276-274 Farm Next Generation Development Plan

 Yes, it's me.

 Today, I am inviting the young people of the demon race to a training session.

 First of all, after watching the mock battle between Veerle and Horcosfon, and having them realize the strongest class in the world.......
 For the demon race, they will receive direct attention from Hades-san, the god of the demon race, who is more than a demon king.

 With this, any demon race would change their minds.

''I saw a terrible folding...!''

 Prathi, who was watching from the side (her stomach is about to start showing off), said while shivering.

'Prati, more importantly, prepare for hospitality.

 As expected, we can't just call on God.

Thank you for your time. Please have some rice cooked with bamboo shoots.

 In order to satisfy this god, you should feed him mixed rice.
 This is the wisdom of farm life.

Please put natto on it.
''Stop, angel!''

 As expected, it was too adventurous to mix more natto into the mixed rice, so he was a god who ate it separately.

 The young demon tribe who came for training were all shocked and fainted.
 So they couldn't see the God at home.

''No, I'm sorry for making you go through so much trouble,''

 The Demon King bows his head apologetically.

''If we do this much, these fools will change their conceited minds. After all, if you ask the saintly lord for help, you'll be able to solve any problem.''
But there's something that's been bothering me...?

 I look at these ten or so young demons who are lying around in a faint.

''They didn't all look like they were getting arrogant, did they?

 A small percentage of them were casting cold glances at their big-hearted colleagues.
 These kids are also unconscious from the intimidation of gods, angels, dragons and the immortal king.

 Isn't this just a little bullying?

You're a saint, my dear sir. You've been noticed.
So not everyone is arrogant...
'It is an endlessly wonderful thing to be able to come to the farm of the Hall of Saints.


'It's not just about feeling like the best in the world. You learn a lot of different things that are valuable. Even a day on the farm can make a huge difference to those who don't.

 It's such a big deal.
 Even if you praise him, nothing will come out of it.
 Oh, and serve the Demon King some bamboo shoots.

I don't think it's a good idea to bring all the troublemakers to a farm like that.
And you brought in a boy who didn't have a problem with that...
There's a lot to learn on the farm. There's a lot you can learn on a farm, and I'd rather bring in young people who have a bright future ahead of them. Even the arrogant one has picked out the brilliant ones from among the dozens of others.

 I'm afraid I've missed the point," the demon king mocked himself.

''I said it was a training program to correct my conceit, but before I knew it, it became a place for elite training...!
There's nothing wrong with that.

 If these kids who come here grow up to be fine personalities and rise in the ranks, then they will be able to hold down the bottom and avoid a situation like 'The Conceited Demon Tribe has been around for a long time'.

 We plan to continue the training for a few more weeks.
 Let's use that time to devote all of our farm's efforts to cultivate them into personality elites and have them lead the world properly!

 My farm has to do that for the world!

In that case...

 The God of Hades began to say.
 This god was still here.
 And was he listening to our conversation?

"What am I missing?
"Missing something?

 What the hell was that?
 It's hard for me, a human being, to see God's deeper thoughts.

'Didn't you once say, Demon King? He said, 'I want to rule with my enemies, who I have sent down, as inhabitants of the same earth.'

 What did I say?


 The time when the Demon King defeated the human nation and reported it to God?
 The fact that you didn't eradicate the human race, which had been your enemies, but regarded them as your own people to rule together with your own tribe is a testament to the courage of the Demon King.

I've been told that the only people I've gathered here are the demons, the future elite candidates. The future elite candidates. You're the future elite candidate for the future, and you're telling us that you're going to rule over all races.

 After all, you want your own family to occupy all the important posts?

 Are the ruled human race stuck in that position all the time?

 That's what God is all about.

"Hmmm, God has a different way of looking at things. ...more rice for bamboo shoots.
Yeah, go ahead.
No, it's not natto!

 Holkosfone is strong enough to restrain God from being restrained from doing so.
 While complaining, Hades complains, he mixes in another serving of natto and scrapes it in.

 On the other hand, the Demon King writhed with his head in his hands.

God is right!

 When the Demon King made this agonizing gesture, it was like a baroque sculpture.

''I am...! You've ruled a human nation and had humanity as your subjects...! You've unconsciously limited yourself to those in positions of responsibility, to demons...? "Did I myself become arrogant while admonishing you to 'not be arrogant'?"?


''It's because of this distorted mind of mine that it gets passed down to the lower levels and becomes a problem! I am the cause of this problem!
"No, it's not that serious...? I'm just taking it lightly...?

 The gods were dumbfounded by the Demon Lord's anguish.

''Don't lose heart, okay? You okay? Do you want to eat some of that bamboo?
No, I'll just have some natto.

 I'll have to help them.

Why don't you invite the humans?

 If there's no bread, why don't you just eat some sweets?

He said, "Why don't you find some promising children from the human race and send them to study here? I mean, study abroad!

 I look at the young demons who have yet to wake up from their fainting spells.

''Let them learn with the kids there. If they study together, they will develop friendships, and it will be an exchange between the human and demon race, right? We can kill two birds with one stone, too.
''But we can't put any more burden on the saintly lord...?''

 The Demon King says while eating his natto.

''It's okay. You're contributing to the world itself.

 I say as I eat my natto.

 There is already a branch school for mermaids in our farm, and many female mermaids are studying there.
 The first mermaids, then demons, will come, and if we don't invite only the mermaids, we'll be left out of the group.

''Let's make this a place where all three races can learn without discrimination!

 Study abroad on a farm.
 Is a farm that kind of place? I thought, but the details are not important.

 If the three races of humans, demons and mermaids can communicate with each other and deepen their bond, there will be world peace and no war.

 It's time for the different world farm and the Three Tribes Study Abroad Project to begin!

''All right! Then let's immediately notify the occupation government of the former human state and recruit future cadres! And to the farm!

 The demon king said while eating his natto.

''Hohohoho........! The harmony of races will be accelerated. And then the earth that I protect will prosper more and more.

 The God of Hades also said as he ate his natto.

'World peace is the most important thing, isn't it!

 I said as I ate my natto too.

 Let's make the world a better place while we all eat natto!


 Why is everyone a natto?

 Hey, you Horcosfon!
 Don't infiltrate the subliminals with natto!
 Come on!