275-273 If you think

 I am Eringian, the demon race.
 I am Eringire, the most advanced race of demon in the world.

 The demon race has become the highest race.

 They have conquered the human race to become the supreme race on earth.

 The mermaid race lives in the depths of the sea, hiding and fretting.
 The other sub-tribes are not the number of things.

 It is better for all of them to bow down to the demons and be ruled by them.

 We demons are the best!
 We demons are in charge!
 I look down on everything and own everything!
 That's the standard for the demon race from now on!

 I, Eringya, am still a lowly member of the Demon King's army as a young demon race, but I intend to eventually be promoted and stand above all the races.

 In order to do so, you must hold your nobility in high esteem and cultivate your dignity as a ruler while you still can.

 Siringi, Yadurzak!

 Do you guys agree?
 In the same period of time, we will be in the same stage of ascendancy, so by the time we become the Four Heavenly Kings, that's when the demon race will be in power.

 All the other races will be enslaved, and the demon race will rule!

 Rathil, Lokhongi, Saza!
 Do you think that's what you're doing?

 What is Stark saying? Is cooperation important?
 There's no need to divide it up among the other races as long as they take care of cooperation and so forth among the demon race.
 It's enough to dominate them.
 Tecton, do you think the same thing about Zext?
 There are those who don't understand.

 Oh well, they're only a minority.
 From now on, the Demon King's Army will give priority to those in the race for promotion, and only those who are in agreement with us will occupy the top ranks.

 Then the ideal world where the demon race enslaves all other races will eventually become a reality!
 Our era is the peak of the demon race!

 I can't wait to move up!

    * * *

 As the days went on, we were called together.

 First of all, our superiors said to us, "Recently, the trend of arrogance is spreading, with the victory of the Ikusa.

Recently, people are getting arrogant and arrogant, saying 'Demons are the best in the world' because of the victory of the kusa. Your Majesty is worried.

 I paled quickly.
 Isn't that something I touch on a regular basis?

 What if they're going to purge us?

 The people in the gathering who were saying the same things I was saying were pale across the board.

 But I also saw a touch of Stark and other soft-skinned faces, so wasn't it a purge?
 A reminder at best?

So, you'll be trained there.

 The officer continued.

''This is an order from the king himself. You are to go and study at a certain place. You are to study yourself. You will learn that demons are just one of the many species that live in this world.

 I say.
 I don't know what it is, but it's a goofy thing to say.

 Isn't it obvious that the demon race that won the war is the supreme race!

 I already have the pride of being the supreme race!
 Don't think that a little bit of preaching is going to change your mind!

 I don't know where you're taking me with your training and such, but on the contrary, show me what the demon race should be in the future there, and embody the new age of the demon race!

 And the place where he was taken by transference magic to for training....

    * * * *

 It was far more hell than I had ever imagined.

 There was a dragon.

 This is the dragon.
 One of the two greatest disasters in the world.

 This is the first time I've seen one in person, but it's already the strongest feeling I can get just from seeing it.

 I saw the dragon spitting fire.
 I thought that that blow alone could destroy the Demon City.


 A number of my peers who were brought together and fainted as early as possible.
 Just by being hit by the dragon's supremacy, their consciousness was taken away just by being hit by the dragon's supremacy!

''How's that? Awesome, isn't it?

 The Demon King said.

''You guys seem to talk about the demon race being the best race in the world on a daily basis, but then can you guys beat Lord Veerle? Are you sure she's one of the species that lives in this world?

 You can't win.
 There was no way we could beat a dragon.

 Even though the dragon alone was a shock to the senses, an even more astonishing event occurred.

 There was an opponent who was a match for that dragon.

 And what's more? What about the tribe?
 The appearance does not match any sub-race I know of.

 Was there ever a race on this earth that had wings sprouting from its back?

 What's more, the winged man is completely blocking the dragon's breath with some kind of warding and is shooting back some kind of powerful attack magic?

 Evenly matched?
 Evenly matched?

 I thought only the No-Life King was supposed to be able to compete with dragons?

''That Holkosfon-dono is a race of angels that was once created by Tenjin. They say he once destroyed the world.

 The Demon King-sama explains.


''What do you think? Do you think a demon could take on those two and win? If you can't, then the demon race doesn't deserve to be the best in the world, does it?
How are you doing, Demon King?
Ha-ha-ha, they're all in for a surprise. Just as I suspected!

 Is there a tribe of humans talking to the Demon Lord like they're used to?
 Huh? You're human?
 There's something slightly different about it...?

 You are a defeated race and you don't know much about chitchat with the Demon King.

 Lord of this place!
 Dragons and angels belong to this race?


'But I think it's best to push the no-no here. So I thought better of it.
Well, if that's what your saint has in mind, it must be a good idea.

 I've already eaten more than enough dragons and angels, and now what?

All right, doctor, please.

 Here comes the No-Life King!
 The other one, the other one of the two biggest disasters in the world, is here!

"I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but it's not a surprise to me just yet. I've asked the doctor to bring someone here to see you.

 Huh? Who?
 I mean, what could possibly be more surprising?

So, doctor, it's a pleasure to meet you.
It's all right. All right. Meow.

 The No-Life King waves his wand with a Texan spell....
 The dimensions are distorted and the miasma wafts away.

 Is this summoning magic?

 When we noticed, a god had descended in front of us.

It's Mr. Hades.

 Don't you dare introduce yourself!
 The lord of our demon race?

 What do you mean, he summons a god? 
 It takes dozens of professional summoners to summon the most powerful demon spirits in the world.

 You're the world's worst No-Life King, and you can't even give them time to be afraid of you?

Now, Mr. Hades, what do you have to say...

 And that hominid-looking guy is prompting the gods?
 What's wrong with this guy?

"Yes, I've heard it all before. You're all of you. Demons are the best in the world! And I hear you're pissed off.

 Why is God listening to us?

"How can he be so bad at that? Aren't we all brothers in this world? You don't have to be hierarchical to be friendly.

 And God has personally warned me about it!
 What am I going to do about this?