267-265 Meat difference

 Yes, it's me.

 I got a gift from Shax, the demon trader.

''Thank you for all the help you've given us. Please pay tribute to our feelings.

 Ours is the one who has always been a great help to us.
 It's because he's the one who makes the farm and sells Batty's clothes and the elves' crafts, which are made on the farm.

 Shax-san is a great merchant of the demon race.
 He is the only person in the demon kingdom who is allowed to do business with my home, and that is why he tries to maintain his relationship with my home with the utmost care and attention.

 Today's "souvenir" is probably a part of that intention.

''........And what is this souvenir?

 No matter how I am, I can't help but get excited when I receive something.
 No matter how old I get, the phrase 'souvenir' always lifts my heart.

It was just a coincidence that I got this one. That's how rare these things are in the market. But now that I've bought such a rare item! I would very much like to present it to the saints!

 Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa?
 Are you sure? Raising the bar so casually?

 I'm getting excited like a kid on Christmas Eve!

"The Demon King has deemed it one of the world's greatest delicacies to be consumed by his majesty, and that is...!


It's square bore meat!


''The most bountiful taste of meat among the many monsters! In contrast, it's difficult to obtain due to the lack of inhabited dungeons and the ferocity of the individuals themselves!
''It's a luxury ingredient that is hard to find in the Demon City's finest restaurants! Of course, I don't know if it will satisfy the saint's fertile tongue, but please accept my feelings!
''Wow, I'm so happy...''

 The square boar is the most standard meat-eating material on our farm.
 That monster, which I call the horned boar, lives in the mountain dungeons that Veerle controls to overflowing.

 So for me, it's everyday life itself........
''You will definitely be pleased! And I can't say that to Shax-san confidently to his face.

''Thank you........! We will all eat well........!
'No no no! I'm glad to see you're pleased with your saint!

 I mean, I must have treated this man to horned boar meat when I visited him in the past.
 Many times.

    * * * *


 We're having horned boar meat for dinner, which Mr. Shax gave us.

"What? Wild boar meat today?

 'I'm tired of wild boar,' complained Veerle.

'I'm tired of wild boar meat! I want something better. Cake, Keke.

 Veerle, who had become a completely discerning dragon with a discerning tongue, had grown tired of the horned boar meat he was used to eating since the farm's birth.
 It's the horned boar meat that I used to gobble up with glee.

I won't feed it to a selfish child. And no yogurt for dessert.
"Wow, sorry, I'm gonna have to eat.

 Perhaps caught by the presence of dessert, Veerle once again went to the table.

''Well, the boar is also delicious, so it's fine.

 Veal eats pork steak, or tongues of pork steak, made from grilled horned wild boar meat.

 He puts it in his mouth and chews it with a mooch........


 He gave me a very subtle look.

'No........what is it? The seasoning doesn't make it that bad, but it's not at all like the wild boar you usually eat. Not by the flavour!

 My wife Prathi, who was sitting around the table with me, had a delicate expression on her face as she put a piece of tonkashi in her mouth.

She said, "I feel like the flavour is off compared to the food your husband always makes for me. It's not because of the cooking. ........the ingredients?

 He's got a very discerning palate, and he sounds like a foodie.

 But there's nothing out of the ordinary, is there?
 I'm going to roast the horned boar meat as usual, season it and...!


 Well, that horned boar itself was different today.
 It wasn't a local foodstuff that I usually hunt in the mountain dungeon, it was from a different region that Shax-san brought me as a gift.

 Is that why it's different?

 I ran to the freezer to try it out and brought out a piece of local wild boar meat that had been frozen.
 I made tonkeki with the exact same hands and seasoning and served it to them again.

''Delicious! Delicious! That's right, that's what true square boas taste like! The master will make you a supreme, exquisite taste!

 That's it!
 That's exactly the reaction of joy the two of them had when they first tasted the wild boar meat!
 It's like the days of yesteryear are back again, and I'm getting emotional too!


'You mean it's so different?'

 Wild boar meat from our home and Shax's souvenir meat.
 They are the same kind of monster, aren't they?

 I also tried two kinds of tonteki, which I'd been making for myself. I tried to compare them.

 They were completely different.
 The flavors were definitely different.

 One of them had a fruit-like sweetness within the rich flavor of the meat. The other, on the other hand, had a muddy, or perhaps even stinky, taste.

 I apologize to Mr. Shaks, but is it still the difference in ingredients?

Why is there such a difference in the same material?

 The first cause that came to mind was the 'supreme bearer' that resides in my hands.
 Just as I had evolved several species of monsters that I had touched, had the horned boar evolved into a higher species?
 And it showed up in your taste buds?

...maybe not.

 Unlike the Orcobos and the Golden Silkworm, the horned boar is hunted and consumed every day.
 A horned boar that continues to be born in a dungeon shouldn't be affected by the 'supreme bearer' at the time of its birth.

 Even though these days, the Orcobos can enter a dungeon and I'm a complete no-touchy.

''Then another cause...?''

 Is it still a place of origin?
 Even in the world I was in before, it was the same variety, but it could be different depending on where it came from.


 Ping it.
 In the mountain dungeon where I'm hunting, there are various otherworldly trees that I've planted.

They are called 'dungeon orchards' and fruit trees grow all over the dungeon.
 Some of the fruit will be fully ripe and fall off before we can harvest them.

 What if a horned boar ate those fruits?

 The crops from other worlds seem to taste great in this world, and the horned boar that ingests them and turns them into flesh and blood must have a much better taste than the ones from other places.

 I've heard that in the world of animal husbandry where I used to work, they also focus on feed to make the meat taste better.
 I've heard that some livestock animals eat better than humans do.

 I think that's what makes the difference between this wild horned boar and the one presented by Mr. Shaks.

'What? So the boar in my dungeon was just like all the others in the beginning, right? The meat dish Master cooked for us was super good from the start, right?
'Any meat can taste better if only the master makes it. The change in the taste of a wild boar eating the fruits of another world would be slow, so I'm sure the attaches were accustomed to it without realizing it, right?

 It was only after eating the normal wild boar meat that Shaks-san gave me that I became aware of the change at once.
 Prathi's guess would be correct.

 I didn't expect to realize that we'd been given a great gastronomic treat in this way.
 And that I hadn't realized it before.

 How sinful.
 Let's be aware of the fact that we are blessed with a privileged environment, and let's always give thanks.

'The meat you gave us, Mr. Shaks, has taught us something important. Let's all say thank you!
Thank you!

 Me, Prati and Veerle all looked at the remaining Shaks' souvenirs.

...........................and this meat.

 Raising his head, Prathi said.

'What are we going to do?'

 Well, you'll eat it, right?
 And that's why Shaks-san gave it to me. Eating well and turning it into flesh and blood is the best way to return the foodstuffs.

I don't like it. "I don't like the taste of meat that's worse than the food I eat.

 On the other hand, what Veerle says is also true.
 Food is daily happiness.
 In order to have a sense of fulfillment in every day and to get energy for tomorrow, meals must always be as good as possible.
 There's no way I would make a bad meal on purpose.

 However, the meat of a horned boar that lived in a land unknown to me, which definitely tasted worse than our own....
 Shaks-san must have put a lot of effort into preparing it.

 Even now, there was still a whole lot of meat left for six animals.