.

    * * * *

 After a couple of screws of common sense popped off in a class by the No-Life King, there was a special lecturer who further defied common sense.

'I am Queen Astares, the Demon Queen,'

 The Demon Queen?

 If my memory drawer fits in the right place........
 Is it correct that the Demon Queen is the head of the demon race, the Demon King's queen?

Today I am taking on the role of special lecturer after the No Life King teacher. I wanted to give back to the saints who have always been so kind to me by taking the stage. Everyone said, 'If I miss a word, I'll die! Listen carefully with about as much spirit as you can muster.

 Demon Queen, I'm scared.
 You sound more like a great general than a queen.

"However, I can only lecture the other races about the future relationship between the demon race and the mermaid race. To sum up, our relationship could not be more cordial.

 Is that so?

And the cornerstone of their friendship is the main saint of the farm and his wife, Prati. As long as they are alive and well, there will be no more wars on earth or under the sea. ...On the contrary.


What do you think would happen if someone tried to harm these two men?

 All of us mermaid students buzzed at the Demon Queen's implied question.

''In the name of our Demon King's army, the criminals will kill all of their relatives within the fifteenth degree together.

 When she finished saying all she had to say, the Demon Queen received her own child that she had left in the care of her subordinates.
 And she was fussing over it with an absurdly sweet smile.
 The gap was amazing.

    * * * *.

 Throughout today's special class, I learned one thing definitively.

 That it's very bad to mess with this farm.

 Sending a few dozen Tekken to control it or something like that is just plain stupid.
 In order to take care of this farm, at the very least, the existence of the mermaid nation would have to be at stake.

 I'd have to be prepared for the demon tribe to turn against me.
 Our plan was to avoid a war with the demons in the first place.

 This plan should be canceled overwhelmingly.

 But will my brother be convinced? Can you get a firm grasp of the farm's maverick nature based on hearsay alone without actually seeing it firsthand?

 I was at a loss, and above my head, some kind of winged flying man was playing an even match with a dragon.
 However, there was no one but us kids from the branch school who were looking up at it and panicking.
 A practice match? They say it's a familiar sight...

 And one more thing.
 Looking towards the surface of the ground, I saw something remarkable there as well.

 Princess Prati.

 She's the person who should be at the heart of the problem.
 She's married to the owner of this person's outlandish farm, and now she's already pregnant.

 She has a loving husband, she is blessed with a child, and she is happy by all accounts.
 What right does anyone have to destroy this happiness?


 After all, I had to keep everyone happy with a code that I confused with a letter to my parents' house. All I had to do was keep writing and sending "Chousa Keizokuchu".

    * * * *.

 An aside.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeamTeam Teammates
 Oh yeah, there's a girl named ■■■■■■ among the students I got to join the mermaid branch school.
 She's a spy.
 Where's the spy from, the anti-Royalists?
 Demons are attacking! And she's growing in strength," she says.
 She's the one they sent to find out where you are, so why don't you just go ahead and indulge her?
 You see, when you're a silly person, you focus on one thing that seems to work, and you don't want to focus on anything else.
 I'll be able to hold Princess Plati back while I use the bait to keep her from making any unnecessary moves while I get ready to clean up the place.
 You are the former princess of the mermaid kingdom, so you can help me buy some time, right?
(Subsequent omission.)

 Excerpt from a letter from the Mermaid Queen Sheila to her daughter Prati.
 In response, Prati says.

"I didn't need to be nostalgic...!