286-284 Rumor of the Angel of Destruction

 I'm gradually getting on with the giant mushroom.
 No, was its proper name Matango?

So you can recreate whatever mycelium you want once it's fused?
'And it's super fast! We'll take care of it!

 As a test, I used my "supreme bearer" to remind the log that various kinds of mushrooms would grow.

'Ho ho ho! Here it is!''

 And even before the mushrooms actually grew, Matango seemed to have sensed the existence of various mycelium that spread inside the log.
 It seems that Matango sensed the existence of various mycelium spreading inside the log.

 He took them in and memorized them....

 He took them into his memory and grew them from the log.

 Mushrooms, eringi mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, nameko mushrooms, mucitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms. Pine mushroom.

 Even a matsutake mushroom?

 Various kinds of mushrooms grow up.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! !" Gathering and gathering, they're going to grow one after another. Endless mushroom harvest!
"We're going to produce more and more mushrooms!

 The Mushroom Festival was held.

 If you think about it, we can't eat this many different kinds of mushrooms all at once.

What do we do with all these mushrooms...?

 You can leave the shiitake mushrooms to dry.
 The other kinds of mushrooms will have to be devoured by the end of the day?

...to feed the others.

 We have reached an orderly conclusion.

    * * * *

What do you have for mushrooms...?

 I'm going to use mushrooms as an ingredient and say, 'Here it is! There's no way to cook them in a way that makes you say, "I'm not going to be able to cook without mushrooms," right?
 There's no such thing as being complete without mushrooms, but I would definitely be happy to add them to any dish.
 That's what mushrooms are for.

 I think I'd like to make them in a safe place, either as a soup or as a tempura.

 You can put anything you want in the soup, and tempura is the best way to cook them.
 The rest can be fried or cooked in a pot.



 Sure enough, just as I was cooking, Prati and Veer came over.

'Sir, are you cooking when it's not dinner time?'
'I know! At times like these, it's time for the master to create a new kind of food! Time to meet a new kind of inspiration!

 Well, I know you won't need to invite me.

 I've already laid out the finished product for you to try.
 I've got maitake and beech mushroom tempura.

What? Tempura again? What's the novelty?
I just made you something.

 However, they know that the tempura itself is delicious, so they put it in their mouths without hesitation.

"What's that chewy texture?
Meat! Vegetables? The texture is neither of those things. It's crunchy..., what's going on?

 These guys usually have a good reaction.
 It's almost like they can leave it to you to do a food report.

 And the other guys, including Okubo, will be attracted to their merriment.

"Oh, what is it?
"Where the mistresses clamor, the saints have a new dish.
'Soup, tempura, stir-fry. All the dishes you've seen before...!
Is it the new stuff?

 It's always the same, so everyone picks up the dishes on the line without any particular request.
 Or mushroom tempura. Or a miso soup with mushrooms in it, about the same proportion as ramen noodles. Or a miso soup with mushrooms in it, about the same proportion as ramen noodles.

"Ho! This is a fresh texture.
There's something so unique about the feel of the food being chewed along its fibers!
"Soaked in the broth and sauce, so juicy!
"with the crunchy batter of the tempura.

 These guys are getting better at food-reporting, aren't they?

'My lord! What is this entirely new ingredient?


"............... ...........?

 What is this sudden silence?

"Ki, mushrooms...?
Speaking of mushrooms...?

 What's going on? Did everyone in the room turn pale?

"Woooooooooooooooooooooooo? We're going to die!
I ate a mushroom! "I ate a mushroom!
"The poison will kill me!

 That's right!
 We've been warning everyone on our farm not to eat any of the wild mushrooms that grow outside and get poisoned by them.
 To them, all mushrooms are just plain poisonous! 

 I didn't know that and I ate it and I was like, "I'm going to die! It is.

"Why would your saint attempt to mass poison us?

 No, he didn't!

He didn't plan to poison people to forcefully end the farm.

 No, I didn't. It's the worst way to go!
 The farm will go on forever!

 I had a great deal of trouble explaining that some mushrooms are poisonous and some are not, and that the ones I cooked were safe and reliable non-toxic mushrooms that were cultivated and safe, so it was okay.
 It was more exhausting than the food itself.

'I see, these mushrooms are safe, aren't they?
Then I'll have another.

 And as soon as I understood, I started eating the mushrooms without any worries.
 ''Pull off your anxiety a little.

''Nuh-uh........! Saints....!
"You're Matan Go!

 Why is there a giant mushroom in the kitchen that grows out of a log and can't be moved?

"Do not underestimate my evolution.
There's a foot growing out of it!

 Through a mushroom butt?
 Is that why you've been walking up here?

"I guess I've proven myself useful enough...?
Oh, I must admit, in the end I'm pretty good...! You're the best!

 High fives as we acknowledge each other!
 High five?
 Did you grow an armful of mushrooms?

 Thanks to the giant mushroom Matango, we never have to worry about edible mushrooms of any kind at any time of the day.

    * * *


 I suddenly wondered.

'Why are you trying to be so helpful to me?'

 It seems a bit of an uncommon dedication.
 It's not like you're returning the favor or anything, is it?

"I wanted your approval.

 What are you going to do with all that recognition?

''I have an opponent that I want the saint to recognize and use his power to defeat. An age-old nemesis who is vying for the top spot in the forest...'

 An old enemy?
 It's getting a bit messy, isn't it?

Are you fighting someone?
"Yes, we have to deal with him. I am destined to fight him. As long as I'm a mushroom, I can't affirm myself without fighting him.

 Another pretentious remark.
 Who are you fighting?

"Yes........his name is.......!