272-270 Beginning Bandit

"Or rather, her head is alive? Elzariel's head?

 The one who showed an unbelievable reaction was Elron, the former head of the Elf Thieves.
 No, the head is you, isn't it?

"I am the second head of the second generation...! The Stone-Sharpening Group was formed by my predecessor, who was also the first head of the group, and launched the group.

 I thought that Elon was the top of the list from the beginning.

"When I was a predecessor, I used to steal all over the demon kingdom, but one day I was finally driven out by the authorities.

 That's if he's a thief.

Then Elzariel's head held off his pursuers by himself. Everyone else made it out alive. Only the head of the group was caught.

 It's pretty much the same as Aeshma's story.

"I heard your head was dead, so I had no choice but to take over...! I didn't expect you to be alive...!

 Let's review the story of how she and the rest of the elf team came to the farm.

 After fleeing from place to place as a band of wanted thieves, Elron and the others arrived at a farm at the end of the land and were caught trying to steal.
 Since then, they've been working on our farm.
 Since then, he's been working at our farm, although he's become quite accustomed to living here.

We haven't heard a peep out of him since he got caught...!
''Come to think of it, there hasn't been a single decent stealing job since Elon became the head of the group.

 Maerga, the deputy head, says.
 So we've gone straight into our farm life version?

Where's your head? What happened to your predecessor? No, what in the world is going to happen to your sister?

 Maybe it's because I thought she was dead, but I'm confused and don't know what to call her.

As a matter of fact, a pardon has already been granted for her.
In the first place, Elzariel's sentence of death was handed down because the victimized wealthy merchants and aristocrats spoke out forcefully. Since they were influential people in their own right, the Demon King's Army couldn't help but listen to them.

 He wanted maximum revenge on the part of the victim.

''But after all, they are vicious..... Because of the recent political upheaval that has occurred in the demon country, the purges are happening all over the place. That being the case, I felt more sympathy for these women, who are righteous bandits, and I was able to issue a new sentence to reduce their sentences.

 Is it because of the change in circumstances that he was able to reduce his death sentence to first class?

"Elzariel is in the process of expunging the crime of theft by cooperating with the national Elven Forest Revival Project.
What? .........Well, then, can we also acquit ourselves...?

 Aileron, who was also a member of the same bandit group, had an ulterior motive to be quick.

So you can help with the tree planting project and you'll be clean as a whistle.
'No! We'll live on this farm in the shade all our lives!

 Do you really want to leave the farm for that long?


'But wait a minute? If we're that close to talking about it, you don't have anything to talk to us about, do you?

 There doesn't seem to be any problems left to be solved with any more tension.

''Yes, Master Astareth says that the elves at the farm and Elzariel are probably old acquaintances, so we should reunite them...''

 As expected of the Demon Queen, she has good instincts.

 I'm sure Elon and the others must be glad to see their dead friends.
 This is a very cool arrangement!

So, this Elzariel? Or something like that, have you already brought him with you?
Yes, and now you're unilaterally attacking your former crew of bandit friends.

 Yeah, right.
 There's some kind of elf shooting arrows out of a bow, shubba-bah-bah, out of a bow.
 What's that continuous shooting speed as fast as a machine gun?


 The ones being shot at are the former bandits of Elron and Maerga, the Head & Vice Head tag team.
 They are being relentlessly driven away by a barrage of bows and arrows.

''You softlings! I'm stunned!

 An elf who shows off a rapid firing technique that I don't believe is a human skill.

 I see, she was the only elf I didn't recognize.

 Compared to the other elves, her body is stocky, and she looks like a macho man.
 The dark chocolate skin and long, pointed ears are characteristic of elves, but there are some old scars carved into her normally gallant, beautiful face.

 The sense of a fierce warrior is too assertive.
 Such was the new character Elf.

'Elf Thieves, first head-eyed Elzariel.

 It's true that he looks like an awful person from his appearance.
 Compared to her, Elon looks like a scumbag.

All in a row!

 And Elzariel-san or something like that, as soon as she came, she immediately took control of our elves.
 Well, it seems that she was originally the leader of the group, so I guess it's as it should be.

The actuality of this is that you've taken over the headship after I'm gone, isn't it?
'Haha! I'm extremely pleased to see your safe head!

 Aileron is feeling a lot of fear.

 It's too clear the relationship of strength and weakness, even though it's a lineup of new and old heads.

It's a good thing. Elzariel's sister is allowed to wear two of the 'El' issues that elves put in their names!

 Elron says in a whisper.

'He built that bandit group from scratch! I just inherited it! I can only say that he is the fiercest of the fierce!

 Elon is already praising his predecessor with his hands.

 The face and the light in his eyes are good.
 If I were to categorize him in the same gender, would it be Astares-san or Grashara-san? As strong as you are?

So that's the strongest class of elves...

 And why is the strongest elf so pissed off as soon as he appears on the scene?

"I am sad...! I didn't know that the 'Thunderstorm Stonecutters' after I was gone had fallen to this level of corruption...?


''Where is the pride of the forest people, the pride of the righteous? You are an elf and yet you sleep under a roof and cry and hate it, it's so unseemly!

 Elzariel-san, could it be that you were witnessing the bad elf's bad elfishness just now?
 If that's the case, you can't help but hold your head up.

''........I was originally supposed to die on the blade of a prisoner. However, I survived it by grace.

 It seems.

The proposal to revive the Elf Forest is a proposal that must be rewarded. Just when I was thinking of cooperating with them as a way of repaying the favor, I even found out the whereabouts of my companions who were separated from each other after they were alive...! If I had to take one look at my prefects' health before I left with my mission...!

 That's what happened.

"Well, I guess I made a mistake leaving you in charge, Aeron. Now I'm going to take all of you and help you plant a tree and train you from the ground up!
Oh no!

 My elf, seriously resisting.

Wait, sir. Please listen to me.
'Hmm, you're the calm number three, Maerga. Long time no see.
'It's been a while. I've been the deputy head since Elon became the head, though. Even that is in the past.

 Can Maerga, who is famous for his calm, cool and collected mind, successfully fend off the angry first head?

''A lot has happened to us since I left my predecessor. We've been chased from one place to another by both the Demon Kingdom and the Human Kingdom, and we've finally arrived here.
'This is a safe haven for us! Please don't take it away from me!

 A calm elf, all he did was plead.
 A direct level of pleading without a shred of intelligence.

'My predecessor will find out soon enough. How nice it is to live here! ........Saint!
"I'd like to make him eat a sausage, but you don't mind?

 What the hell are you talking about?

 If you've just produced sausages the other day, I've saved a lot of smoked ones, so you can eat them overheated.
 It's a preserved food, sausage.

 Maerga, I shredded one of the sausages I brought with permission and roasted it over the fire.

Is that the way you cook it...?
'Come on, sir! You have to try it!

 The sausage, which was thoroughly heated, passed into Elzariel's hands.

''What's this........? By the smell of it, it's a meat dish? But I've never seen it before...?

 It's an odd shape, but you can tell by the smell that it's delicious, and Elzariel brings the sausage to her mouth rather unhesitatingly.

 The blackened, browned meat stick is inserted and buried in the wild mouth of the veteran elf.
 And from the middle, crisp.

 The juices that leaked out must have spread into his mouth.

 The expression on his face showed that very clearly.

''Previous generation, you have fallen........?
''Once you get a taste of this, you won't be able to leave the farm anymore.......!

 My elves have a look on their faces.

'Ugh, shut up! It's good, but so what? You're not going to be treated like food?

 The elves began to argue endlessly.