280-278 Mixed Fight

 And so it began, the election of the representatives of the human and demon races that learn on the farm.

 He said it's a competition to decide which race is better.
 Trivial, though.
 I guess it's the privilege of youth to be concerned about trivial things more than anything else.

 I've come to study abroad this time because they are all young people to educate the next generation.
 It is natural that some new kind of human trouble will occur.

 There are some mistakes that can be made by young people.

 Well, when you say it that way, it sounds like there are only old ladies on the farm!
 At least the twenty-somethings are still young!
 The thirty-somethings! Gili!

Lowlife! I'm going to teach your people a thing or two.

 The representative of the demon race side is the usual Eringier.

 He is a hard-boned warrior who is still critically committed to the superiority of the demon race.

 The other dominant demon tribe had their noses completely broken after watching the superb battle between Veerle and Horcosfon.
 Only one of them was still in high spirits.

 The representative of the opposing human race is........

"........why me?


 I guess it's because you showed your brilliance in your earlier exchange with me.
 I was totally pushed up in the spotlight.

 Eringia vs. Lycheeus.

 The battle for the pride of their respective races is about to begin........

    * * *

I don't want to fight...!

 Lycheeus complained half-heartedly.
 His heart is already broken.

''I was just an attendant before I came here! I've never been in a fight!
Don't worry. You can do it, all right, sweetheart.

 He says with unfounded encouragement.

It's the same for them. They claim to be the Demon Lord's Army, but they're just rookies with no real combat experience.

"Korah! I can hear you!'' And yapping from the other side.

"Why do you always want to help me? It's not fair! You're on the side of the humans after all!
Regardless of race, anyone who looks at you from the side would side with Mr. Lycheeus, wouldn't they?

 The surrounding spectators nodded their heads, regardless of their species.

''d*mn! "Am I the only one who can't help myself?
It's your personality and your attitude that creates the enemy.

 They each hold something that resembles a sword.
 It's a bamboo sword.

 I made it out of bamboo from the dungeon orchard to see if this would happen.

This is a match to strike each other with this shinai.

If there's a blow that can be judged as a fatal blow, the game is over.
 I'll be the judge.
 I am the judge.

There's no way the demon race is going to lose to the human race in any form of competition...!

 Erringia, facing her opponent while licking her tongue.
 It's like a cat aiming at its prey.

 Litisseus trembles like a cornered rat........

"...? What's going on?
You're pretty.

 That's right, although I haven't mentioned it until now, Eringya is a girl.
 It's a blue fruit where the bewitching s*xuality unique to the demon race is about to bloom for its age.


''You suddenly started picking on me on the playing field........?

 The people around me who had been steadily increasing their favorability towards Lycheeus up until now plummeted all at once here. It's a drop in the bucket.

''Tch! No, it's not! I'm just stating my impressions at first glance...!
Lycheeus, you're going to die.

 Home has turned into an away game.
 The tongue-in-cheek is truly horrible.

 More than anything else, the person who was told to do this got red in the face.......

What a shameful thing to say in a serious game! Humans are a stupid race after all. I'm going to eradicate it right here!

 Even though I haven't even said the match has started yet, Eringire comes slashing at me with a bamboo sword.

''I'll slash you to death!

 No, it's impossible to slash to death with a bamboo sword.

 Eringier's bodywork was just like a pattern, as if he had learned it through training.

 My assessment of the de rookie's lack of actual battle experience was not wrong.
 However, it was the Demon King's Army that had drilled that move into her.
 Nowadays, the strongest armies on earth have accumulated the know-how of killing people, and if they are trained in this way, they are sharper than those who are used to fighting at all.

 It's too much to ask amateurs to deal with this.
 The image of Lycheeus being beaten to a pulp by a multitude of blows flashed through everyone's mind.



 Litheseus' shinigami receives the Eringian side shinigami swung down from the top step.
 It touches and entangles with the ideal three inches of the cut end.
 With the force applied from an unexpected direction, Eringire released the shinai from his hand.


 It was bad enough that he was surprised by that.

 It is impossible for a soldier in the Demon King's army to be unsettled in the middle of a battle and become full of gaps.

 It's a good thing that I'm not going to be able to react to Lycheeus's bamboo sword that is once again unleashed.

''There is a match.''

 I declared, checking the cut that had been skittled at Eringian's throat.
 The skittle was probably a concern on the part of Lycheeus.

''Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! We won!
We won, unbelievably!
"We won in a landslide!

 People around them were excited about the unexpected result.

"Oh no, I can't lose...?

 Eringier is crushed by the unacceptable result.
 She collapses and sits down in a girl's seat.

"Oh no, I won...?

 And the person who won was the most surprised.
 He is still stunned, not letting go of his bamboo sword.

 I'm going to walk up to him.

You did well, Lycheeus-kun. But that's quite a cheating strategy you use, isn't it?

 That's right.
 I've never fought a fight before, while saying I'm a complete amateur.
 That move that won over Eringya's attack was completely the stuff of a genius.

''In other words, you deliberately pretended to be an amateur in order to catch your opponent off guard, right?

 He doesn't mind lying to win.
 I yearn for that dirty thoroughness to be numbing.

 What if he called her 'cute' right before a match was just a provocation to upset her opponent?

'No, it's not! I'm a real amateur! I've never held a sword before!
'My body did that on its own! What does that mean? I don't know what's going on here!

 What does that mean?
 Is Lycheeus really a zubby amateur? You're the one who could do that bare minimum.

So when he said 'pretty' and provocation...?
I didn't mean it.

 I couldn't help but get a tongue lashing.

 Our farm, which had started somehow, is a project to train young people of all species.

 It seems that we've welcomed an extraordinary talent.

''Don't get me wrong!

 And Eringire, the defeated one, was growling with tears in his eyes.

''Don't think you're better just because you won just once! This is a coincidence! It's a fluke! I will definitely prove to you from now on that I'm better than you!

 This was another easy to understand defeat.

 Litisseus with his rare brilliance, and Eringya with her easy to understand reactions to each and every one of these.

 This was another pattern, I thought.