284-282 Return of mushrooms

 With Litisseus-kun and Eringya starting to hang out, the interaction between the foreign students seemed to have stabilized further.

 It was also the most noticeable problem, the conflict between those two.

 In short, I was relieved to see that we were on track, and I decided to start another task after a long time.

 The original work of a farm is to grow crops.
 It's time to get back to the real work.

 Actually, there is a crop that I've been wanting to grow for a long time.
 That is...!


 No, no?

 One of the new characters is named Eringiia....

 Eringia -> Eringiia -> Mushroom.

 ........it didn't turn into an association game, did it? Really?

 Anyway, mushrooms.
 They've built up a genre as a food ingredient, and it's more of a 'how come it's been untouched? You might say, "I'm not sure what to do.
 This is just the order of things.

 Some people don't like that crunchy, unique texture, but I love it myself. I would definitely add them to my repertoire of dishes.

 Of course, there are mushrooms in this world, and they usually grow wild in the forest, but I've never picked them up and eaten them.

 I'm still afraid of the poison.

 In the world I've been in before, I often saw news about poisoning from eating mushrooms that were picked by amateurs.
 I've seen enough fear in my mind to know that if I saw mushrooms in my world, I wouldn't pick them myself, and I've ordered my farm mates who join me to not pick them either.

 The mushrooms are from a different world, so any knowledge of the previous world wouldn't apply.
 I have no idea which ones are poisonous and which ones are not.

 It's not like we could just try and eat them and say 'if they die, they're toxic' and keep making trial and error after trial and error.

 Still, I had high hopes for that forest master, the elves, when they joined.
 I thought they would be able to recognize the poisonous mushrooms at a glance if they were smart enough to make the forest their home and use nature...

'I hate mushrooms! I hate mushrooms! I can't believe you ate mushrooms!


'The folds on the back of the umbrella are disgusting! "Spores on! There's spore dust on my hand! It's slimy! It stinks! "Hiwai!

 And scattered.

 Not only do elves know a lot about mushrooms, but as a species they dislike mushrooms themselves.
 Perhaps the memories of our ancestors who were hit by poisonous mushrooms in the past have instinctively led them to avoid mushrooms.

 That's why we've been avoiding them on our farm for a while now.

 So we're finally trying to get in touch with them.

 The mushrooms we have collected are poisonous.
 They may be poisonous.

 It would be better to grow them by ourselves to solve the poisoning problem.
 Mushrooms that are definitely not poisonous.

'How can you tell the difference between them?' But that's exactly where the "supreme bearer" comes in.
 I feel like it's been a long time since I've been great.

 To make various vegetable crops sprout just by touching the soil.
 A shiitake mushroom, a shimeji mushroom, an enoki mushroom and a nameko mushroom.
 Let's take a look at some of the popular mushrooms that were eaten in the previous world.

    * * * *

 Now let's try to grow mushrooms.

 I've seen how to do it on TV or something.
 Mushrooms are grown from a tree, right?

 You cut down a tree, adjust it to a log of a suitable length, and plant the fungus, the mushroom seed, in it.
 The explanation I saw in the previous world is that they make a hole in the tree with a drill, and then they drive some kind of wooden nail with fungus into the hole.
 The mushrooms will grow out of it.

 I think I'm going to follow that method.

 Those processes are humble, so I'm going to omit them.
 It's done.

 Now we just have to wait for the mushrooms to grow, keeping an eye on the humidity and temperature.

 With other crops, the hyper-fish manure that Prati makes makes makes the mushrooms grow very quickly, but the hyper-fish manure doesn't penetrate into the logs.

 But the hyper fish manure doesn't penetrate into the log.

 Sometimes it is important to be patient.
 I put the log to which the fungus was planted in a good place, and let the time pass for a while.

 How long does it grow? Next year?
 I'm excited about the feeling of farming properly, which is unusual....

   * * * *

 A few days later.
 The mushrooms grew back.

"In a few days?

 Too soon.
 Since we can't use Hyper Fish Manure, we should have waited for the mushrooms to grow naturally, but it's just too crazy that the results came out so quickly.

 Do you think I didn't know that this otherworldly effect was activated again?

 What do you think? Seeing these results?
 When I observed the mushrooms that grew well, I found out.

'I knew this was an otherworldly anomaly.

 It's big.
 The mushrooms that have grown up are very big.

 A giant root or some other chutzpah metaphor would barely fit in.
 It was a mushroom as big as my height.

 A giant mushroom.

 How can this be unrelated to otherworldly fantasy!

''Why did these things grow...?''

 I'm pretty sure I planted an ordinary mushroom fungus in the log in The Supreme Bearer.
 At first, I tried to use a standard shiitake mushroom.

 But after only a few days, the giant mushroom grew and it was definitely not a mushroom!

 What to do!
 Let's just burn the whole foundation log!

"Wait a minute...

 What the hell? What's that voice?
 It came out of nowhere!

 I don't remember that voice.
 Her voice is feminine, cool and sweet!

 The next strange thing that happens in front of me.
 Something floated out of the hilt of the giant mushroom.

 This is.........an eye?

It was you who spoke?

 I slammed a giant mushroom into it without a second thought.

"Guehooch! Gefu, stop it, stop it! The spores will fly off without impact! I want to fly it on a proper day!'

 It's already confirmed.
 This is not a shiitake mushroom.
 It's a fantasy mushroom of otherworldly origin!

Who are you? Where did it come from?
It's an obvious question. Of course it came out of the log that you provided.

 That's what it sounds like, but........?

And before that, I was floating in the air as a microscopic spore. I am present everywhere in this world.
Stop! Stop saying that every time you hesitate to breathe!

 You're making me want an air purifier!

'The fact that I was able to be reborn to a visible size again in this way is thanks to the saint's provision of a substitute. I am truly grateful.
You mean the log you grew on?

 I didn't prepare it for you, though.
 Have these giant mushroom invaders wiped out the shiitake mushrooms at the mycelium stage?
 If that's the case, then you've ruined the fun and I'm getting a little cranky, okay?

So, what the hell are you?

 He said he was conversant, so I asked him again.
 When we find out who this guy is, we'll burn him.

I'll burn him when I know exactly who he is. We've met before, haven't we?
You don't know any talking mushrooms, do you?
"I hadn't yet acquired the ability to speak. But I did meet you. Up in the mountains with the leaves falling in the sky.