270-268 Meat stick propagation

 I'm a street vendor.

 I'm a merchant running a shop in the Demon City, the Demon King's headquarters.
 Moreover, I don't have a specific store, I just set up my own stall to sell things.
 My family has been running a food stall since my grandfather's generation, and we've been doing business under the blue sky without a second thought, so don't let that fool you.

 I recently gave birth to a super cute baby, and I'm sure he'll follow in my footsteps and run a food stall in the Magic City.

 I've got to work hard today to make sure that my beloved son takes over from me.

    * * *

 So, our food stall business has been going on for generations.

 We are facing the crisis of business closure.

 Recently, a powerful business enemy has appeared.
 It's the world's leading pandemonium trading company!

 They've set up a stall with some kind of new products.
 What's more, they were setting up ten or more stalls all over the Demon City at the same time.
 A legitimate shopkeeper who didn't know how to honorably steal from a street vendor!

 We appealed to the Open Air Guild.
 We're the head of the street vendors.

 But the guild master was pitifully already persuaded by the other party.
 According to the other party - the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce - they are only allowed to set up their stall for a limited time.
 They said that in a month, they would fold up the shop and take it down.

 What do they want to do in a mere month?
 I don't understand.

 But since the other party is a large chamber of commerce, they can't even go all out in a confrontation, so they decided to keep an eye on the situation on the basis of the condition of a limited time.

 What the guys from the Chamber of Commerce were selling was a foodstuff that I had never seen before.

 On a stick? Like red and black?
 I don't understand.

 They were grilling it on the griddle, putting it on a spit and selling it.

 Who would buy such an unknowable thing?
 There were people all over the place who liked new things, even though they were lumped in with the hawks.
 At first, such people would buy it, curious to find out what it was. But once they get tired of it, that's it. I was hoping that it would end, but I was wrong.

 Eventually, it became a huge success.

 People who like new things become repeat customers because they like the food they've had once, and new customers are attracted by it.
 That kind of activity created a new buzz, and a spiral of big sales.


 I was watching from the side, and I thought to myself, "What's going on?
 My shop was deserted while the next one was thriving.
 As I expected, sales were down.
 I didn't have any customers who would drop by to drop in on us.

 It was no wonder.
 What my shop sells is grilled meat from a nearby pig farm.

 The items had been spoiled.

 We later found out that what they were selling were sausages, which were made by processing the same pork as ours.
 The lucky ones who didn't have the same items for sale at the same stall enjoyed a great turnout and increased their sales.

 We're no good.

 One time we tried out the sausage in question, standing in line at the detestable company's stall.
 It was a grilled sausage on a skewer.
 It was d*mn good.
 I must have been grilling pork for a long time, but I had no idea that pork could taste like this.

 After eating such a delicious meal, there was no way I wanted to eat my own mediocre roast pork.

 Why is it that the ingredients are the same, of all places?
 There's beef, fish, and many other things!

 They said that they would be out of business in a month, but I don't think the situation will improve after a month of endurance.
 Customers who have become accustomed to the new taste will not look at the old offerings.

 ........If this happens, will you switch to something else for sale?
 So, you want to avoid competing with the big business community?

 ... no, no.
 There's no way I'm going to be that easy.

 What else do you expect me to sell in my house other than roast pork?
 What is it that you sell that requires new and unique expertise in each?
 How long does it take to master that?

 Even if you were able to master the know-how and open a new store, most of the sales are already being held back by other street vendors.
 No matter what you do, you'll run into your rivals, and they have a day to live.

 So just change the place of sale........
 That's no good either.
 It seems that the Grand Chamber of Commerce is setting up its stall without leaving any areas in the Demon City where open-air sales are allowed.
 Wherever they move to, they're bound to be in conflict with each other.

 It's a dead end.
 I honestly thought so.

 I don't mind that my future is still up in the air, but I don't mind that my newborn baby is on the verge of death. But to shut up the future of my newborn baby?
 Demon god Hades-sama.
 Don't worry about me, at least give my baby a bright future........!

    * * * *

 It's been about two weeks since the Daishokai stall was built.

 Finally, it was time to change business.
 Just as he was bracing himself for this tragic turn of events....
 Then the disaster itself came.

"I'm from the Pandemonium Trading Company.

 How dare you get in here!
 It's all your fault! My whole life plan has been destroyed...!
 Is it fun for big capital to torture the little guy?

 ........and I wanted to yell at him, but I stayed there with my last bit of reasoning.
 I decided to ask her what she wanted to do, but....

''Could you sell the sausages made by our trading company in your store?


We set up our own stall to create a buzz and build our reputation. The event was a huge success. We had planned to take a month to get the word out about it, but our initial goal was accomplished in the past two weeks.

 So they're moving on to the next phase, he said.

'From now on, we have to think about selling continuously. To be honest, our business association doesn't have the know-how of a food cart. The past two weeks have been a series of mistakes. Besides, any further destruction of your territory will cause conflict to emerge. We don't want to damage the image of the trade association itself.

 Well, yes.

"So I'd like you to take over. We sell pork at your stall. It's the same material as sausages.

 Of course, the ingredients are the same.
 Would I be able to master such a strange dish and how to make it right away?

No problem. Anyone can make sausages with these tools.

 A big chunk of metal is right in front of me.
 What is this!

It's a sausage filler. It's used to make sausages.


"You'll be paying for the lease on these tools. That's what we profit from. Our company has been paying the guild more than double the amount of money for the location of our stall as an exception. If we deduct that amount, we won't have to raise our prices.

 If you were going to suggest such a thing, why didn't you come to us in the first place? I thought.....

 No, it would be impossible.
 This is the first time I've seen such a form of unknowable food.
 Without any prior knowledge, "Sell it! I don't think he accepted the proposal with open arms.

 Thus, the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce itself has now sold itself with great success. Now that I'm dying from that success, I'm tempted to jump on this proposal.

 As expected of the great chamber of commerce of the sea and the mountains...!
 How dare they come to negotiate after making sure that we can't say no, or rather, that we can't say no to them...!

    * * *

 This is how Ore was re-launched as a sausage vendor's stall.

 They're good to grill!
 It's good boiled!
 Plus, why not put it in a piece of bread!

 Sales were great.
 The timing of the change in our business and the withdrawal of the Pandemonium Company's stall coincided perfectly with each other, so everyone who wanted sausages came to us.

 It was the biggest crowd in my life!
 I'm too busy to die!

 I'm so glad I was willing to die to learn how to use the filling machine and make and leave the sausages before I opened up shop!

 At this pace, they'll be able to make up for two weeks' worth of lost sales in no time.
 The Pandemonium Association also said that their stall was more profitable than they had expected, and they offered to waive the lease fee for the next six months in order to give back their profit.
 How generous of them!

 Thus, I was able to overcome the biggest challenge of my life.
 I could have tied my baby's future to it.

 Just you wait and see! My treasure!
 So that you can take over this sausage shop for your generation! Dad's going to make it up to you as best as he can!