269-267 delicious meat stick

 This is how we worked with Edward to build it.
 This is a sausage filler.

It pushes the minced meat into the sausage bag by pressure. It's a manual system, so anyone can operate it.

 Thank you!
 You are indeed a dwarf who excels in the blacksmithing craft!
 His knowledge and skills were of great help!
 If only this wasn't a habit of dying so easily!

 I quickly created a sausage in my newly completed filling machine.

'Let's see, I'm going to set the intestine bag in this hole... and push the ground meat into it...?

 It's in, it's in.
 The minced meat is easily stuffed into the sack of intestines and takes the shape of the sausage I'm familiar with.
 After twisting it in the right places and tying it up with string to separate it, it no longer looks like anything but a sausage.

 There is a pattern of smoking them from here to improve their shelf life, but I passed on it this time.
 It was too much trouble.

 We were going to eat it right away anyway.
 I threw it straight into the pot and boiled it.

It's done!

 Otherworldly sausages with the help of the dwarves!

Just get him to eat.

 Prati and Veerle are already on standby!
 They're a perceptive bunch.

 Well, I want a taster, so I don't hesitate to offer them a freshly boiled sausage.
 I've prepared ketchup and mustard beforehand, so you can use whatever you like.


 This time, the horned boar intestines I used to make the sausage were thicker and bigger than the wiener sausage I'd seen in my previous world.
 To avoid confusion, let's just call them sausages.

 Such a large, thick stick of meat enters Prativir's mouth.
 The meat stick invades the girl's plump and glossy lips as it slides down and breaks off with a crisp sound in the middle.


 I love the reaction, as usual.

''Is this also square bore meat? This isn't the same as grilling it straight up or making a hamburger! It's that in-between, isn't it?
It's like a pretzel pushing back against your teeth! Paris! Crispy in the mouth!

 The otherworldly sausage seemed to be a great success.

 As usual, the other inhabitants gathered around, lured by Prativir's glee.
 I stuff the meat into my gut at a rapid pace for them.

'I'm going to use up all the meat Shax-san gave me!

 That's what I was originally making sausages for.
 If there's any left over, we can just smoke it and store it, and I'll stuff the meat in the filling machine without a side eye!
 And they say you can pack more meat into an empty intestine than an empty one!

 Gobbler! I'll leave it to you guys to boil and roast the sausages!
 I just keep stuffing myself!

'Oh, yes. Edward, you should eat your sausage too!

 It's like you made it!

 ........and then Edward was already having a drink with a sausage as a snack.

 What he is drinking is beer.
 As expected of a dwarf who loves to drink, he has a keen sense of taste.
 The German combo of beer and sausage was completed without anyone telling him.

"Oh, bacchus and........! Give me another drink...!
It's time even the god of alcohol stopped drinking. You've been drinking ever since you got here!
You have no choice! I need to be drunk all the time! If I stay sober in this place, I don't know when I'll stop my heart from shocking again!

 Was I putting more of a burden on Edward-san than I thought?

 If so, I was unconsciously doing something bad.
 I need to boil a lot of sausages and work them up. Maybe I can grill them.

 Since blacksmithing is his specialty, would he be happy if I told him about the time I revived Astares-san's holy sword?

Saints, saints.

 What's that?
 If it's the next sausage, it's not done yet.

We have a visitor. Mr. Shaks of the Pandemonium Trading Company.

 Is he back?

 I'm a little busy right now, so let me through.

Saints, my dear sir. I've found another rare item. What?

 Mr. Shaks.
 You immediately notice the curious task I'm doing.

 It's too much trouble to answer after being asked, so I explain ahead of time.

"This is, you know, like this here...!
Bake or boil it...
Oh, yeah?
So, it's a meal.

 When I finished outlining the sausage, Shax-san let out a cry of clarity and surprise.......or so I thought.
 On the contrary, he sank deeply and made a thoughtful expression.

''........Um? Do you want to eat?
By all means.

 Pass both the boiled and grilled sausages.
 Serve with ketchup or mustard whichever you prefer.

 Mr. Shaks is a gentleman with a dandy beard, already in the realm of old age.
 He carries a very thick meat stick in his mouth, full of austerity, and puts it in his mouth without hesitation.

 He eats silently.........or rather, examines it.
 What's this seriousness that's typical of the eating scene?

Isn't that great? This dish, the meat that Shax-san gave me is the ingredient...!

 Mr. Shax approaches me with a bite.

"Is it possible to mass produce this device?

 Mr. Shaks points to a modern sausage filler.

'Mass production? What do you think? It's all made of mana metal.
"So why are they all made out of manna metal?

 Apart from that, it's pretty easy to make.
 You'll have to ask my collaborator, Edward, for more details.

Edward...? Oh! Are you the dwarf king, Edward Smith?
Who are you?
It's me! He's the chairman of the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce, and I've visited him before!

 As expected of a great man, they already knew each other.
 They were discussing something together.

I have the design of this sausage filler in mind, and if we can replace it with a cheaper one, it will be possible to mass produce it in the Dwarven Underground Empire.
"Really? Yeah!

"We did it..."?

But since it was originally conceived by a saint, we can't do it without their permission, can we? We won't move a muscle without it either, okay?

 And now Mr. Shaks is coming on to me!

Please, sir, I beg you! I want permission to mass produce and sell this sausage filler!
What? You're going to sell it? You're going to sell it?
These novel meat products are sure to be a hit. Naturally, we'll pay the saints for the use of their ideas, too! Permission!

 No, I don't need money.

 I don't want to keep all the good food to myself, so I'd appreciate it if you would spread the word.

I don't want you to get food poisoning, so please learn how to make it. There are ways to preserve it, too.
'Yes! Of course........!

    * * *

 This is how Shakus saw a business opportunity and launched a sausage filler.
 As expected of a great merchant. He saw the opportunity and was quick on his feet.

 He got Edward involved and placed a large order with the Dwarf Underground Empire.

 The dwarven sausage filling machine sells like hotcakes and sweeps the entire demon kingdom.
 It also spread to the former human kingdom, which was overrun by the demon tribe.

 I had never imagined that a whirlwind of sausages would sweep over the world.