282-280 Old Hero

 To begin with, the teacher seems to love teaching people.

 There were times when he taught me and the Demon King, and he was very happy to do so as well.

 For a teacher like that, the current situation is really exciting.
 There are a lot of talented young people who are worth teaching, and they come here to ask for lessons.

 It must be heaven.
 Whether heaven is a desirable place for the undead or not was another matter.

''Don't think, only react to what you feel. Do you ever close your eyes and use your ears, nose, and other senses? Just like that, you have to cut off all your senses once and become aware of another sense. The senses of the spirit that are not possessed by the body...!

 Just by following the teacher's advice, a child with a weakness for magic could easily learn magic.
 You are a seriously good teacher.

It's a good thing that you're a good teacher. Everyone must think so, but it's not true. It's just that the cult hides its usage. I'm going to show you how to use it. I'll teach you how to use it.''

 It's really....

It is said that Dharma magic is seen as an evil method of depleting natural mana, but it is up to you to use it. It's just a matter of how you use it. If wielded with the right insight, the magic of the heavenly bodies can become a protection against unreasonableness.

 ...don't you think you're teaching it too well?
 Wouldn't a child who took this teacher's teaching become world-class in its own right?

"I enjoy teaching, and I tend to overdo it.
Don't overdo it, please.

 When class is over, the teacher comes over here to talk.

It's been hundreds of years since I've been this lively. Since His Holiness' arrival, our days have really been filled with color.

 Before I built the farm here, the teacher spent all his time alone in the depths of the dark dungeon.
 That is, for hundreds of years.
 It's not easy for even the undead to endure this soul-eating loneliness.

''Looking back now, what a faded day it was. It can't be compared to now, when every day is changing at a dizzying pace.''

 I'm glad the teacher seems to be enjoying himself.

 Well, the main thing is not the teacher, but the young people the teacher is teaching.
 I started this program in the hope that they would become future leaders in their own right, but the teacher has gone too far, and more heroes are coming out of it than I expected.

 But the one person who stands out from the rest is....

Look at this teacher! I have a new magic master!

 You're the one who's already mastered that Dharma magic your teacher just taught you.

I'm sure he's got a lot of talent, don't you think?

 I heard that Lytesseus worked as an attendant in his lord's house before coming here, but he is so resourceful that it's hard to believe it.

 The fact that he won the match against Eringire on the day he came here, and the fact that he does everything with such quick wit, it's hard to believe that he's the hero. It's a bit of a stretch to think that he was born in a nondescript country village.

 However, he was born in a nondescript country village, and apparently he doesn't have a particularly good bloodline.
 Is he a true mutant genius? I was wondering.

''........He's probably a brave man.

 And the doctor.


 Isn't a brave man, as I recall, a person summoned from another world in this world?
 In that sense, I'm a brave man myself.


 What if!

Is it possible that Lycheeus-kun was summoned to another world when he was a baby and grew up without any memory of it? Is that a dramatic backstory?
"No, that's not what I'm talking about.

 Isn't it?

''Where to begin......... More than a thousand years ago, there was a much different kind of brave man in this world.''
Another kind?

 As opposed to the ones who were summoned to another world?

Once the gods descended to the lower world to make love to the opposite s*x of humanity as they pleased. The child born in this way became half human and half god.

 But I think I've heard that story before?

'Such beings were called demigods and naturally had powers beyond human knowledge. They were all heroes. The gods' flirtations were unstoppable, and the number of demigods grew to the point where the streets were teeming with them.

 Gods are really scum.

"Finally, as it threatened to upset the balance of the world, all the demigods were welcomed into the God Realm, where their respective parent gods belonged. From then on, the gods were not allowed to casually descend to the lower realms to commune with humanity, according to the arrangement.
Why are you telling me this now?
'Well, now a little. The Son of God grows up, and when he becomes an adult, he marries and has children. The Son of God passed away into the God Realm, but the grandson and great-grandson of that Son of God, who was born from that Son of God, remained on earth without being qualified to be welcomed into the God Realm because the blood of God was also diluted.

 Oh, yeah?

''But with even the slightest hint of divine bloodline, they are far more powerful than ordinary people. It is said that such a being's talents blossomed and he became a remarkable hero on the battlefield as well. And that is why I am referring to them as heroes.

 He was called out.

'So you're saying that the definition of brave is different now than it used to be?
'So it seems. Blood fades with each generation. It is said that even those who inherited the divine bloodline became weaker and weaker with each passing generation. And finally, they disappeared.''

 So what was required in its place was an otherworldly hero to be summoned.

I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do that. That's why they are named after the same brave men and women. To distinguish between the two, shall we call the first brave man of God's bloodline the old brave man?

 Old heroes.....

'And Lycheeus is an old brave.

 !" This is where it all comes together, right?
 But you'll have to wait a bit. To sum up what you said, there are no old heroes in this day and age, right?

 The blood of the gods that causes bravery should have been diluted over time and become useless!

'The blood can become thicker due to ancestry. That's how Lycheeus must have been born with an exceptional talent.''
On what basis?
'You don't remember your saint, do you? The shades of divinity that emanate from him...

 Come to think of it, it's like the qi that radiates from Litisseus-kun.
 The more I train here, the thicker and clearer it becomes, but the more it does, the more it buzzes through my memory.
 Where have I felt this before........
 .........deja vu?

Saint, I'd like to develop another drink. It's called Spiritus...

 Then the demigod Bacchus appeared.

 It was this guy.
 The reason I remembered it from somewhere is because it was similar to the divine energy this guy emitted.

 Come to think of it, the last time I heard about the demigod thing was when this guy appeared.

''The fact that it emits a similar qi to the demigod Bacchus is the proof that Lycheeus is an old hero who has returned to his ancestors.''

 Bacchus, who had joined us in the middle of the day and didn't seem to understand what we were talking about, techily walked up to Mr. Litisseus....


 That's right, Theseus-kun, you'd be surprised.
 To be called a relative by someone who has one foot in the legend.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one. I'll have to take good care of him...

 It's a scary thing, a gem that already seems to affect the fate of the world.
 Could he be the standard-bearer of a new era?

I do not accept!

 Oh my God!
 What the hell?

 What is it, a bud-like demonic girl about to swell up behind you?
 Didn't you hear me?

He's...! I didn't know he was so high up in the sky. Our demon race's superiority will be shattered! If we make a mistake, it will be the spark of rebellion?

 She doesn't even try to let go of her sense of superiority over the demon race.
 She can't forgive Lycheeus for what he did to her.

I've got to let him go! There is no future for the demon race! I will carve out the glory of the demon race with my own hands!

 It was going to be an absolute pain in the ass.