283-281 Friendship Plan

 Lycheeus and Eringia.

 We need to get these two people to get along better.

 No, at present, one side hates the other side.

 Eringire has a lot of pride.
 She never doubts that her race is the best. She can't forgive Lycheeus, who is such a bundle of talent to her.

 There's a lull now, but eventually the hatred will cross a critical point and erupt.
 If that happened, this plan to exchange and train young people of all races would definitely fail.

 We must do something about it....

''What should we do?

 I talked to my wife Prathi, who is close to me.
 She seemed to be worried about the sourness between the two of them and gave me an idea she had already prepared.

'How about letting them play a game?

The law of "You can't have a tie-up with a friend".
 Platy can be a bit of a brainiac at times.

"But I did it on my first day, so...

 So they don't get along at all.

'On the other hand, how about letting them fight each other as allies instead of as enemies?
All sides?

 Give them both the same difficulty and make them work together to overcome it. And through that cooperation, a friendship is formed.
 Buddy's Law.
 We haven't tried that one yet, so it might be worth a try.

'You're hired! So what kind of mission should I give them?
In that order, do you want to throw him in a dungeon?
'You could just go for a normal escape, or you could set up some sort of quest. The higher the difficulty, the more you'll bond with them!

 Personal Thoughts.

''Alright then, let's throw the two of you into the dungeon as soon as possible! Which one do we want to do, the teacher's dungeon or Veerle's dungeon!

 But first we need to find them.
 Where do you think they are?

 Just as I ran out of the room thinking that, I heard a scream, "Kyaaaaaaaah! I heard a scream.
 It's the scream of a maiden tearing the silk.

"Mmph! What's going on!

 When I went towards the direction of the scream, I found Lycheeus and Eringias who were looking for them.
 They are together.

 What are they doing?
 What if Eringian has already put the obtrusive Litisseus Elimination Plan into action!

 I thought.........
 Eringia covered up on top of the pushed down Litisseus........

 He took those lips away.


 Litesseus moaned in pain.
 And when the puh-hah's lips parted........

''Sess, Saint-sama! Help, help...! Muguuuhhhhh?

 He kissed me again.
 Is this the one who screamed like a maiden just now?

''Muguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! MUGUUGUUGH!

 Even though he roared for help.

 Litisseus has been attacked by Eringias.

 Although I had originally feared that possibility, this situation that actually happened was slightly different from the attack I had expected.

 I didn't expect to be s*xually assaulted.
 And in this case, isn't the damage and assault the opposite of the standard?

 Girls are attacking boys.

 No, isn't that particularly strange these days?

 Well, we can't just leave it at that.

Hey ...
handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome.
Come on! Eringire!

 I called out loudly and finally came back this way, Eringya.
 I had been immersed in a different world until now.

'What? What! Saint-sama? Why are you here!
I could ask you the same thing!

 What are you doing here in broad daylight?
 Do not disturb the public morals in this plantation!

No, sir! This! They were attacking Lycheeus!
It's the same as anything else.
''No, they wanted to kill this cocky race of people to be dead! That's what I meant by attacking!

 Even worse.

"So how did you get so peachy?
'You ask that of a maiden? Your saint is such a rascal!

 I've seen the inexcusable.

And anyway, you!

 Erringia's incomprehensible rage turned to Lytheseus.

''As long as you humiliate me, you're willing to take responsibility for it, aren't you!
'I rather feel like I've been humiliated!
I don't care about the details!

 I've never seen this kind of unreasonableness in my life.

You are going to have to take me to wife. ...I will rein in the heroes of the human race!

 Before I knew what was going on, Lycheeus and Eringian started dating.

    * * * *

"Do you like me, darling?
Oh, um...?
Do you like it?
I love you.
I like it too.

 And then they began to flirt with each other without fear of being seen.
 As expected, many of the surrounding people also gasped at the strange scene.

''That demoness...! Didn't you hate Lycheeus...?
''Sweet, that's what being a tsundere is all about.
It is?
But to turn over a delinquent from Tsung so boldly, it's now a tour de force...! That scoundrel...!

 The young men studying with him also took their breath away.

 Erringia's explanation to this.

''That's sweet. Can't you see that this is my plan for cleverly detecting the time?


Lycheeus is the greatest hero of men. I even used a woman's weapon to capture it, so you can feel my determination. Now Lytesseus can't antagonize the demon race for the love of me, and my worth will rise in the demon king's army, having a hero as a husband!

 Unbeknownst to him, the story goes on and Lycéeus is astonished.
 There is no escape any longer.

'Hey hey darling, how many children do you want to have?'
It's a bit hasty, isn't it?
I'd like to have 20 kids.
"Too many!

 Well, since Litesseus-kun also has too much brilliance, having a troubled wife like Eringya is going to be a moderate life with zero subtractions.

 But just when I thought that.

 To my surprise, Litesseus-kun kissed Eringire.

''All right! Let's make twenty! Let's make the happiest family in the world!
Oh, wonderful you!

 Mr. Litesseus has pandered to reality.
 He turned to the side of the winners in life by enjoying the present situation as much as he could.

 It was a brilliant decision by the brilliant Mr. Lycheeus, as expected of him.

 As a result, a mere couple was born.

 The 'throw them in the dungeon to increase the bond' plan I had come up with just before was, of course, dropped off.

 One of the purposes of this plan was to deepen the interaction between the various races, so if I were to say that the birth of a couple has served its purpose, it has served its purpose.
 I guess we've gone beyond my supposed stage of interaction.

 This is what youthfulness is all about........?

 We're both teenagers........!

 You're so energetic...!