278-276 Adventure of Liteseus

 I'm Lycheeus of the human race.

 Like a sold calf, I was handed over to the demon tribe.

 What fate is waiting for me in the future?


''If that's the case, it's been a short life...''

 Well, if I can use my life for the lord who has been so kind to me, I hope so.

 It seems that the young men and women sent to the occupation administration by request are gathered once they are gathered there.

 Therefore, I first presented myself to the occupation authorities.

 The Occupation Office is located in the city that used to be the capital of humanity, and the office of the Occupation Office is the former royal castle.

I never thought I'd end up in a castle like this...?

 Back when the human country was still alive and well, it would have been a place that lowly people would never have had any connection to.
 You don't understand the world, do you?

 When I went to the designated room, several men and women around my age were gathered there.

 Like me, they were presented with a sacrifice... or perhaps they are human resources.
 They represented the other territories.

You're Lycheeus! Long time no see.

 I saw a familiar face among them, so I ran over.
 Valkina, who was the lord's chamberlain in a neighboring territory. We had met many times due to the exchange of neighboring territories.

''You're here for the same reason as me...?''


'Yes, our daughter is just about the right age, but we can't just offer her up, can we? So I'll take over.

 It's hard for both of us.

 As I looked around, I noticed that some of the young people who had gathered there were dressed as aristocrats among our scapegoats.

I wondered if they hadn't sent a scapegoat.

 That's gutsy.

I'm sure he's a smart second son and third son, but I'm impressed by his willingness to sacrifice his own life to protect his people. There's a big difference between you and this stupid son.

 Varkina says.

'Why is it our place to mention it? Isn't your territory in the same situation?
"Fool, I'm a lady! She's a frail woman!

 What's that seemingly unreasonable and somehow understandable logic?

 Oh, well.
 We may not have lives tomorrow anyway.
 Let's stop wasting time thinking about the futility of it.

    * * * *

 And so, while waiting, it seems that all the sacrifices...........................and personnel have finished gathering.

''I am Malvastos, the Governor of the Demon Race Occupation Office.

 A pompous demon race came out.
 Although it is said to be pompous, it is not arrogant in its behavior, but rather it seems to have an air of dignity in its face and appearance.
 They are not pompous, so to speak, but their existence itself gives you the impression that they must be great?

Gentlemen, please stand down.

 What do you mean, the greatest of all time has arrived on the scene, and you're still asking me to refrain?

 ........and then it was different.
 An even greater person was still around.

"You are in the presence of the Demon King, Lord Zedan.

 The Governor stepped aside and a giant appeared in front of us to take his turn.
 I thought the wall was closing in on us.
 It was that big of a spirit.

 This is the Demon King?
 Isn't the Demon King the general of the demon tribe?
 In other words, he's so high up that there's nothing higher than this?

First of all, I want to thank you all for coming here. It was a great honor.

 Demon King, you are solemn.
 Why do you want to meet the Demon King personally?

 I've been preparing myself not to be perturbed by any tragic developments, but it's soon exceeded my imagination!

''But, Demon King. ''But, Demon King, you don't look so impressive, do you?

 The Governor says from the side.

'I can tell by their appearance. Many of those sent here must be servants of some sort. I can see that the nobles have been unwilling to give us their children and have taken them as substitutes.

 Oh, man, do they know we're here?

Why not?

 But the Demon King was generous.

''They were probably wary that they would be sacrificed anyway. The people here have accepted such dangers and have been prepared to die. Their faces will be different.

 He looks over at us.

"People who are not only quick-witted but also ready to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their homeland. In order to bring these men together, we deliberately left the purpose of the conference ambiguous. Thanks to that, we have a lively group of young people.

 Is that so?
 Do you think we've fallen for the demon tribe's plan?

 But what are you going to do with all of us in the end?

Well, I think it's time to tell you why. I'll tell you the reason why I gathered you here...

 The Demon King speaks.

''You are going to study abroad!
"From now on, you will be given an elite education. You will also make connections with important people in the demon kingdom, and you will be able to work for both sides of the demon kingdom. After you have gained enough ability, you will work for both the demon kingdom and the human kingdom. That's what this study abroad program is for.

 Zawa Zawa.........

 As expected, we can't all be unresponsive, can we?
 A murmur of agitation could be heard from the front and back, left and right.

''It's not just for the demon race. We want you to work not only for the demon race, but also for the human race. We want you to work for the prosperity of the two races that have become one. Will you accept it?

 There was no point in messing around here, so I decided to take it after all.

''Then let's take them to the place of study as soon as possible. I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who are as young as you on the demon side have already started training. The purpose of this is to learn with them and deepen our friendship.

 The Demon King walked out and entered the crowd of us.

 I stood just in the center of the crowd....

Malvastos, let's say goodbye for now. We'll talk again at leisure.
"The kingdom of mankind is stabilized by Malvastus here at the cost of life, so do not be concerned.

 The Demon Race Governor bows his head.

 In the next moment, the Governor's figure disappeared.
 No, it wasn't just the Governor. The walls and ceilings of the surrounding royal castle also disappeared.

 The next thing you know, there was an open sky above us.

We're here.

 The Demon King said.

"What? You're kidding! Already?

 !" "Not even a moment has passed!

Is this what the demons use for their transference magic?

 This is the kind of knowledgeable person you want to meet.

It's a spell that allows people to move to a specific location in an instant. But to be able to transport so many people at once...?

 Come to think of it, the ten or more people who were gathered are all over here.


"This is the saint's farm where you will study abroad.

 The Demon King said.

''Heh, this is the saint's farm...?''

 The name sounded familiar to me, and I was like, 'Wow.

"..........What? A saint's farm? Here?

 That thing that is falsely rumored to exist somewhere in the former human country?

 It is said to be located somewhere in the world or not.
 It is said that the saint who rules there has the ability to surpass even gods and can rule the world if he wants to, but because he doesn't want to, he doesn't come to the world.

 Some people believe that with the help of a saint, they can wipe out the demons and revive the human race.
 These people are desperately searching for the saint's farm, but no one has ever found it.

 To that saint's farm, now!
 You've stepped in?