287-285 Mushroom Bamboo War

 We were headed to the mountain dungeon.

 Matango, the Giant Mushroom, had a nemesis that was to be a s*x offender.
 He says he's heading to the dungeon to confront his nemesis. To settle the score.

 It is only out of curiosity that I am going with him.

 Matango had the appearance of a giant mushroom, but was able to walk with two legs sprouting from the bottom.

'We're here, here we are.'

 I arrived at the mountain dungeon spring area.
 There was an even finer section of the bamboo forest there.

 From here, you can dig out bamboo that can be made into various tools and delicious bamboo shoots.
 How did we get to this point...?

"Show yourself! 'Takenokon!'

 Matango shouts.

'These mushrooms are coming to play! 'Meet the Vulnerable!'

 Then he (?) Something grew out of the ground in response to the call of "Zumomomo-momo"........
 Scraping through the soil and fallen leaves, the true identity of the thing growing out of the ground was........

 It was undoubtedly a bamboo shoot!

I can't eat it if it reaches the top of the earth.

 I thought to myself secretly.

'You've come to defeat me yourself, Mushroom Style. You've been defeated by the bamboo monster, Takenokon!

 The bamboo shoots started talking.

 There's already a precedent for mushrooms talking, so I'm not particularly surprised.
 The bamboo shoots that came out were huge, just like Matango. It was dozens of times larger than a normal bamboo shoot.
'Isn't that bamboo already?' You may think so, but the tip is sharp and wrapped in the skin, so it's more appropriate to say "giant bamboo".

 If he's a "child" of the bamboo and it's huge, it gives the impression that he's a child who can't fully grow up, even though he's already of age...

"Baboo, baboo".

 She sensed my eyes, so she started blatantly appealing to me as a baby.

"So, what do you want to do today?

 You stopped right away!

 Matango responds valiantly.

"Let's end our feud, as it is known! The fate of mushrooms and bamboo shoots!
'Stop laughing! If this were a done deal, it's already been done! 'Our bamboo shoots are better than the mushrooms!

 What in the world are you talking about?

 While I'm following you, I can't swallow the current situation at all.

'We've been fighting for ages,'

 Giant Mushroom, Matan GO says.

'To determine which one of us will be at the top of this mountain!
No, I own this mountain.

 Veerle, who was also accompanied by a curious person, said.
 I guess he's not busy.
 The owner of this mountain dungeon is indeed a dragon, Veerle, though.

''Hahahahahahaha! Foolishness is Matango, mushrooms are no match for bamboo shoots! I am the Lord of the Mountain!'
"There's no such thing as a better bamboo shoot than a mushroom. Today, I'll get rid of you and secure my control of the mountain!
No, I'm the master of the mountain dungeons...?

 Viel, you can't listen to your plea.

Master, can I burn them all down in one gulp?
We'll see how it goes.

 First of all, you're not the one who started the herd with the indigenous monsters because you're not managing them well enough to get into the farm.

 Mushroom Monster, Matan GO.
 The Mushroom Monster, Takenokonkorn.

 It's a battle to the top, isn't it?

 The giant bamboo shoots up, laughing fearlessly.

'Silly little mushroom. It's already been decided that our bamboo army is superior. .........Isn't that right, Saint?''

 Huh? Me?

Saints often come to our bamboo forest to dig for bamboo shoots. This is the proof that Saints respect our bamboo shoots!

 I often go into mountain dungeons to dig for bamboo shoots.

 I'd like to make rice cooked with bamboo shoots, or bamboo shoots tempura, because everyone at the farm likes it.
 I want to make bamboo shoots too.

The bamboo shoots that are approved by the Almighty Ruler of this mountain, Sage, deserve to be the best of the best! You mushrooms are only underneath it!'

 And I look at Matango.

'If you were desperately trying to get recognition from me...?
''That's right. It's to counter that bamboo knockon. To prove your value to this mountain's crops, to have the absolute all-powerful Sage Lord approve of your deliciousness is to prove your worth...!

 The mushrooms, which have never been regarded as food, have long been outnumbered in the battle for the bamboo shoots.

'But today, at last, our mushrooms have been recognized as delicious by the saints! It's time to fight back! 'Hammer for the proud bamboo shoots!

 Exciting mushrooms.
 I don't want them to get out of control because the spores are going to fly around.

As far as I'm concerned, they're both delicious and I want them to be friends?

 It's the only time I can breathe.

We must decide who's a boy or a girl. Mushrooms and bamboo shoots can't look up to the same sky!

 That's not true.

"But the approval of the saint does not make us mushrooms the equal of you and me.
"Don't you know! It is not only the saints who praise our bamboo shoots. He recognizes God as well as the deliciousness of the bamboo!'
Yes, God! As long as there is that critical difference, there is no better mushroom than bamboo shoots!

 Well, that happened.
 I summoned Hades, the god of the underworld, and when I served him rice made from bamboo shoots, he recognized me as God's food.


 I decided to go home to the farm for a while.

    * * * *

 What to prepare.

 Various mushrooms, rice, various spices and broth.
 And a teacher of no life king.

 Put all the ingredients you prepared into the pot and cook them.
 When it's ready to cook.

Sensei, please.

 I'll have the doctor summon the Pluto Hades.

''Oh? What do you want this time?
It's a mushroom dinner.

 The summoned Hades is offered a finished mushroom mixture.
 God will eat it.

 Exclaimed Takenoko Demon God Bamboo Nokkorn.
 The mushroom and the bamboo shoots are now equals.

 In short, I'm telling you to get along better now.