281-279 Classes I Want to Take in the World

 In this way, the two youngsters of the demon race and the human race were to study and live together on our farm.

 The elite candidates who were gathered here were the future leaders of the country.
 It would be good for them to interact with each other here and build up their connections.


 In our farm, in addition to the human race and demon race, there is another race, a significant element that makes up this world.
 The mermaid race.
 This is the Mermaid Witch Academia Farm Branch School, a gathering of students who are full of potential.

 Younger and younger members of the three major races of humans, demons, and mermaids are gathered here at one place, which makes it even more awesome!

 The young people of these various tribes have been interacting with each other right away.

"I think that our mermaid royalty is more awesome than your Demon King, don't you think?

 A fight had broken out immediately.
 I don't recognize the face I've never seen, but a mermaid and a demon youth are arguing.

It's a very good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

 I heard something like that happened.
 A few years ago, a group of mermaid students took a field trip to Prince Arowana, who was training to become a warrior.

 I heard from the story that Prince Arowana was in a melee with an angel and a dragon, but how could that be the case?
 I mean, how did you survive?

You can't overestimate it! If the mermaid prince can do it, our demon king can't fail to do it!

 Is the timing good or bad here?

 The Demon King was right beside me.
 It was a bad thing that I didn't leave quickly enough to go home and drink tea, even though I had finished my business.

''Demon King-sama! The Demon Lord could kill dragons and angels in an instant, right?

 I'm approaching the Demon King like a dreamy child.
 The youngest among the young demons who studied abroad, the youngest of the young demon tribe, was pure in the way he looked at the demon king.


 Saying to such a child, 'Don't be silly, dragons and angels will kill you instantly over here,' and telling the truth as it is is is the same as saying, 'There is no Santa Claus.

It's a good thing that there is no Santa Claus.

 And even though I didn't call for them, the dragons and angels came.
 Nothing is missing.

'Very well! It will actually show that the Demon King is the strongest!

 The Demon King, who was in a period of paternalism after the birth of his own children, couldn't resist his expectations.

 As a result, Holkosfone, who sensed the air in the middle, hit Veerle from behind and knocked him unconscious while pretending to be hit himself, and managed to come full circle.

 Interactions like this are going on here and there.

    * * * *

But, what exactly do you want them to do to study abroad?

 It's that kind of story now.

 I gathered the talented youngsters of each race, but I don't know how to proceed from there.

 The reason we originally invited the young demon race was to show a higher level of the world to those kids who were uppity.
 That goal has already been achieved thanks to Veerle and Horcosfon.

''What more do you want me to teach them?''

 And the other things you can do on the farm, like work in the fields and hunt.

How do I do that?

 I crossed my arms and thought about it.........
 In the end, I came to the conclusion that....

    * * * *

It's eeeeeaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...

 I say the chimes with my mouth since there is no apparatus.

'Then let the class begin.'

 The teacher said.

 In front of them, all the foreign students of the human race, demon race and mermaid race are lined up at their desks.

 When I say teacher, I mean that one.
 Needless to say, he is the teacher of the No Life King.

 He is the king of the dead and the most powerful undead in the world.
 He is feared to be the world's second greatest calamity.

"Today I have decided to watch you study. Your saints and others call you 'Sensei', so you may follow their lead. I've forgotten my real name. It is a long time since I existed in mortal form.

 Click, click, click.....
 It was quite noisy.

 The miasma of the miasma is so severe that it can cause the students to tremble and gnash their teeth.

It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

 I thought it was a great idea the moment I thought of it.
 If there's one member of our team who is the best at teaching people things, it's the teacher.

 He's an undead man who has lived for more than a thousand years, and that's why he knows so much.
 And since he is the king of the dead, he is an expert in magic. I'm not only familiar with the magic of the human race, which is my original origin, but also with the magic of other races.

 There's no more useful lesson to be taught by this supreme wise man, the No Life King!


'I didn't expect you to just keep your sanity in front of the teacher...?

 We ourselves didn't think it was the least bit of a problem since we were already spending time with the teacher normally.
 In fact, the teacher's gentle grandfatherly atmosphere makes us feel at ease.

'You don't take the general level into account. Your husband isn't even aware of his own high level.''

 He was accused by Prathi, who had a large belly.

''The No Life King is essentially a top-tier undead. The concentration of evil energy they spontaneously release is also extraordinary. Most adventurers, just by being hit by them, suffer mental damage and lose without a fight...?
''Aren't all the people here okay with it?
'The kids here have high averages!

 So the reason for the loss is that they didn't take into account the difference in levels between the farm and the general public?

''No, but! Didn't we teach the mermaid children once?
They fainted all over the place!

 Oh, really?
 I didn't see that.
 I thought you were just going to be quietly listening to the class...!

"Never mind, my saint.

 The teacher had already stepped down from the podium.

''It can't be helped. I knew from the time I became this mortal body that my connection to the mundane world would be severed.'
"Everyone here, including the saint, is so warm and welcoming that I seem to have forgotten the reality of the situation.

 The teacher who said that seemed very lonely.

 Wait a minute, please sir........

''Wait a minute, teacher!''

 Before I could say it out loud, someone else spoke up.

''We're fine! Keep teaching!

 It was Lycheeus-kun.
 It's that guy again.

Excuse me! We're a bunch of wankers! But I'll get used to it! I thought it was part of my training!

 It's a very good idea to be able to have a good time with your friends.

 It's a good thing that the miasma of the teacher's miasma is so strong that you can have a decent conversation with him.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

''You know things, don't you, Sensei? I would love to take a class with you! So please don't give up!

 I'm not sure if you're impressed or not, but you're trembling a bit.

 The other students, who were unable to move because of the teacher's miasma, silently pressured him by saying, "Don't say anything unnecessary, you idiot.

    * * * *

 Then a few days later.

'Sir! Good morning!
Good luck in class today!
I did my homework, sir!

 They all did their homework.

 That's pretty quick, but they're all talented to begin with, so they grow up fast.
 I'm sure Prathi helped you with some medication or other.

"Oh, oh, oh...! You all did a great job........''

 And the teacher was impressed.
 He must be very happy. The fact that he was willing to go to such lengths to take his class.

Well, I'll give you all a great lesson in response to your efforts. ...and today I'll be teaching an original, original curse that I've come up with...!