271-269 ​​Progress of tree planting work

 Aeshma arrived.
 He was the new Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army.

''Saints! I'm here to report on the progress of the tree planting operation!

 I thought he was here for fun, but it was about work.
 He's a serious guy.

'Tree planting? What were we talking about?

 Oh, my God.
 I know, I know.

 That's it.
 This is a project to revive the withered forests of human country.

 The elves who lived in our house had made a fortune selling pottery, glasswork, and wooden sculptures.
 It was proposed as a way to use the extra money.

 Originally, the elves were a race of people who lived in the forest, but the humans destroyed the environment and forced them to leave their homes.

 Now that the human nation has been destroyed, the demon king's army is working to restore the nature that was destroyed.

 ........Am I right?

'We have been working hard all winter on the nursery. Everything is coming along nicely!
Yeah, so you're about to go into full-on tree-planting mode, then?
No, no, no...! It will take at least another year or two for the saplings planted in the nursery to grow up to a point where they can be planted...?

 Oh, oh, I see...?
 Speaking of trees, it is not uncommon for them to be a hundred or a thousand years old.
 I'm sure it's a mistake to think that it's a span of a few months or so.

We estimate that it won't be until the following year at the earliest that we can start a full-scale planting operation.

 It's a hyper fish manure that is spread out on the farm, and it makes me lose my senses when I sow and harvest it in cycles of many things per year.

 At first, there was talk of planting trees from another world that we grew at our house, but this was rejected after much consideration.
 We did not want to upset the balance of nature by breeding creatures from another world.

 At the same time, the use of hyper-fish manure to promote growth was also banned.
 Unlike our farm, whose sole purpose is to grow and harvest the trees, the trees we plant will have to grow into a forest for hundreds of years to come.
 The faster they grow, the shorter their lifespan will be.

 This is why Aeshma and her team are forced to do nothing special, but....

''Originally, this work is also meant to be a way to utilize the human resources of the Demon King's army after the war with the human race is over. In fact, I can't even say thank you enough for having the saint-sama bear the burden of funding it.

 It wasn't me, exactly, who paid for it, but the elves.

 You should accept their desire to revive the forest that is their home.

''So, I need to consult with the saint...''
At the moment, we are waiting for the saplings to grow and are steadily preparing for the full-scale work. But there is a problem with the preparations...!

 The problem?
 What's that?

'This is the specific site of the proposed planting. Since the purpose of this project is to revive the elven forest, the trees must be planted on the land where the elves once lived!

 I see what you mean.
 Aeshma-san is a serious person after all.

''But I am ashamed to say that I don't know where the Elven Forest used to be. Neither did many of the members of the Demon King's army...!
It's... well...!

 I don't blame you.
 It's said that elves were originally a subspecies of the demon race, but now they're a completely different race.

 Isn't it rare for us to know the details of an outsider's affairs...?

'That's where it was needed. Someone who knew in detail where the Elven Forest once stood.
I know.
"The first thing that came to mind was the elves who live here. I thought I'd like to borrow some of their wisdom.
I understand.
"If it is possible, I would like you to accompany our tree planting efforts as an advisor!

    * * * *

 As I gathered the elves and told them so, a riot broke out.

'Oh no!
'I don't want to go! I don't want to go there, I don't want to go there!

 The assembled elves, around twenty people.
 Without a single exception, they refused to be surprised.

''Eh? Why?

 You're working on restoring a forest that you once inhabited?
 I think we can help them.

'Cause! If you're going with the Demon King's Army, that means you'll be out of here!
We won't be able to eat the delicious food from the farm! Oh, no!
Fluffy futon! A relaxing spa!
'And the craft work I can devote myself to every day! I don't want to stop!

 These guys....!
 She's totally domesticated to the farm life...!

 In the beginning, they too were full of pride as forest people.
'Forest-dwelling elves sleeping under a roof is outrageous! I even said that.
 Now I bring my own bed into my log cabin-style dormitory and sleep peacefully every day on a cotton-filled mat and frilly pajamas made by Batty.
 I hear some of them sleep with some kind of stuffed animal in their arms.

 The lost wild.
 Where is the pride of the forest people?

We can't live apart from the farm anymore...?
If we're going to move from here, everywhere will be like a prison...! Please just kill me...!

 That's it!
 You sound like Adam and Eve, about to be banished from Eden.

Does the farm deprive its inhabitants of the will to work for themselves?
Oh, no, it wouldn't...?

 Yeah, it does.
 In fact, a lot of people who lived on this farm for a while went home.
 They're just spoiled.

If that's the case, then the idea of selecting an advisor for the tree planting operation from among these guys seems to be impossible.

 From these bad elves.

"I'm sorry, Aeshma. I'm sorry, Aeschma, but I didn't expect you to show up.
'No, I'll try to find an elf who can help us out over here somehow...'

 That was the end of the day.

    * * * *

 Then another few days passed....

'We've found an elf who can help us.

 What Aeshma brought with her when she came to report on her progress again was good news.
 I didn't know such a strange elf existed.
 I want my bad elves to learn from him.

But what is this elf like?
That's a bit of a complicated background for an elf and I'd like to consult with the saint about that as well...

 Complicated background?
 What is this Aeshma's mopey mouth?

''That elf, his name is Elzariel...''

 Oh, dear.
 What is this Mr. Elzariel?

He's a former bandit.
''The Demon Kingdom and the Human Kingdom were raided without distinction, but the Demon King's army finally managed to summon them in a capture operation that raised their prestige. It was a long time ago.

 Hmmm, what is it?
 This story of how this sounds like something you've heard before?

And originally, Elzariel should have been executed immediately after being caught. He was a great thief who raided the demon kingdom.

 But she survived.
 According to Aeshma's story, she and the bandits she led were righteous, stealing only from vicious merchant nobles, and also sharing what they stole with the poor.

This is why there are people in the Demon King's army who are defending Elzariel's capture. One of them manipulated and sheltered her by ostensibly executing her.

 A beautiful story.

From there, he continued to live in hiding for a while, but he couldn't keep it up forever. When they were recruited this time, they came forward with a plan of action.

 Will he be forgiven for his crimes and contribute to the Elven Forest Restoration Project?
 Will you be sentenced to death once again?

''I couldn't handle it either, so I consulted with Astares-sama, and he said I should talk to the saint as well. And so we let it pass like this...

 I know why Ms. Astares has been talking to us.
 I believe she knows.
 The backgrounds of the elves that work for us.

"...Elon, Maelga.

 I ask the two elves beside me.
 These two had other titles before they settled on our farm.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.

 Coincidentally, they are in the same line of business as the elves that have been talked about this time.

''Could it be that you know him?''

 Elon shook his cover so vigorously that it looked as if his head would come off, and Maerga also made an X mark with her arm without saying a word.

 ........These guys definitely know.

''I understand. For the sake of confirmation, I'll ask that Elzariel-san and the others to come to my farm.......
'Wow! Wait, wait, wait, wait!

 Aileron interrupted in a hurry.

'Okay, I admit it! Sister Elzariel is one of us! Or rather, the first head of our bandits!