268-266 Meat reincarnation

 An ancient man says....
'Anything can be eaten if it is ground to powder.'

 No, I don't know if I really said that.

 Take barley, for example.
 As it is, it is inedible, but if you grind it up, make it into flour, add water, knead it, bake it and make it into bread, you can enjoy it.

 Flourishing is the way to all foods.


 Wild boar meat in front of us.
 I'm sorry to say this to Shaksus-san, the main recipient of the gift, but the meat from our farm is much better (wrapped in an obloquy).

 We don't like to eat bad (straightforward) food, but it's unbearable to senselessly destroy something that once had a life.

 Then there is only one thing to do.

 We have to turn bad food into good food.

 That way, the food will not be wasted and the taste buds will be happy.
 That processing method is the "powder" I mentioned earlier.

 Once the meat is pulverized to the point where it can no longer retain its original form, it is transformed into a completely different type of food.

 The powdered meat is called minced meat.
 Meat dishes made with minced meat are


 The hamburgers are essentially beef, but I don't care about the details.

 In case you're wondering, I had all the ingredients for a hamburger, so I made it.
 I played a super fast catch-up with both hands to get the air out.

 When it was done, everyone loved it.
 The children's group especially liked the viel and the earth spirit.

'It's ume-! Yummy! It's a challenge to get out of your own way.

 ...Children's group?
 That's kind of a misnomer, but....

 Surprisingly, I hadn't made hamburgers yet, but I'm sure they will now register as a main menu item.

 However, the problem is not solved.
 The meat Shaks-san gave us is still there.

 We have a good number of people on our farm, so Shaksus-san must have thoughtfully prepared a lot of meat for us.
 But we couldn't make a hamburger out of all this.
 I'm sure I'd get bored and my wrist would die from kneading the ground beef so much.

I wonder if I need a different approach...

 What else did we have? What kind of food can you make in a mince...?


 I'm pretty sure it's made with minced meat too.
 And it's a preserved food that should last a long time.


 Okay, I'm going to try to make an otherworldly sausage out of the meat Mr. Shaks gave me!

    * * *

 Sausage is, in other words, ground beef intestines.

 In other words, you need the intestines.

 The meat for the ingredients is right in front of us, so why not just take it from there?
 .........It seemed like it, but the meat presented by Shax-san had been thoroughly dismantled and the organs and bones had been pulled out.

 We want to use any part of the monsters we hunt at our house without wasting any parts, so we don't throw away the mottoes either, but preserve them.
 Most of the time we make a hot pot of motsu and enjoy it with everyone.......

 ........there it is.

 When I was looking for food stock, I found some horned boar intestines frozen.
 I wonder if the orcs were the ones who processed it?
 It's a good job, well washed inside too, good job.

 Let's use this one for the intestines to hold the ground beef.
 This is where the Gift "Supreme Bearer" comes in.
 The power in my hand chooses the best for me, and the intestines are processed quickly and efficiently.

 The minced meat inside the sausage also has additives and mixtures that are unique to sausages, but that too is left to the habits of the "supreme bearer".

 He arranges the ingredients around the sausage, and then he selects the most suitable one and puts it into the minced meat.
 Fully automatic.
The 'supreme bearer' is really handy.

 The gut bag for the minced meat.
 Minced meat to put in the intestine bag.

 Both ready.
 Now all we have to do is combine the two and we're done.
 And voila, a sausage.


How do we pack it in?

 You know, I've seen these things before.
 You have a special machine that stuffs the ground beef into the intestines, right?
 You have to have that, right?

 No, I don't know.

 I don't know if I could possibly do my best and stuff it by hand, but I don't think it's beautiful that way.

 If I were to continue to make sausages on a regular basis....
 I'd like that! Sausage mills!
 ...filling machine?
 Well, let's call it that.

 So how do we prepare that filling machine?
 There was also a way to rely on the Hephaistos God, but somehow the construction of the filling machine seemed simple enough, so I didn't feel comfortable consuming the Hephaistos counter.

 Then what other method was there?

 Yes, you've only recently made an acquaintance who is skilled at making these tools!

    * * *

...and me.

 We have invited Mr. Edward Smith, the dwarf master, to our farm again.
 To explain the purpose of the requirements in a simple way, we started with a hamburger.
 And then, of course, there's the booze.

'I want to fill this bag of processed intestines, you know, with ground beef, with no gaps in between! I was wondering if you could make the tools to do so, Mr. Dwarf!

 Of course I'll be prepared to pay you a lot of money for it!

I wouldn't refuse a request from a saint, though. .........Well, judging from the softness of this ground beef, I think it's better to push it out with pressure, right?

 Now you have a valid idea?
 You're a dwarf.

It's a simple pump that can be used to build such a system. A pump is a necessity for underground excavation.
Then let's get to work! Of course, we'll provide the materials over here!

 Don the manna metal ingot!

Manametal again!

 Edward is convulsing!

He died of shock the last time he saw Manametal's steamboat, what's going on? Don't you like manametal?
'No, no ... it's not a matter of liking or hating. If possible, it's not about liking it or not liking it, it's about being able to shoot a gun in close proximity to it, it's just too exciting...!


 I would like to rely on Edward's dwarven crafting skills and know-how anyway.

'We'll work together to build a sausage filler! With this manna metal!
"I knew the manna metal was the material?

 Huh? No?
 With manna metal, I don't get a metallic smell on my food, which is a big help!

'No...! I'm not saying no, but... The finest metal on earth. Not a legendary sword, but a cooking tool...?

 You look like you're about to be cut...?

 Oh well.
 Let's start by slicing through as much mana metal as we need.

 In times like these, it's time to bring out the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz!

"Holy sword, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

 What the hell?
 Edward let out another strange noise!

"Only the king of demons can have it! The legendary holy sword made by God? In front of me? I'm right in front of you, Gigantor!

 Is this all very exciting to you?

 No, it's nothing to be excited about.
 I'm not fighting a world crisis, so no matter how powerful the weapon is, it's useless.
 It's just for this kind of thing where you can use it to separate materials.
 Spurn, and.

''He's using the holy sword to cut through mana metal. I'm using the most powerful holy sword on earth as a tool!

 Edward, please calm down.
 Calm down, Edward.
 If you get too excited, it could lead to the same thing as before........

"No.........! This land is beyond my understanding...! The values of dwarf craftsmen, which I have spent half my life building, collapses...?
He's dead again!

 I had to rush to call the doctor to revive Edward, who had died of acute shock again.
 Talking to him is a thrill.