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 Elzariel is the first head of the Elven Thieves.
 Her visit was a true storm for the elves of our farm.

'Very well! Then let me find out how you guys are living on this land!

 As she gobbles up her sausage, she says.

'If you feel the slightest bit flaccid, I will take you away mercilessly and retrain you in your new assignment!

 It is Maerga, the calm deputy head, who says back without moving.

You can see how we contribute to the farm of the saints and how much they need us. You can see how much we contribute to the farm of His Holiness and how much we are needed. We want our predecessors to leave with peace of mind.

 That's a bold statement.
 And the end of his words somehow exudes an air of wanting to get rid of an annoying OG.

 Is that really what you want?
 As I thought to myself, I began my tour of Elzariel's farm.

    * * * *

 However, she only has to look around the Elf Workshop.
 There's no point in touring the rest of the place.

'The work we are entrusted with here at the farm is tool making.

 Maelga, who has taken the responsibility of leading the way, says

We have been praised for our dexterity, and we have even had our workshop set up for us, and we work hard every day.
Hmm, tool making is important for survival in the woods.

 Elzariel seems to agree with me there.

'We're currently divided into four groups, each specializing in different things.

 Maelga is the leader of the leatherwork team.
 Poel is the leader of the glasswork team.
 Mieral is the leader of the woodwork team.
 And one more thing...

Each of them sold their creations to the Demon City, where they sold for a handsome sum. The proceeds from the sales are used to fund our reforestation project.
Mmm.........when you put it that way.......!

 Yes, the work of the elves here contributed directly to the revival of the Elf Forest.
 That fact was powerful enough to shut down Elzariel-san's objections.

''Now, let me take you to the most energetic site in the Elf Workshop.
"Yes, this is the workshop of Master Aileron, the former head of the Thunderstorm Stonecutters and now head of the Pottery Squad.

    * * *

 Aileron is the second head-head, right?
 Elzariel-san was the first head of the first generation.

 Such an aileron is now more adept at kneading clay to make plates.
 Today, along with the elves of the same group, he was still examining the plates that came out of the kiln with a strict eye.

''It's ... not very green.

 I stare at the baked plate and say a few words.
 Are you a pro?

The main color of this work is green. The green I seek is as deep and fresh as the leaves of a summer tree. Such a green wouldn't even compare to the evergreens of winter.
Would you like me to add more clay to the glaze?
'No, we're at the end of our rope with existing materials alone. To make it any deeper and greener, we'll need new materials that we haven't even thought of.

 What a difficult thing to talk about.
 Once again, I should explain that Elon and the others are trying to make a green plate, but they don't like the color of it.

''It's not that big of a difference...''
"? How dare you, Saint! Do you not understand the genius intentions behind this plate!

 I've tugged on the annoying heartstrings of an annoying guy.

The theme of this work is the simulated experience of 'eating rice on a leaf on a trip'. The theme of this work is the simulated experience of 'eating rice on a leaf while traveling', and the idea is to add some wildness to a boring daily meal! That's why the plate must be as deep and lush as a real leaf!
As you can see, the former Hyakushinmoku was a pain in the ass from overcooking the plates and never compromised in his work.

 And Maerga.
 He talked too much to the former head of the group.

 And then a new voice comes in.

"Hmph, an elf-like character with an elfish air about him is a hubris.
! Who the hell are you?

 That was Mr. Edward the Dwarf.
 You're still here?

When it comes to craftsmanship, there is no one better than us dwarves, that's for certain. It takes a lot of discernment on the part of the demon race to know when it comes to making things.
What do you mean? A dwarf's work is nothing more than a ready-made piece of clumsy, clumsy, ready-made work! You don't even have a theme that appeals to me, you're just decorating the outer edges of the room with your lavishness and deception!
What are you talking about? Those decorations are the culmination of centuries of skill that dwarves have been cultivating!
"Realize that the artifice is an afterthought that distorts the essence of the work! Real art begins with the exclusion of deliberate artifice!
You can't have art without finesse! A craftsman is worthy of constant and unflagging effort to hone his craft! To imply that nature is the best, except for technology, is to run away from your own poor work!
Compared to the real beauty that nature creates, man's artifice is nothing more than a sham! With that understanding, to create natural beauty from human hands, you must first discard the technique and...!

 The troublesome guy and the troublesome guy clicked with each other, which made it even more troublesome.

'You two seem to enjoy arguing, so let's leave them alone.
Yeah, well, it's just too much work for me to get involved in.
It's a pain in the ass.

 Me and Maerga only got the impression that they were 'troublesome'.

 Beside that, Elzariel-san, who was supposed to be the main character of this time, had turned into air.

''Elron has changed...''
Yeah, mainly in a messy way.
'No, you couldn't have had the kind of supremacy that would have overwhelmed me in the past.
'She's not a bandit now, she's a craftsman.

 It's overwhelming to anyone with the eruption of supreme craftsmanship. It's very annoying.

Now let me show you the splendor of a farm that has reworked our beloved head like that.


'Don't you have to show me the other elven workshops? Like Poel's glasswork, or Mieral's woodwork?
'It's going to play out much the same way as it did with Master Aileron anyway, right? Because both Poel and Mieral have become quite troublesome craftsmen.

 Yeah, I know.
 What do you mean by that, Maerga, you're getting pretty messy too?

 I still remember the time I was forced to use three sewing machines to make leather goods.

 I'm sure I'm getting a little sick of the hassle, so I'm going to introduce you to another place, Elzariel.

 But what is it?
 Isn't she no longer as present as she was in the beginning?

'I'd say the farm's location is thick. That's exactly what they say, unless you're a teacher or Master Veal, they'll paint over it.
Don't make such a big deal about it again.

 I tried to laugh at him, but Maerga didn't take it up and went.
 Huh? Seriously?

'I'm going to give Master Elzariel a taste of such an intense life on the farm. For starters, this is farm food.

 It was just lunchtime.

'I got you some sausages earlier, so you might not be hungry...'

 I'm devouring it like a man on the verge of starvation?
 I made a sandwich for lunch today and I'm glad you liked it.

'The previous generation! That's for me, please don't take that!
''It's just too good to be true! What's wrong with thieves stealing human property?

 I'm sorry.

 The next place I led Elzariel-san to was a hot spring.

''Ah, that felt so good...!

 Mr. Elzariel is making steam come out of his body.
 Naturally I couldn't accompany him to the women's bathhouse, so I wasn't able to witness the inside.
 It took a good two hours for Elzariel-san to come out after she entered.

'Plus, there's a fluffy bed in the bedroom! If I knew that, I wouldn't be able to camp on the ground anymore!

 I didn't realize we were camping on the ground.

 Thus, after Elzariel-san had experienced life on the farm in its entirety....

    * * * *

Oh no! No, no, no, no, no! I don't want to go home!

 I don't want to go back!

I'm going to live here too! I'll eat a good meal every day, take a hot spring and sleep in a fluffy bed!
''The man ahead! Don't be selfish!
'Yes, sir! You're going to help with the planting work!

 In order to revive the Elven Forest in the old human country, the cooperation of the elves themselves is essential.

 My elves tried to come up to him and send him off, but Elzariel stuck her finger in the ground and tried to stop him.

The only thing that matters is the fact that you are all cheating! You're all cheating! It's not fair that I get to eat good food every day!

 Elzariel-san managed to evict him by giving him a sausage filler as a souvenir, after he had been gobbled up so much.....................and succeeded in getting him evicted.

''Exactly what a mummy catcher is a mummy...?

 Does this farm have the efficacy to captivate the elves?
 Anyway, I hope that her cooperation in the planting of trees will hasten the revival of the elven forest, even if only for a day.


'Oh no, no, no, no! I don't want to go home either! I'm going to stay here forever!

 Edward the Dwarf was similarly spoiled by his refusal to go home.

 No, go home.
 You're the king of the dwarves, aren't you?
 If you don't go home, the dwarves' work will be delayed.