279-277 Liteseus and Eringia

 Yes, it's me.
 It's me, the owner of the farm.

 Today, the Demon King will be bringing young people from the human country to study at our farm.
 As I waited while working in the fields and so on........

 .........here they come.

 A crowd of people creeping in from the transition point.


 I toss the hoe to the ground and welcome him to the farm.

"I'm the owner of this farm. You'll learn something here.

 Be as friendly as possible.
 However, the young men of the human race who were led by the Demon King stared at me with a full sense of caution.
 It was just like a borrowed cat.

''Lord here. Does that mean.........?
"Are you a saint?

 The young man from the tribe asked.

"Hmm? Do you know him well?
Of course I know. There's a great deal of talk about Saint Kidan among the old human nations!

 Huh? Why?

Because you have great power!

 Apparently everything is perceived by the general population over there as if I'm some kind of omniscient god or something.

 I was once known more than I thought I was because of the furor that Veerle rushed into the battlefield and Bacchus touched around.

'Some believe that the old human nation can be revived by Anata bringing salvation. That you will be able to repel the Demon King's army...?
But the one who brought us to you today is the chief of the demon race, the Demon King. What the hell is going on here?

 Among the young people, one of the cleverest-looking kids in the tribe takes the initiative to ask me about it.
 I've never met him before, but he's pretty aggressive.
 It's time for me to answer her questions.

"Because we're friends!

 I rubbed shoulders with the demon king.
 He started to say, "You're the saint and the demon king are friends...?

"A saint and a demon king are friends...?
How friendly is this?
It's a little awkward for two old men to be playing together.

 Who said that last one?
 Come out.

So, if you're asked to defeat the Demon King's army in the old human country...?
I won't fight back, I won't fight back!

 I can't betray my friendship with the Demon King, and it's a hassle in the first place.
 I want to stay here and work on the farm all my life.


 The young humans threw a fist pump when they heard this.

That's because we don't want the system to be overturned by now!
''I don't want to go back to the messed up administration of royalty and the cult!
'Going back is unlikely in itself, but the only possibility is Saint Kidan!
That saint is a friend of the Demon King, not a foe! This is good news!

 Do you want your human nation back or don't you want it back?

 You don't want to take it back.

 To recapitulate their arguments....

The human nation was destroyed by the demon kingdom
But the human race had an absurd ruling system, so I'm rather happy to see it destroyed.
Compared to that, the demon occupation force does a better job of governing.
So don't bring back the human nation.


 But no matter what happens, there is always a minority, and some of the forces that still hope for the revival of the human nation can't do it on their own, so this is the last hope they can hold on to.

 That's me, Saint Kidan.
 So that's me, Kidan, the saint.

 There are many things about the human race.

It's a good idea to make sure that you don't have any hope...?

 For example, you could have Veerle fly around again in dragon form and shout, "Saint Kidan will not cooperate with the humans! I will not cooperate with the human nation!
 Then we won't have to cling to an uncertain hope.

''Please don't do that!''

 One of the young men of the human race told me.
 He's the same clever kid as before.

It's the former royalty and cultists who still want to reestablish the human nation and are looking for a saint.

 You want those who were once on the side of the rulers to come back, don't you?

"They seek out the saints to restore their old glory, but if it proves futile, I don't know what form they will take.

 I see.
 It's clear that if a person who is not willing to give up will not put their trust in me, they will find another way.
 If it's an act of terrorism or something like that, the civilians living in peace will be harmed.

"They can't find the saint. So it would be better for everyone if they kept looking for him and wasting their time. So please don't say anything...!
Adopt it.

 This is a clever boy who not only looks good, but is actually very clever to have this kind of opinion.

What's your name?
The name is Lycheeus.

 I'll remember that.

''Demon King, you've got a kid who looks really resourceful coming in.
I'm very happy with it.

 I know I'm going off on a tangent, but I think it's time to get back to the point.

You are going to learn a lot of things on our farm.
'Wow, they really let me learn at the saint's farm. But what will I learn?

 We're thinking about that, too.
 So let's start with the obvious.

"Let me introduce you to the alumni.

    * * *

 The place they moved to was where the young demons who had studied abroad on the farm earlier were located.
 Right now, they were engaged in farm work in the fields.

''Hey, why do we, the demon race, have to do field work?
''We'll make our own food.

 Now that we have more people, we have to increase the harvest for them.

 The young demons who were arrogant to begin with were the problem, but not only Veerle and the others, but also Okubo, Gobukichi and others found them strong and scary and didn't go against them.

 It would be just as good as training to re-beat their nature.

''I want to introduce you all to them.''

 Demon race and human race, I say to both sides.

''From today onwards, all of us here are fellow students on the farm, so let's get along.
''Don't be silly!''

 and the one who bit me was the demon race.

''I didn't expect you to actually bring in the human race as well! A lowly, defeated race!

 Not only did he not speak up, he was rude to them.
 The human tribe that accepts the rule of the Demon King's army is indeed stinging at this problematic statement.

''That's enough, Eringire.

 Unable to watch, the Demon King stopped him.

''With such an off-the-beaten-path insight, I can't very well entrust the future Demon King's army to you.
But my Demon Lord.
"From now on, the human race will be our friends who will support our country together. In the future, I'm ready to select a new Four Heavenly Kings from among the human race.
"Oh no!

 The human race is rather disturbed by this statement.
 They respect the Demon King's bold and fair judgment!

''We can't allow that to happen...! The seat of the Four Heavenly Kings belongs to the Demon Clan for all eternity!

 The child of the demon race burns with melancholy and resentment.

''Then let's actually show it! The performance difference between the demon race and the human race as a distinct race!

 What is this pattern....

'The game! Bring out the strongest member of your people! This demon tribe Eringya will twist and crush you in a single breath!

 If we get stuck, we'll win.
 He was going to take advantage of this large and common pattern.