274-272 Farm training

 I finally sent Elisariel off and we had another visitor shortly afterwards.
 But this time it was a bit of a relief.

 It was a familiar person named Demon King Zedan-san.

''Today, I've got something to discuss with Sage Lord...''

 The demon king's tone is stern as usual.

''What's the matter with you?

 The Demon King and I are on good terms, aren't we?
 I owe a lot to the Demon King, and to repay him for all the help he's given me, you can count on me.

"I wonder if you'll accept my training.
I want a young, up-and-coming member of the Demon King's Army to have a taste of life in the farmhouse of the Hall of Saints.

 I've been told differently.

 I know what training is.
 It's a way of acquiring special skills and knowledge.

 If it's a large organization like the Demon King's Army, it would be a good idea to at least have training, but why would that training place be my farm?

If they teach you agriculture or something, how can it possibly add to the operation of the military?
''No, this farm will teach us something else important. It's essential for the future of the Demon King's Army. Please!

 I can't say I don't want to be asked to do this much with all my might.

 I'm sure you've been on good terms with me in the first place.
 I've decided to gladly accept the offer.

    * * * *.

 This is how our farm came to accept about ten young demon tribe members.
 All of them seemed to be promising youngsters who should take on the future of the Demon King's Army.


 When those young demons actually arrived...

"Bow down to us demons!
"...bow down to us demons!

 Some really cool kids came over.

"We demons are the greatest beings in the world! We are the greatest beings in the world!
"We will defeat the human race! Worthy of an earthly ruler!
Praise! Bow down! Bow down to our demons!
"Demon Kingdom! The power of control is ah! The best in the world!

 What's this?

 The young demons we visited were so intimidating that they looked like they were either the Fool's Regiment or the SS.
 It's like they've been attacked by a bad trend.

''........Demon King, what is this.......?''

 I asked the Demon King-san who was leading the group in confusion.
 He had a reluctant look on his face as if he was 'sorry' and 'embarrassed'.

''........This is the problem that is now infesting the Demon King's Army. No, it's not just the Demon King's army, it's spreading to the entire demon race...!

 A sickness in the heart that affects the demon race.
 What is the name of the disease?


We demons have put an end to the long war with the humans. We have won. And that in itself is a blessing, but there was an unforeseen side effect.

 Some of the demon tribe grew up and started to act arrogantly.
 They acted as if they were the rulers of the earth.

"Hey you!

 One of the young demons took a swing at me.

"How dare you show your face to my Demon Lord! We're getting used to it! He was the king of the demons and now the greatest king in the world! It's outrageous that you, a non-demon, are talking to each other as equals!

 You're upset that the Demon Lord and I are talking to each other like friends?

"Bow down! You are far too fearful to look the Demon Lord in the eye and give him a direct answer! Ruler of the world, the horror of the demon race, buggalang!

 He was silent.
 Because the Demon Lord hit him and made his face plunge into the ground.

''I am truly ashamed of myself.''

 The demon king said as his fist crunched into the young demon tribe, "Victory is to be celebrated, but it's a pity that you're drunk and lose yourself.

He said, "Victory is to be celebrated, but it's a pity that you're so drunk with victory that you've lost sight of yourself. No matter how many times I remind you, there is no change in your attitude.

 Although one of them punched him to silence him, there are many other young demons who came to the farm for training.
 Although they shuddered at the Demon King's fury, it didn't look like they had changed their minds judging by their faces.

''If we don't do anything about it, the day will come when these idiots won't cause trouble for the human race and mermaid race. That's why I want to eradicate this mental illness as quickly as possible...!

 So take them to my farm.

 All right.

 That's what we'll do for them.
 Let's do our best to live up to the Demon King's expectations.

    * * *

 The young demons who came for the training will be able to observe...!

A game of rock-paper-scissors-pong with the winner attacking and the loser defending!

 Now we're going to have two people play rock-paper-scissors, and the winner will attack and the loser will defend the game for you to watch.

 Let the game begin!

"Beat and protect.
"Rock-paper-scissors pong.


 It's a winner-take-all game.

"All right, fellas! Dragon Breathers!

 Viel (in dragon form) with a choke out, spits out a breath of fire without reservation.
 It's already a dragon, so the scale and power of it can reduce an army to ashes.


''Mana field deployment. 100% threat shutout rate.

 Holkosfon, who put out a par, puts out a barrier-like thing to prevent it.

 Holkosfon, one of the destroying angels who once destroyed the world once.
 Even though it's our farm, the only people who can cross the Veerle in a decent way are her or the teacher.
 As long as I can't casually ask my teacher for help, Holkosfon's rate of climbing the board is high.

''Ga-ha-ha-ha-ha, you did a good job of defending yourself against my attack, feather woman!
I would be remiss if I didn't comply with the Master's orders.

 One more time.

Hit me and protect me.

 Gu Gu.



 Gu Gu Gu.

 Horcosfon won.

Manakakanon salvo.

 A beam cannon-like object mounted on the Holkosphone was shot at Veerle without hesitation.
 Its power could be perceived from a sidelong glance as being able to easily blow up a mountain or two.

 Veerle, in his dragon form, received a direct hit. He did receive it, but he didn't flinch a bit, and conversely, the beam dissipated.

I'm sure you'll find that your henna-chocolate beam doesn't work with my scales, which are strengthened by dragon magic.

 It's a good thing that Veerle has had many mock fights with Holkosfons in the past.
 It's a good thing that you've advanced and mastered the defensive capabilities that allow you to shut down the mountain-shattering Manakanon.

''...Good. This time I will strike the Manakanon with real power.
You can say that after you've beaten me at rock-paper-scissors. I'm going to win every game from now on!
It's against the law to show up late.

 Thus, the young demon clansmen watched the annihilating rock-paper-scissors competition between the strongest species vs. the strongest species unfold to their hearts' content.

''Now, I hope you've realized a little bit of what's going on...''

 Your own smallness.

 I hope watching Veerle and Holkosfone's world-destroying jousting will make them change their minds about 'there are plenty of things stronger than us' and 'we shouldn't get all puffed up.